Ever gotten last-minute jitters, where you begin second-guessing your first haircut choice?

I know I have.

Well, one of the Hairstyles you can never go wrong with is a Taper fade.

This haircut is not like the Coy mistress’s beauty, this one never fades. It is a haircut with a plethora of options to choose from.

In this piece, I will be guiding you on:

  • What is a Taper Fade haircut?
  • Types of Taper fade haircuts
  • How to do a Taper fade haircut and
  • A few barber Tips, of course.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?

You could say a taper fade is similar to a crew cut, but nothing similar is the same of course and there are several differences.


Unlike the crew cut that has shorter hair on top with a skin fade or bald sides/back, a Taper fade is a kind of haircut that keeps the hair long on top.

For clarity:

I am talking about two to four inches on top and then systematically reducing the hair on the sides and the back, tapering or fading it as you move downward; i.e. blends in with the skin.

Think of it as an ombre.

The darker side on the top of your head is the large concentration of hair.

Then it all gets lighter as you move down the head.

Fun Fact:

Celebrities like David Beckham, Nick Jonas, and even Will Smith have been spotted rocking a Taper fade.

This haircut is relatively easy to maintain and can be customized to your style. Nothing speaks comfort, as well as a haircut that can be modified.

And like I said earlier, this haircut has a plethora of options to choose from.


Below are Ten ways a Taper Fade can be styled.

Read on!

Top 10 Types Of Taper Fade Haircuts

1. A High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade
Source: @easygoingbarber

When a Taper Fade comes to mind, a lot of people imagine this look.


If you’d ask me, this style is worn by almost every indie hero and so it screams power.

A high Taper Fade is usually faded away from the top at the maximum limit, that is two inches.

To get this haircut:

Ask your barber.

  • Where that isn’t feasible, simply divide your hair.
  • Taper the side that should be. Remember this haircut has a limit of two inches at the top.
  • Style the top with your favorite product.


Anything higher than two to four inches for any of the Taper Fade haircuts just makes it all messy and you don’t want to have that.

This haircut, in my opinion, is perfect for people with oblong faces.

2. The Combover

The Combover
Source: @easygoingbarber

This haircut is conventionally adopted by men with already receded or receding hairline.

No don’t fret, 

The Combover is also adapted by younger men in a tapered style.

The basic idea of this haircut is to have the hair on top accumulated, possibly longer than the standard four inches for a tapered haircut, and then combed over. 

Getting this haircut:

Ask your Barber.

Where the circumstances require that you do a self-cut:

  • Divide your hair.
  • Hold the top in place and then taper the sides and back.
  • Comb it over!


This haircut can be combed over in a side part, using your discretion, either right or left.

3. The Caesar Fade

Caesar Fade
Source: @easygoingbarber

I like to refer to this haircut as a tapered Superman hairstyle, but without the S on the forehead, of course.

The hair on top is relatively long and is commonly combed onward like a fringe, hence, a Clark Kent model.

To get this haircut:

  • Like you may have guessed, ask your barber. They’ll do it better at the Salon.
  • In achieving this hairstyle, what you want to do is taper the hair around the back and sides,
  • And then style the top and bangs with your favorite gel.


Maintaining this hair requires a lot of gel or hair wax and the bangs can also be swept to the side.

Also, this hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance and care.

4. Side Parted Classic Style

Side Parted Classic Style
Source: @easygoingbarber

This haircut reminds me of high school, colleges, and workplaces; not in that order of course.

This subtly accentuated taper fade haircut provides a two in one look. Stylish but still professional!

The accentuated part can also border on the extreme.

Not too much, but just enough to prevent a nerdy look and still maintain that dash of professionalism.

Getting this look:

  • Divide the hair.
  • Taper the back and sides
  • Style it in place with your favorite product.

It’s a haircut that’s perfect for the men in uniform.

5. Undercut Brush Up 

Undercut Brush Up
Source: @easygoingbarber

When I think about this haircut, I tend to imagine the waves of the sea.

The Undercut Brush Up has a lot of movement going on the top. With the hair being brushed upward and forward simultaneously, it’ll pass for a sea if it were blue and had at least a boat.

Getting this look:

  • Systematically shave the hair around the back and sides: tapering.
  • Style the top by brushing the hair forward.
  • Doing this ultimately creates a little quiff and high taper fade waves.


Undercuts are unfading and this style is even better because it’s far from the conventional Undercut haircuts.

 I like to call this one a Tapered Quiff.

6. The Curly Dyed Highlights

Curly Dyed Highlights
Source: @easygoingbarber

This haircut is an eye-opener for me and a game-changer for people with curly hair!

If you pride yourself on your curly hair, this haircut is just perfect.

Getting this haircut:

  • The main idea behind this taper fade curly hair is simply waning.
  • Taper the hair on the sides and at the back to tighten the sides.
  • Style the hair on the top for a pop. 


Enable the curls to pop and stay in place with hair oils. This way, your natural hair gets to define your entire appearance. 

If this isn’t chic, then I don’t know what is!

7. Airbrush Taper Fade

Airbrush Taper Fade
Source: @easygoingbarber

If you like to keep your hair all messy and tousled, first, I have to say I admire your style. Secondly, The Airbrush Taper Fade was made just for you. 

