Skin Fade Haircut

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Mid Skin Fade Haircut
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Skin Fade Haircut

A skin fade is achieved by trimming the hair shorter around the sides and back of the head. The distinct feature of this fade is how it’s blended into the skin to give a crisp and stylish look.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Square, Diamond, Round, Oval and Triangular

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • Use a regular razor to touch up your fade when new growth appears.
  • Gel/wax works well to tame your longer hair on top.
  • Pair with a beard fade for a better look overall.

Barber Spotlight: High Skin, Bald, or Razor Fade Transformation by Sunny Kambo


This style is characterized by a high skin fade, natural flow direction of the hair, and a top length that's just right—neither too short nor too long, typically measuring around 1 to 1.25 inches. It's sometimes referred to as finger length and is neatly lined up with a straight razor for that sharp finish.

We tasked one of the best barbers in our team to give a step-by-step breakdown of this process. So, here's an exclusive preview of the technique and artistry that goes into doing a High Skin Fade with Barber Sunny.

Style Highlights:

  • Effortless "wake up and go" look.
  • Minimal styling effort is required.
  • Can be enhanced with a dab of hair product for added flair.
  • Highly versatile, fitting for various occasions and settings.

Sunny adds: "This haircut offers an easy styling experience and lasts a good amount of time. It's truly a wake-up-and-go hairdo, but can be enhanced with a bit of product during special occasions."

1. Low Skin Fade Haircut


Get this:

In the low skin fade haircut, the fade starts from behind the ear to the nape of the neck, adding texture to the hairstyle. The result is a cool and professional look, and it’s best for people with thick and dark hair, and most afro hair types.

Styling Tips:

  • The fade starts low, from behind the ears; else, you’d have a mid/high fade cut.
  • Have your barber shape up your edges for a crisp look.
  • It pairs nicely with a crew cut, buzz cut, or Caesar haircut.

2. Mid Skin Fade Haircut



With the medium skin fade haircut, the fade starts from the middle of the head, halfway up the sides. This creates a softer look with more hair on top for styling. It’s a versatile fade that gives a sporty or professional look, depending on how it’s styled.

Styling Tips:

  • Works best for straight or wavy hair types.
  • Use gel, wax, or pomade to define and manage your hair on top.
  • Add a hard part or stroke to your medium skin fade for a bolder look.

3. High Skin Fade Haircut


Here’s the thing:

The high skin fade starts above the midway line, between the temples and the top of the hair. This allows you to style the hair on top in a variety of styles—long or short, straight or curly, casual or professional.

Styling Tips:

  • Slick back your hair with gel/wax for a sophisticated look.
  • For short hair, do a lineup for a neat look.
  • Apply sunscreen to shaved areas to protect your scalp from sunburn.

4. Skin Fade with Long Hair on Top



This haircut is for people who want to switch up their style without sacrificing hair length. Regardless of hair type, go with a mid or high-skin fade to preserve length. You could also slightly tint your hair to add a unique flair to your look.

Styling Tips:

  • It’s good to keep a styling comb handy to enable a quick touch-up when needed
  • Use wax/gel to style hair on top for a windswept or casual look.
  • If you have a receding hairline, use long hair to cover it up in front.

5. Skin Fade with Short Hair on Top



Skin fade haircuts also work well with short hair, whether with a low, high, or medium fade. The end product is a sharp and professional look. As such, this style works well for corporate settings.

Styling Tips:  

  • Go with a high skin fade if you have light or thinning hair.
  • Shave your front edge cleanly for a crisp look.
  • Use pomade, wax, or gel to style your hair on top.

6. Skin Fade Haircut with Beard


Get this:

For an even fresher look, style your beard to match your high, low, or medium skin fade haircut. It doesn't matter whether you have a full or light beard; it works all the same!

Styling Tips:

  • For afro or curly hair types, a medium or full beard works best.
  • A beard fade makes your skin fade haircut pop!
  • A mid-skin fade with a hard part especially compliments a light beard.

7. High Skin Fade with Curls


Pairing your curly hair with a high skin fade gives you a bold look. This style is similar to a textured curly undercut, but it gives a more unique look, especially when you add a part or stroke.

Styling Tips:  

  • If your hair grows out, you can retouch it into a mid-skin fade cut.
  • For a unique look, add a drop fade.
  • Use curl-defining cream to enhance your locks, especially in front.

8. Quiff with Skin Fade


Here’s the thing:

The Quiff is a modern relative of the Pompadour. Brushed back from the forehead, you need at least 3 to 4 inches of hair to pull off a Quiff. It stands out when paired with a mid or high fade. With a hard part, this hairstyle gives a bold and confident look.

