Find the Best Barber Shops in London!

Ruffians Barbers

Ruffians is an award-winning barber shop known for offering excellent customer experiences despite being a relatively young establishment. With a haircut starting rate of £58, the barbershop may be considered pricey. 

However, the service is worth the extra cash. Ruffians ironically cater to your hair grooming needs with care, from consultation and bespoke hairstyling to hairstyling advice.


As the name suggests, this barber shop has a manifesto, " cut technically and style naturally." Manifesto has two locations in central London where you can get a haircut amongst other grooming services offered.

With their new booking system, you must ensure that you input all the necessary details to secure an appointment. Also, bear in mind that a haircut costs £45 to £60.

Cutters Yard

Using products from Aveda men, Lab series, and Clinique, the barbers at Cutters Yard provide a wide range of services. They include; haircuts, cut-throat shaves, beard trims, and facials. The great atmosphere and complimentary drinks available to their customers makes for an enhanced grooming experience. Moreso, their services are not overpriced as a regular haircut costs about £35.

Gentlemen's Tonic Men's Spa

Located at the center of Mayfair, the Gentlemen's Tonic is a barbershop that reeks of luxury and style. Unlike most barber shops where multiple clients share a common space, this barber shop has private booths. The barbers also cater to kids.

Another notable thing about the Gentlemen's Tonic is its line of quality hair products. Also, bear in mind that their services are not cheap.

Jack The Clipper

Established in 1996, this barber shop is 100% staffed with barbers of Turkish descent. Merging their ancient Turkish barbering techniques with modern trends, the barbers will exceed your hair styling expectations by miles. They have multiple locations within London where you can get your hair cut for less than £40.

Truefitt and Hill Barber Shop (Westminster)

Since 1805, this barbershop has catered to London gentlemen and royalty. Holding the Guinness world record as the oldest barber shop globally, Truefitt and Hill has mastered the art of barbering and perfumery. Now, the venture has multiple locations scattered all over the globe.

At Truefitt and Hill, you get a full grooming experience. Also, the haircut price sits at a steep £55, but it's worth it.

Pall Mall Barbers

Pall Mall Barbers is a barbershop business that has aged well over the years, much like the city it resides in. It’s a renowned barbershop that boasts over a century of outstanding customer service. The business caters to well-known clientele, including royalty. As such, you will need to make an appointment, but it is worth it to cut your hair with barbers you can trust.

SliderCuts Studios (Holloway)

Mark Maciver, a renowned expert barber with over a decade of experience in the hair grooming industry, is the face of the SliderCuts brand. Although the barber studio specializes in afro-textured hair, the barbers can easily groom any hair type. The cost of haircuts varies depending on the expertise level of the barber you want. Still, the price of cuts starts from as little as £22.

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