Find the Best Barber Shops in Manchester!

Madguyz Barbers

Madguyz Barbers covers everything from cuts and steam shaves to beard trims with designs and diverse hairstyles. Asides from the cozy wood decor interior design, this shop houses a waiting area including a TV, coffee, and candies for guests' entertainment.

The starting price of a haircut here is £20. Also, student discounts are available from Mondays to Wednesdays before 1 pm.

Mr. Beardmore Barbershop

In 2015, Mr. Beardmore Barbershop was established, embracing traditional barbering techniques and uniquely combining them with modern Manchester styles. This barbershop has got you covered, from haircuts and beard trims to hot towel services.

Fresh coffee and cold beverages are available for customers. In addition, they are open from Mondays to Saturdays.

Barber Below

Established in 2013, Barber Below recreates the style and look of a 70s living room. They offer various services, including afro cuts, hair coloring, skin fades, mullets, shag haircuts, and razor work.

This barbershop is known for offering bespoke services at affordable prices. The price of a haircut here is £28, and you can get a beard trim for £15. 

Northern Quarter Barbers

Whether you need a quick haircut, skin fade, flat top, or something tailored for just you, you can count on Northern Quarter Barbers. They offer complimentary beverages to customers while providing eclectic barbering services.

Since they are open all week, you can swing by the shop anytime during opening hours or call ahead to book an appointment. 

Barber & Co

Since 2020, Barber & Co. has offered a perfect mix of traditional and trendy haircuts to its exclusive clientele in a relaxing space. Founded by Damien McColgan and Adrian Saxton, the interior is beautifully littered with floral details complimenting the shop's serene atmosphere.  

Each service at this shop comes with a complimentary coffee or beer. Walk-ins are always welcome.


Established by Ross Parlane in 2015, RPB has seamlessly transformed the mundane chore of performing a haircut into an enjoyable experience with first-class barbering and grooming services.

At this classy barbershop, you can get a kids' haircut for £24 and a men's haircut for £30. They are open throughout the week except for Sundays, and you can book an appointment on their website. 

Flanagan Barbers

Flanagan barbers have showcased barbering skills that are peerless in Manchester since its establishment in 1993. They also have two locations in Manchester, making their services accessible from different parts of the city.

Discounts are available for kids under 12 and seniors from Mondays to Thursdays anytime before 12 pm. This barbershop operates strictly by appointment. 

Top Crew Barbershop

Top Crew Barbershop is a grooming establishment specializing in men's haircuts and shaves. The shop is designed to reflect sophistication and comfortability, making it easy for customers to relax while getting a haircut.

The barbers here are specially trained to cut diverse hairstyles and meet various hair needs of men of all ages. Walk-ins are very much welcome.

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