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Taper Fade Haircut

Cool and trendy is how I’d describe the Taper Fade. It’s a combo of two styles – a Taper & Fade. Generally, this cut features short hair on top and a Taper that transforms into a Fade at the bottom.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Round, Oval, Heart, Square, Oblong, Angular

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • For a balanced contrast between the taper and fade, get a Medium Fade haircut
  • The top hair can be styled as desired, i.e. short, spiky, or curly to mention a few
  • Note that maintaining a Taper Fade requires frequent trims and cuts

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?


A Taper Fade is similar to a Crew Cut. But there are several differences.


Unlike the Crew Cut that has shorter hair on top with a skin fade or bald sides/back, a Taper Fade allows you to keep longer hair on top.

For clarity:

I am talking about two to eight inches on top. And then systematically reducing the hair on the sides and back by tapering first, then fading it as you move downward; i.e. blends in with the skin.

Think of it as an Ombre.

The top of the head should have a larger concentration of hair. Then it all gets lighter as you move down the sides and back.

Fun Fact:

Celebrities like David Beckham, Nick Jonas, and even Will Smith have been spotted rocking a Taper Fade.

This haircut is relatively easy to maintain and can be customized to your liking. Nothing speaks “convenience” as well as a haircut that can be modified.


And like I said earlier, this haircut has a plethora of options to choose from. So, below are eighteen ways a Taper Fade can be styled…

Today’s Top 18 Types of Taper Fade Haircuts

1. Low Taper Fade Haircut


For oval-faced men who want a subtle Taper Fade, the Low Taper Fade Haircut is a great option.

Generally, this hairdo allows you to style the top and partial sides/back as desired. Then a Taper Fade is cut right around the same level as the top of the ear.


The thing about this haircut is that it’s simple, easy to style, and versatile. Plus, it can work in both formal and informal settings.

2. Mid Taper Fade Hairstyle


Get this:

The Mid Taper Fade Hairstyle offers you a 50/50 highlight of both the styling at the top and the Taper Fade. Therefore, anyone will be able to see and admire your hairdo from afar.

That said:

The main difference between this haircut and a Low Taper Fade is that the Fade appears about an inch above the top of the ear.

All in all, it leaves a cool and fun look on the wearer.

3. High Taper Fade Haircut


When a Taper Fade comes to mind, a lot of people imagine this look.


If you ask me, this style screams power and confidence. A High Taper Fade is usually faded away from the top at the maximum limit - that is two inches from the top of the ear.

Plus, your choice of styling at the top will depend on the look you’re aiming for. Most guys go for Spiky Haircuts.

This haircut is perfect for guys with Oblong faces.

4. Low Taper Fade Curly Hair



This haircut is a game-changer for men with curly hair. I’d say that it’s one way of merging new trends to an unadventurous hair type.

So, if you pride yourself on having curly hair and would love to style your lock more fashionably, adding a Low Taper Fade makes it perfect.


Another way to enable the curls to pop and stay in place is to use hair oils and balms. This way, your natural hair gets to define your entire appearance.

5. Taper Fade Long Hair


Can men with long hair get a Taper Fade?

Well, I say “why not?” With the Taper Fade Long Hair, you can keep your long hair on top with a neat and stylish Taper Fade on the sides and back.


This hairstyle is not only cool and trendy but also allows you to try out other styles; including the Taper Fade Slick Back, Pompadour Taper, Man Bun Taper, or Comb Over.

Take note – hair length affects the neatness of your Taper Fade. In essence, the longer it is, the messier it will be.

6. Short Low Taper Fade


Simple…? Yes. Classy…? Definitely.

If you are looking for a haircut that won’t stress you so much with styling, the Short Low Taper Fade is something you should try.

Unlike the other haircuts on this list, this one doesn’t require a lot of hair volume on top. Therefore, it’s a great option for men who love Buzzcuts and want to try something exciting for a change.


Since it’s a Low Taper Fade, the fading starts right around the ear area moving downward.

7. Bald Taper Fade


Wanna look like “The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)” without cutting down all your hair?

Well, try the Bald Taper Fade. This haircut features a small Taper Fade on the front-top area with most of the head getting a bald shave.

It’s what you go for when you don’t want to spend more than a minute styling your hair whenever you want to go out.

Simply put, the Bald Taper Fade is neat, low-maintenance, and easy to achieve.

8. Taper Fade Black


We can all agree on this:

African American men love their Taper Fades. And the Taper Fade Black is one that never goes out of fashion.

This haircut looks great, but only when it is well maintained.

Anyway, it features long hair on top, with a Mid Taper Fade on the sides and back.

The top can be styled as desired. However, the best look comes from having short baby locks on the edges of the hair length.

9. Skin Taper Fade


For the Skin Taper Fade, the goal is to enhance contrast. And yes, despite the close resemblance to a Bald Taper Fade, these are two different styles.

If you’re familiar with Skin Fades, this haircut features a fade that gradually reduces in length downward, eventually, disappearing into the skin.


The Skin Taper Fade may not be the best option for men who also want a little hairline design done. But, it does look cool, laidback, and trendy.

10. Caesar Taper Fade Haircut


Despite tracing its roots to Tiberius Caesar Augustus, a Roman Emperor during the early years of the AD era, the Caesar Cut still remains a fashionable and imposing hairstyle.