Styling Tips:

  • Style the quiff like you would style a pompadour, but brush it back.
  • If you have dark hair, the high fade is best.
  • For people with lighter hair, a mid or high fade with a taper cut works better.

9. Skin Fade with Textured French Crop



Adding texture to a traditional French crop, combined with a mid or high-skin fade, makes for a cool, suave look. The texture is achieved using hair products like clay or pomades, and it’s perfect for people with straight or slightly wavy hair.

Styling Tips:  

  • For the perfect messy look, run your hand through your hair.
  • Sweep the hair backward or sideways for a professional look.
  • Pair with a light beard, e.g. a 5 o’clock shadow, for a rugged appearance.

10. Low Skin Fade with High Volume Top



If you have full, thick hair, this is for you! Regardless of your hair type, pairing a high-volume top with a subtle low fade makes for an elegant, suave look you can rock in both casual and professional scenes.

Styling Tips:

  • Use wax/gel to add texture to the top for a more casual look.
  • A straight razor will come in handy to keep your face looking sharp.
  • For an elegant look, do a beard fade with your medium or full beard.

11. Low Skin Fade with Fringes


You see:

Whether you have long or short hair, sweeping your hair forward to make a fringe gives you a hairstyle that is unique and perfect for all events. Pairing this with a low fade adds a refreshing look that makes you stand out.

Styling Tips:

  • Adding texture with gel/wax gives a more sporty and casual look.
  • For short hair, trim the fringes evenly for a crisp edge.
  • You can weep your hair sideways with wax/gel when you want to switch things up a little.

12. Quiff with Low Skin Fade



A Quiff is a unique style, and a low fade helps to highlight the tall, swept-back front. Usually, this style uses a taper cut, but a bald cut in the fade adds a bolder and distinct look to this haircut.

Styling Tips:

  • Add highlights to your hair on top (especially in front) to make a statement.
  • Gently brush back hair at the temples to draw attention to your quiff.
  • Have your stylist line up your front edges for a sharper look.

13. Mid Skin Fade Afro Haircut



This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion—formal or informal. The dense mass of coils on top is complemented by the cheeky temple fade. This skin fade is enhanced by a medium or full beard.

Styling Tips:

  • Line up your edges and beard for a striking look.
  • You can add definition to your hair with curl-defining cream.
  • Style your beard to be fuller at the chin.

14. Dreadlocks with Skin Fade



Regardless of the length of your locs, adding a fade to your dreads spices things up and gives you a suave look. Depending on how much of your locs you’re willing to sacrifice, you could go with a low, medium, or even a high fade!

Styling Tips:

  • For shorter locs, a mid or high fade is best.
  • Add a part to your mid-skin fade if you have long locs.
  • For a distinct yet casual look, put your long locks in a top knot or man-bun.

15. Skin Fade Haircut with a Short Crop on Top



If an afro is not your style, consider freshening up your short crop with a skin fade cut. A mid or high-skin fade is best, and since the hair is short already, it works all right.

Styling Tips:

  • For a bold look, line up your front edges and add a part.
  • Add sportin’ waves to your hair on top to make your waves pop.
  • Brush your hair forward to create a semblance of a Caesar haircut.

16. Medium Skin Fade with Cornrow Braids


Here’s the thing:

To achieve this look, pair your braids with a medium skin fade haircut. It pops, drawing attention to the cornrow braids you have on top. What’s more? You could take out the braids and comb your hair to create another style!

Styling Tips:   

  • Fix your braids into an afro knot for a contemporary look.
  • Dye your cornrows to add flavor to your style.
  • Have your barber line up your edges for a neater look.


All in all: 

The skin fade cut is a versatile haircut that can be paired with many hairstyles. Whether your hair is long or short, or your beard is full or not, you can always add your unique touch to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The skin fade is a haircut where the hair is cut shorter as it reaches the neck until the skin is exposed. The hair is cut at a gradient rather than an even length. There are three types of skin fade haircuts: low, medium and high skin fade.
The skin fade haircut is an excellent haircut that is suitable for all occasions. It gives the wearer a unique appearance and adds a refreshing twist to traditional hairstyles.
Yes. Low skin fades are suitable for corporate and professional occasions as they make you stand out while giving you the cool, confident look required for such moments.
A skin fade is different from a zero fade. Men’s skin fade requires shaving the hair and blending it at decreasing lengths until the scalp shows. On the other hand, a zero fade is cutting and shaving down the hair until only stubble remains. It doesn’t require showing skin.

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