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Barber Shop NYC

With the price of a regular haircut starting at $33, this barber shop is relatively affordable for the high quality of service its staff provides. Barber Shop NYC is staffed with a team of professional barbers who use the best products to meet your hair styling needs. These barbers are in tune with the latest trends, and they know exactly how to make you look your best. 

Camera Ready Kutz

Located in Brooklyn, this barber shop is not just a grooming center. It is an establishment geared towards accommodating the LGBTQ community. The owner, Khane Kutzwell, likes to call it an LGBTQ safe space where you can get the classic barbershop experience. Also, Khane likes to incorporate artistic designs into her clients' hairstyles.

Men's Best Haircut

With over 14 years of experience, Max Zoda leads the hairstyling team at this barbershop. The services they offer include; haircuts, facial hair grooming, razor shaves, skin care, and overall grooming. At Men's Best Haircut, the staff strives to provide each customer with a unique and personalized experience. Although the cost of a haircut sits at a steep starting price of $60, it is well worth every penny.

Paul Molé

For well over 100 years, this barber shop has served the gentlemen of Manhattan's upper east side. Besides the old-school vibe and complimentary cappuccino, you are assured of an exceptional grooming experience. Notably, this barber shop is one of the best places to get a straight razor shave. If you cannot make it to the shop, you can opt for a house appointment.

Neighborhood Barbers

Although the exterior of this barbershop looks a bit rundown, it reflects nothing of the quality of service you get here. You can get a crisp haircut at a very affordable rate of $16. Besides haircuts, the staff here handles a wide range of services, including beard trims, chest and back shaves, and facial massages.

Frank's Chop Shop

Recognized as a celebrity magnet, this barber shop offers high-quality grooming services while maintaining the traditional roots of barbering. The barbers of Frank's Chop Shop are remarkably skilled in hairstyling. Plus, they provide straight razor shaves. Don't forget to book an appointment as this barber shop operates on an appointment-only basis.

Premium Barber Shop

With multiple locations in the city, the Premium brand is one of the most accessible barber shops. Although this establishment caters to notable members of society, it still maintains an affordable price list for its services. You can get a regular haircut for about $30. Thankfully the barbers here also cater to children. 

Blind Barber

This neighborhood barber shop blends your modern expectations with the classic art of barbering. Although its East Village location in New York City is the brand's first spot, there are now multiple Blind Barber locations across the USA. Not only can you satisfy your grooming needs, but you can also find high-quality hair products formulated by the brand. The cost of haircuts starts from $55.

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