Now, when you couple it with a Taper Fade on the sides and back, the result is a modern, refreshed, and face-turning haircut.

One unique feature about this haircut is that it features a fringe/bangs.

Now, unlike traditional Caesar Haircuts that have straight-cut bangs, modern versions of this hairstyle allow the fringe to be longer and uneven.

Thus, sprucing up the style in a unique way. Overall, the Caesar Taper Fade always looks exquisite.

11. Edgar Taper Fade


Get this:

The Edgar Taper Fade has been slowly building its reputation as one of the best hairstyles for men.

Yes, it’s simple. However, when matched with the right outfit and occasion, this haircut can leave quite the statement.


The Edgar Taper Fade’s most defining feature is its inverted-bowl appearance. It’s basically a Crop Top that’s cut in a straight, continuous line all around the edges of the top area.

With a subtle Fade on the sides and back.

12. Blowout Taper Fade


With the Blowout Taper Fade, you get the equivalent of a Taper Fade Afro but with curls on top

Why compare it to an Afro?

Well, the look is meant to resemble someone who’s just been electrocuted.

Generally, the top is usually styled going up and out – usually, with curls. Then, a nice and neat Low Taper Fade on the sides and back helps to complete the look.

Now, you can say what you want. But this hairdo is not only chic but also a top-trending Taper Fade pick.

13. Taper Fade Waves


The Taper Fade Waves haircut is suitable for men who want to try having a Fade on their Wavy hair.

And, yes – it looks classy.

Borrowing clues from the name, this haircut features 360 Waves on top with a neat Low Taper Fade. Having a low fade allows you to focus most of the attention on your waves.


Going for a Mid or High Taper Fade may turn your 360s into 180 waves. That’s worth noting before getting this hairstyle.

14. Textured Taper Crop Top Fade


I know… I know…

The Textured Taper Crop Top Fade looks so similar to an Edgar or Caesar Taper Fade. Right?

Well, yes. And it’s also trendy and good-looking.

What differentiates this haircut from the other two is the fact that it features a rather unruly top.

Generally, it follows borrowed styling rules from both the Edgar and Caesar Tapers.

In that, (similar to the Edgar) there’s a boundary dividing the top and sides/back in the form of a sharp fade. However, the fringe (similar to the Caesar) isn’t as constrained as it is on the Edgar Taper Fade

15. Taper Mohawk Fade


Stylish, fresh, and out of the ordinary. Those are just some of the best words to describe the Taper Mohawk Fade.

Basically, this hairstyle combines the sharp and stylish nature of a Taper Fade with the iconic status of the Mohawk.

And that gives you a look that’s not only trendy and contemporary but also free and unique.

16. Undercut Taper Fade


For the Undercut Taper Fade, think of the High Taper Fade Haircut with more contrast and swag.

Without a doubt:

In any list of best haircuts for men, Undercuts always rank highly. And that’s because they always tend to leave a lasting impression.


The Undercut Taper Fade is a great option owing to its versatility. Generally, you can style the top in any way you deem fit. As long as you do a high-contrast, High Taper Fade on the sides and back.

17. Slick Back Taper Fade


Do you like your hair glossy and laid back? If so, the Slick Back Taper Fade should be on your list of haircuts to try.


One of this hairdo’s biggest perks is the fact that it’s easy to style. Yes, you can have it ready in under two minutes.

However, once you factor in the cost of buying hair pomade (or hair styling products) coupled with frequent touchup trims on the Taper Fade, it becomes clear that this is a high-maintenance hairstyle.

But, overall, it’s one of the best and most attractive hairstyles for men today.

18. Taper Fade Crew Cut


Much like the Buzzcut, a Crew Cut is known for its conservativeness and simplicity. And that’s why it’s a favorite among the men in uniform.

However, on its own, a Crew Cut lacks swank.

And that’s where a Taper Fade comes in. Merging these two adds life, character, and thrill to a rather boring hairdo

Well, there you have it.

18 cool Taper Fade haircuts to try in 2024. Did you find something you like? Let me know in the comments section below.

In Conclusion...

And that’s a wrap…

Above, I have discussed all you need to know about the popular Taper Fade haircut


Most Taper Fade haircuts usually last only three to five days because of hair growth. So, for anyone who wants to maintain it, frequent touch-ups and trims are a must.


Which one is your favorite? Have you tried any of these haircuts out yourself?

If so, please let me know your thoughts (or questions) in the comment section, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you & Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to define a Taper Fade is that it’s any haircut that features a Taper on the top half of the sides and back and a Fade on the bottom half. In other words, this haircut starts with a Taper but ends in a Skin Fade.
Well, both styles follow the same principle – cutting hair shorter as you move downwards to create a gradual gradient/fading effect. However, their major difference is that a Fade is often shorter than a Taper. Unlike Tapers, Fades tend to expose the skin underneath.
It’s the same as asking for a typical haircut but you may have to be a little specific with this one. The best way is to carry a photo of the haircut you want.
It’s more of a Temple Fade. With this cut, the Taper Fade begins right above the ear moving downward. Since the it won’t be so visible, a Low Taper Fade diverts more attention to the hairstyling at the top.

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