Find the Best Barber Shops in Indianapolis!

Legends Barber Shop

The brainchild of two local barbers, Legends is not just a place to get a haircut and dip. It’s intended to be a relaxation spot as well. 

At Legends, there are over 14 chairs to accommodate appointment bookings and walk-ins. Hence, your wait time is significantly reduced. Note that they accept cash only, and haircuts for adults cost $25.

Warfleigh Barber Shop

In terms of giving quality haircuts, the barbers at Warfleigh know what they are doing. Up until 2020, they had a walk-ins-only policy. 

A lot of customers had an issue with that because of the long wait time. Fortunately, they now accept appointment bookings. The barber shop has an old-school vibe where great conversations can thrive. Finally, a standard haircut costs $30.

Chop Chop Barbershop

A four-chair barbershop with some of the best barbers in the city, Chop Chop is the place to get yourself groomed to perfection. 

The diverse team of barbers with a variety of specializations guarantees you personalized hair grooming services irrespective of your hair type or density. The price of a regular haircut costs $30 for adults and $25 for kids 13 years and younger.

V’s Barbershop

In a bid to recreate his childhood memories of visiting classic barber shops with his dad, Jim Valenzuela founded V’s Barber Shop in 1999. 

Despite not being a barber himself, he started the business to give customers the true barber shop experience at an affordable rate. Today, the franchise provides top-notch services at multiple locations in the US. 

Matt’s Barber Shop

Located in the Greenwood area of Indianapolis, Matt's Barber Shop has been in operation since 2011. Here, you have access to pretty much all the services a typical barber shop has to offer. 

The services include haircuts, straight razor shaves, and beard trims. While a kids’ haircut costs $20, the standard haircut for an adult costs $25. Also note that they accept cash only.

Red’s Classic Barber Shop

Reminiscent of the 1930s, the barbershop's inner decor embodies the type of services offered in the establishment. 

For over fifteen years, the barbers here have catered to the hair grooming needs of men in the downtown Indianapolis area. The store also offers an array of accessories and grooming specialty products you can purchase. 

4:59 Barber Lounge

4:59 Barber lounge opened its doors to customers in 2006. Since then, the barber shop/day spa has been dedicated to catering to the hair grooming and even skincare of men. 

They also offer classic straight razor shaves that are synonymous with traditional barber shops. With a largely female staff, this barber lounge delivers quality services at slightly pricey rates.

Fountain Square Barber Shop

From top-grade haircuts to facial massages, a visit to this barbershop guarantees you some much-needed pampering. Fortunately, they also provide haircuts for kids. 

Open every day except Sundays; this establishment allows you to schedule your appointments online easily. The price of a standard haircut ranges between $30 and $40.

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