Find the Best Barber Shops in Montreal!

Prince Coiffure Barbershop

In terms of versatility and affordability, not many salons can compare to the Prince Coiffure Barbershop. The store boasts an extensive list of services. These range from traditional haircuts to herbal facial cleansings and keratin hair treatments. All of which they deliver with top-class professionalism. The prices are also budget-friendly, with haircuts costing as low as $23.

Salon Barbe à Papa

The Salon Barbe à Papa Barbershop is a well-respected grooming brand that offers quality hair and beard care goods and services. You'd find their self-produced beard oil on their website, which is 100% vegan and solely contains natural ingredients. Also available on their site is the store's complete service and price list and their contact info for reservation placements.

LA Section Barbershop

The LA Section Barbershop is a first-class hair grooming center with a plethora of 5-star ratings from pleased customers. The brand has earned a reputation for delivering superb cuts at a fairly reasonable price. Minor shape-ups go for $25, and full-on haircuts are priced at $35. Also available is an "Alpha male package" where you get multiple services at a discounted price point.

Crisp Barbershop

The Crisp Barbershop is undeniably one of Montreal's most easily accessible barbershop franchises. The store boasts three distinct locations at strategic spots in the city. Consequently, you have the liberty to choose any outlet closest to you. In addition, the brand also offers an intensive 9-day hairstyling course for prospects looking to take up a career in barbering.

Fade'ology Barbershop

Fade'ology is a classic barbershop owned and founded by Jimmy, a master barber with over a decade's experience. As predicted from its name, the shop specializes in delivering all types of stylish fade cuts. However, their services are not limited to fades, as they also offer braiding and coloring services. In addition to those, they provide a complimentary consultation before styling.

G&G Barbershop

The G&G Barbershop is a well-organized manscaping establishment located in the heart of downtown Montreal. The store offers a variety of haircutting options, ranging from trendy trims and old-school bald cuts to the more eccentric mohawks. Luckily, the store opens seven days a week by 11 am. You can easily schedule a visit during the lively weekdays or relaxed weekends.

Belgard Barbershop

Belgard Barbershop's range of services can broadly be categorized into three subsets: hair, beard, and extras. These cover everything from hair cuts to beard trims, nose waxings, and much more. The brand also boasts an ensemble of certified professionals who use Dubai-sourced techniques in delivering trendy and traditional haircuts. Thus, providing a first-rate customer experience.

The Common Barbershop

The Common Room Barbershop is a grooming enterprise that offers far more than the typical barbershop experience. Its unique plant-themed interior design gives it an exotic yet serene ambiance that you won't find in most barber shops. The brand also boasts an academy program where earnest barbing enthusiasts can apply to learn the nitty-gritty of scissor cuts and hair clipping.

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