Find the Best Barber Shops in San Diego!

Gold Comb

Gold Comb is an award-winning barbershop with a spacious layout and minimalist design. The brand boasts a stylist team of 7 skilled barbers. Fortunately, they attend to customers of all genders. However, they do not cater to small children. The store accepts walk-ins whenever their workload is minimal. However, it is best to book ahead to secure a spot and avoid waiting for too long.

Capitol Barbershop

The Capitol Barbershop is a reputable manscaping store that has been in operation for a decade. The shop has consistently garnered top-class customer experience over the years, earning them a loyal clientele who attest to their quality. Also, the barber shop boasts two locations in different hot zones, making it easily accessible from many parts of San Diego.

Dino's Barbershop

Dino's Barbershop is an applaudable grooming enterprise with a near-perfect customer rating. That is thanks to the barbers' friendly nature and professional work ethic. Conveniently, the store opens every day of the week. However, Sunday cuts are solely based on appointments, so you'd have to schedule a visit. Walk-ins are welcome every other day, but bookings are preferred.

Barber Side

Established in 2007, the Barber Side brand began exclusively as a barbershop. Since then, it has long expanded into producing hair care products while retaining its barbershop roots. Today, the store caters to men of all classes and hair lengths, providing chic and modern haircuts at a reasonable price. Note that their rates increase after 7 pm, so be sure to schedule a visit during the day.

Black Market Barbershop

Black Market Barbershop is a quintessential men's grooming store with a masculine ambiance. The establishment offers hair trims, hot towel shaves, and shampooing services. All of which you can get individually or as a bundle for a discounted price. In addition to the hair care services, the shop also sells various grooming essentials, including hair pomades, clays, and creams.

Pappy's Barber Shop

It is common knowledge that specialization breeds expertise. Perhaps there's no better example of this than Pappy's Barber Shop. The brand's grooming services are limited to hair cuts, beard trims, and hot towel shaves. However, their efficiency in delivering quality cuts makes them stand out. The store also sells self-owned merch and hair care products.

Classic Cuts Barbershop

The Classic Cuts Barbershop is an elite grooming establishment that caters to the needs of gentlemen and young lads of all ages. Conveniently, the store has ample parking space available and offers complimentary beverages to go with each cut. Booking an appointment with Classic Cuts is quite simple. You can do this via their user-friendly website or interactive mobile app.

Barber Craft

Barber Craft is a premium one-stop-shop for all hair and beard care services. The brand offers everything from typical hair and beard shaves to quirky eyebrow waxings. All of which are delivered by professional hairstylists who have a keen eye for precision and detail. They also have some hair grooming products you can cop for reasonable prices.

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