Find the Best Barber Shops in Dallas!

Bearded Bastard Barber Shop

You might find the name of this barber shop a little strange. However, the "bearded" bit in the name hints at their skills with beards. What the barbers here do better than haircuts is beard trims/shape-ups. The place looks great with their constantly changing exterior paint job. It's open from Mondays to Saturdays.

Kutinfed Barber Shop

Said to deliver the "coldest fades in the game," Kutinfed Barber Shop is located in the heart of Lake Highland. The establishment has a professional yet welcoming ambiance to it. They offer various barber shop services, including haircuts, beard trims, and straight razor shaves. You are advised to book an appointment on their website as they do not accommodate walk-ins. 

Bonafide Barber Shop

Bonafide Barber Shop has a reputation for having friendly and professional barbers. While you wait your turn, you can listen to music and enjoy a complimentary drink. Although the price of services is dependent on your barbers' discretion, there's a price list that gives you an idea of the starting price of their services. The price of haircuts for adults starts at $35, and the price for kids 12 and under is $25.

Brass Tacks Barbershop

Brandon White founded Brass Tacks in 2014. The barber shop is spacious and has a relaxing atmosphere to it. You can enjoy great music and a cold beer as you get a haircut. Fortunately, the barbers here are masters at their craft, so you're in good hands. Bear in mind that the pricing of the services varies between barbers. However, the starting price of a haircut is $30.

Yellow Rose Barber Shop

This barber shop looks very appealing, from the color scheme of its exterior design to the artworks covering the walls inside. Thankfully, its look isn't the best thing about this place. The barbers here are great at what they do. Specializing in classic haircuts, they also shape up beards and do straight razor shaves. The cost of a short haircut is $35.

Dallas Fades Barbershop

This barber shop advertises itself as a specialist in all things fading, and sure enough, it does deliver. However, some customers have complained that not all barbers there actually live up to their reputed standard. So you have to look out for the good barbers if you are skeptical. You might find a few names in their google reviews. The price of a haircut starts at $25.

STR8 CHOPPIN Barbershop & Salon

Established in 2010, STR8 CHOPPIN is a barbershop that offers essential barber shop services. These services include haircuts, shaves, and beard or mustache trims. Fortunately, the owner is highly skilled at these seemingly basic services. Plus the service is delivered quickly. The only issue you might have with this place is waiting since there's only one barber. Make sure to call in for pricing.

Rob's Chop Shop

Founded by and named after Rob Villarreal, Rob's Chop Shop boasts of being a "world-famous traditional men's barbershop." Although he does a fantastic job at grooming clients to perfection, some might consider him too strict with how he runs his business. Lateness is not tolerated, and women are not allowed in; as he states firmly, "This is a gentleman's establishment."

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