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Mohawk Haircut

Characterized by a long strip of hair running from the top-front to the back-bottom of a person’s head and clean-shaven sides, the Mohawk is as unruly and defiant as it sounds. A great choice for partygoers.


icon face_shapes_1
Ideal Face Shapes: Square, Round, Triangular, Heart

icon hair_types
Ideal Hair Types: Medium-Length, Thick, Straight Hair

Styling Tips:

  • If you have thin hair, use a medium-hold pomade or gel to keep your hair strands upright.
  • When shaping your Mohawk, avoid using duct tape because it can be hard to remove.
  • Try as much as possible to center your Mohawk. In case of difficulty, visit a pro barber for help.

In this post, I’ll guide you through all there is to know about the mohawk fade haircut; i.e.: 

  • What a Mohawk Haircut is
  • Types of Mohawk Haircuts
  • How to Do a DIY Mohawk Hairstyle
  • How to Maintain Your Mohawk Haircut?
  • As Well As How to Ask Your Barber for A Mohawk Hairstyle

Quite the treat, right? 

Shall we!

What Is a Mohawk Haircut?

Ferocious and warlike, the mohawk haircut has outlasted several centuries and civilizations. It is arguably one of the most revolutionary hairstyles in history.


Today’s version of the Mohawk hairstyle derives its name from the Mohawk community who are actually North American natives. They lived in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York.

Note that:

On men, mohawk hairstyles depict a fierce, lively, and relentless look. This is because of the sharp outline between the uncut midline hair and remaining shaven hair.


I strongly believe this haircut has not only lasted but also trended for long because of its versatility.


No matter the statement you want to make, there’s a stunning mohawk fade hairstyle for you

12 Types of Mohawk Haircut

1) Taper Fade Mohawk


The taper fade mohawk is an excellent choice for a subtle, yet sharp appearance.

If your job doesn’t leave room for a full-scale mohawk, but you’re tough at heart, consider this a good compromise.


It allows you to have longer hair at the top which will be shorter at the back. You can style this long or short to fit the shape of your face.

How to go about it?

  • Start with a C-shape fade for your mohawk, don’t go up too high
  • Remove hair within the C-shape till the sides are completely and evenly cut

Fade the hair from the bottom up to start the blending process

2) High Fade Mohawk


This mohawk variation works for cool, charming, suave, long, and wild looks. It is a regular mohawk style that a black man or a white guy can easily wear.  

Note that

You can style your high fade mohawk with wavy, straight, permed, or afro hair.

Of course,

It also works for flat, short, long, and wide mohawks.

However, longer hair provides more styling options. You can also choose to switch between slick and tousled looks as you wish.

So, to get this hairstyle:

  • Get a fade with a clipper. Go as high as you desire
  • Remove hair within fade till the sides are completely and evenly cut
  • Spike the central part with gel, or style as desired

3) Mid-Fade Mohawk


Would you like to grow a full, Rockstar fade mohawk? 


Perhaps, you just want a contemporary version of the style?  


The mid-fade mohawk is a stylish option to participate in the trend. If you haven’t styled your hair into a buzz or crew cut, you can also rock a mid-fade mohawk hairstyle.

Note that:

This semi mohawk fade haircut can be your go-to haircut for a youthful but masculine appearance.                                          

To get it:

  • Start the fade just above your hair. Plus, avoid going too high or too low
  • Remove hair within fade to completely and evenly cut the sides
  • Style the center as desired

4) Long Hair Mohawk Fade


Are you looking for a trendy look this season? Well, choose the daring, Long Mohawk With Fade.

Although it reigned in 2020, this haircut still remains a premium choice.

By the way:

This style maintains an impressive balance between sophistication and punk culture.

To flaunt this style:

  • Start the fade just where you want it
  • Extend your hair down around both sides of the scalp
  • Style the center to reflect its length

5) Low Fade Mohawk



The best thing about the Low Fade style is how effortless it looks, unlike the Semi Mohawk Fade haircut and other Mohawk hairstyles.