People keep messy hair for way more valid reasons than just their love for it. 

Not that the love of messy hair isn’t valid, I just mean that Hair can be naturally difficult to maintain and unruly.

Making lemons out of lemonade in this situation will be taking on the Airbrush Taper Fade haircut. 

To get this hairstyle:

  • Taper the sides and edges
  • Style the top with a brush and hair products.

That said, you’ll appreciate the fact that this cut is very low maintenance.

8. Classic Fade Harvard Style

Classic Fade Harvard Style
Source: @easygoingbarber

This haircut is perfect for men in their thirties.

Most of us will agree on this:

It is usually the kind of haircut the media projects as one befitting the model family man. And where’s the lie?


Well, this is a Taper Fade short hair can style without much stress. And it isn’t rough; i.e. it borders on both professional and casual simultaneously.

Getting this haircut:

  • Taper the sides and back.
  • Style the top, either combing it backward in a slick style or styling it sideways. This accentuates the mid taper fade’s conventional style. 

9. The Afro Taper Fade

Afro Taper Fade
Source: @easygoingbarber

This haircut is a perfect taper fade black men can rock because of their kinky, wooly hair.

Getting this look:

  • The hair on the sides and back are tapered down,
  • Then, the hair on the top is styled.


There are various ways the taper fade afro haircut can be styled, either in small curls or longer curls or imbibing a temple fade instead.

10. Fine Taper Fade with Banged Front

Fine Taper Fade with Banged Front
Source: @easygoingbarber


Think Mitch Grassi from the Accapella band, Pentatonix.


This style originated from the French. The basic idea of this men’s taper fade haircut features a gradual taper fade on the sides and a French Crop on top

To take this look to an extra level, you could add piercings or tattoos. 

People with ocean eyes have an extra edge, with this hairstyle.

It just sorta completes the entire icy look.

Getting this look:

  • First, what you want to do is shape out the bangs.
  • Then taper the hair down, more on the sides than the back of course

Keep the hair in place with your favorite hair products and viola!

How To Do A Taper Fade Haircut


You wanna go easy on the cash and do a self-cut, right?

That’s not it?

Perhaps you cannot get a haircut because of the pandemic and you have to resort to cutting and styling yourself?

Well, however, it may be, below is a list of things you would require for giving yourself a nice Taper Fade haircut at home

  • Quality Clippers.
  • A brush.
  • A comb.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A reference photo.
  • Mirrors that allow you to see all angles of your head. Two will do just fine, one fixed in place and the other portable.


There are several types of Taper Fade Haircuts, nonetheless, they all have one similarity; tapering.

Before going on with this, it’s best to have a particular style in mind first.


Before settling for a tapered fade haircut, you should note that, since the hair goes down the back of the head and sides, the haircut may reveal scars– if there are any and you might want to reconsider.

If your scalp is scar/blister-free, then you can cut right down (pun intended), to the cutting part!

For the regular Tapered Fade Haircut, you want to have at least four inches of hair on top. 

Anything longer will result in a messy look.

For exceptions:

If you are opting for a Taper Fade Curly haircut, or longer cuts like the Taper Fade Long hair, you may just want to have a few inches longer.

Now, to the cutting part!

  • Step 1; First, set the mirror in place and keep your equipment within reach.
  • Step 2; Cover yourself in a barber’s cape to avoid messy hair getting into your tools or dirtying your workspace. 
  • Step 3; Take the top part of the hair and tie it up. Hold it in place with clips, bands, or pins. 
  • Step 4; The next thing you want to do is to Taper the fade. Start by cutting the sides and back gently to have the same be varying length. The length will be completely determined by the style you want.


Remember all Taper Fades have something in common; they are like an ombre.

  • Step 5; Fades often look good for the same reason this world balances in black and white and good and evil; Contrast! Keeping this in mind, you should have no problem cutting the hair around the sides. Remember to maintain a clean-cut till you match the skin at the bottom.
  • Step 6; Once you are done with the sides, you can now go ahead and style the top in whatsoever way you wish. 

A Few Useful Barber Tips

Skin fades
Source: @easygoingbarber

Knowing which Tapered Fade Haircut will fit just fine largely depends on the shape of the client’s face.

A Square face will largely fit the High Taper Fade, Afro Taper Fade, and Airbrush Taper fade.


Round face shapes will adjust to the Fine Taper Fade with Banged Front and the Classic Fade Harvard Style.

For men with Angular face shapes, I am positive the Undercut Brush Up and the Curly Dyed Highlights will do the trick.

Most Taper Fade haircuts usually last only three to five days. This is usually because of poor maintenance and rapid hair growth. 


Without a doubt, the Taper Fade Haircut is low maintenance,  but, then again,  that doesn’t mean “No Maintenance.”

Purchasing the right products for each style often helps the cut last longer than just three to for days.

In Conclusion…

And that’s a wrap:

I have discussed all you need to know about the popular Taper Fade haircut. 


Which one is your favorite?  Have you tried any of these haircuts out yourself?

If so, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you & Stay safe!

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