American Crew Fiber Wax

95.3 %

American Crew Fiber Wax

95.3 %

The American Crew Fiber Wax is the best wax for those with short hair. If you cut your hair short and you want hair wax that can texturize and boost the volume, you will love this product. This product delivers a high hold and very low shine.

  • High hold
  • Low shine
  • Pliable fiber

American Crew answered the prayers of guys with short hair, since most hair wax on the market are for long hair. The American Crew Fiber Wax is the solution for those with short hair of up to 3 inches.

This product provides a strong hold but the hair remains flexible, allowing for restyling. The hold is courtesy of the beeswax and lanolin that also lock in moisture, keeing the hair moisturized. Apart from the all-day hold and frizz control, you will also love the volumizing and texturizing properties of this wax.

The American Crew Fiber Wax applies easily and leaves the hair feeling natural and can be applied when the hair is dry or damp hair. It applies and washes out easily with just a little shampoo without leaving excessive build-up. When it comes to the smell, it's subtle, so it won’t overpower the cologne, you are wearing. 


American Crew


Fiber wax





Hair Type

All hair types - short length


1.75 oz 3 oz



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