Also, you can style it in different ways.


Its subtle but edgy approach gives room to suit rogue vibes or fit into a traditional office setting.

To rock this style

  • Start the fade around the temples
  • Leave plenty of hair in the center
  • Style the top as desired

6) Drop Fade Mohawk


Do you want to appear daring and yet subtle

If so, try getting a Mohawk with a Drop Fade.


This is a short mohawk hairstyle that has less height than a Punk-Rock Mohawk.

To get started with this look:

  • Instead of using a hair gel or hairspray to create a high-rise mohawk, sweep your hair to one side.
  • To nail the lock, make sure you have created volume in your mohawk before brushing it to the side.

This ensures that your hair looks on-trend and well-groomed rather than flat and unkempt.             

7) Line Up Mohawk Fade


Spice up your short mohawk fade with a sharp line up.

The aim?

It will make your mohawk look bold and intentional.

Note that:

This hairstyle requires regular buzzing to maintain the best look.                                                           

How to make it? Well:

  • Shave the hair at the temples into sleek, geometric lines
  • Separate the top of your hair from the side, this line will emphasize the boldness of your Mohawk
  • Style as desired

8) Burst Fade Mohawk


This Mohawk is the best to flaunt your thick locks.

By the way,

It differs from a Block Fade because the hair at the neck is left longer instead of continuing around the head.

This style screams elegance right from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

And yes,

It suits all ages of black males, including children.                                                                           

To get it:

  • Lift hair from the scalp and start clipping from the top of the ear to create a Mohawk shape
  • Create an arc around the hair; about half an inch on both sides of the head
  • Use the number one attachment comb to cut back through the line of demarcation to blend

9) Thick Hair Mohawk


Showcase your thick and tall hair with this long and wild Mohawk haircut.


It takes more time, but the result makes your investment worth it.


It requires fewer styling products to keep your hair standing tall because of your thick locks.

To get it:

  • Balance out the thick hair on top
  • You can choose to allow fade or mid fade
  • Blend with an attachment comb

Also note:

This hairstyle requires regular grooming. So, don’t rely on the small number of styling products used at the beginning. 

10) Dread Mohawk Fade


Recently, black men have been rocking fearless Mohawk Fades.


You can try it with your afro hair. Complete the look with a high fade since afro hair pulls its own weight.

To get it:

  • Determine the type of fade you want and clip accordingly
  • You’ll need fewer styling products to keep your hair standing tall
  • Complete this look with a skin fade, a high fade, and a beard

11) Skin Fade Mohawk


This mohawk fade is a head-turner when worn by a white guy or a black man.

And so:

Here’s your chance to unleash your inner punk or Viking avatar.

By the way, you can always combine this with a wide mohawk fade.

To style this haircut:

  • Fade the hair on both sides of the head down to the skin.
  • Drop your fade low to get an artful style

You can also wear it high for a striking appearance

12) Straight Hair Mohawk Taper Fade



How rebellious are you? 

Well, don’t tell. Just show it with your hair!

Guess what?

As wild as this style looks, it’s actually easy to style and manipulate. Straight hair mohawk fade can be the icing on any man’s cake.  

It only takes your styling products, a comb, and your clippers.

To create this look:

  • Create a fade (can be drop, skin, low, or high)
  • Apply hair gel or mousse
  • Create a mohawk by brushing your hair upwards and towards the center of your head with a comb


I’ve told you about the best types of Mohawk Haircuts you can try; but before I wrap this up, here are a few awesome tips that may come in handy. 

How to Do Mohawk Haircut


To put the horse before the cart, what tools do you need?

If you ask me, I’m good to go with these:

  • A masking tape. Avoid using duct or gaffe tape as it will stick to your hair.
  • Scissors to remove hair, but an electric clipper is more effective.
  • Use a trimmer with a sturdy slide-out design. Avoid a flip-out trimmer as it can be complicated.
  • Styling wax/pomade.
  • Hair gel. A good hair gel can keep your style in place for hours without stickiness.
  • Styling clay to be applied to the tip of your hair.
  • A clear reference photo.


About your Hair length…

Because the possibilities of this haircut are limitless, you can still find striking Mohawk hairstyles for short hair length.


If you have medium-length hair, it is even better. Use hair gel as the base product to steer your hair in the direction of your choosing.

For the all-eyes-on-me kind of attention:

A Long-Hair Mohawk is the most suitable. You can explore many options for the best results.

The 4-Step Process of A DIY Mohawk

  1. Center your Mohawk. You can easily do this with masking tape. Be very cautious though. Buzz off the hair on each side of the mohawk. Start with the central part and move on to the lower parts.
  2. Cut the sides. Mohawks demand a high level of precision. Use your reference photo as a guide. I advise you to trim with scissors if the length of your hair demands it.
  3. Make your Mohawk stand. Wash or wet your hair for this part. Use spray, gel, or blow dryer to make your hair stand.
  4. Style (or dye) as desired. The finishing depends on your hair type and style you’ve selected.

How to Ask for Mohawk Haircut

Here, aim for one thing:

To make sure your barber is on the same page with you.


Many guys struggle to communicate with their barber, let alone asking for a haircut!

So, ask for clarification if you don’t understand how your barber interprets your request.

These tips can help:

  1. Know the name of the Mohawk hairstyle: This may not be possible if you haven’t first researched many options and found the one that interests you.
  2. If you want a fade, know the type, size, or number you prefer.
  3. What’s the style you want on top? Spiky, wavy, or colored? This will dictate the length of your cut and the parts of your hair that need to be thinned, layered, straightened, faded, or shortened.
  4. Select how to trim your neckline. Do you want it blocked, rounded, or tapered?

If you’re not particular about any style but more interested in a specific outcome, discuss with your barber so you can analyze options together.

Mohawk Haircut Maintenance

Getting your desired Mohawk hairstyle is the start. But caring for the style is where the real work is.

So, here are tips to care for your Mohawk haircut:

1. Trim Your Mohawk Cut Regularly

If the sides are completely shaven, consider going to see your barber every month when you notice regrowth.

Get it?

2. Choose The Right Moisturizing Product 

You may need professional help to wash and condition your hair if it’s coated. If your hair is colored, you may need deep conditioning and strengthening shampoo to maintain your hair weight.


Blow-dry after washing till it becomes damp or rough-dry with your fingers. If paper towels are available, blot your hair in-between two for quicker absorption.

By the way:

Use the strongest-hold gel available to maintain your hairstyle for a long time. Apply the gel from the roots to the tips of your Mohawk and mold it into your desired shape.


3. Spritz On Some Hair Spray To Keep Your Mohawk Style In Place All Whole Day


Give your mohawk the final blast with a blow-dryer until you feel the hair stiffen in place.


A Mohawk hairstyle is one of those hairstyles that feels as it looksbold, daring, and confident.


There’s a Mohawk haircut for every occasion; a job interview, a wedding, a date, or a funeral. It’s definitely a haircut worth trying. 

Anyway, if you have any thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you and #StaySafe


Frequently Asked Questions

While you'll see a Mohawk on just anybody these days, it is a sacred haircut among the Kanien’kehá:ka people, aka the Mohawk tribe. The young warriors of this tribe who were put in charge of the protection of the culture were the ones who wear a Mohawk. So, wearing a Mohawk without belonging to this group is traditionally an offense.
The two haircuts feature a strip of hair running along the center of the head. But for a Mullet, this hair strip extends further into a long tail at the back of the head. Also, the front hair of a Mullet is not as bulky and wide as that of a Mohawk.
If you're into a white-collar job such as a doctor or an attorney, styling a Mohawk to your place of work may be inappropriate. However, for DJs and club artists, a Mohawk is the perfect daring hairdo to fuel your zen.

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