Find the Best Barber Shops in Los Angeles!

Legends the Barbershop

Founded in 1999 by Brian "Goose" Davis, Legends the Barbershop is one of the best-reviewed barber shops in Los Angeles. Goose and his team of barbers boast the ability to stay ahead of and even set trends. They offer a wide range of regular barber shop services and specialty services like hair replacements, tints, locs, braids, etc. The cost of services may vary depending on the barber you pick.

Social Barbershop

Arguably the best barber shop in Granada Hills, the Social Barber Shop is a somewhat young business. Established in 2017, this barber shop is one of the best places for people with textured hair to get a haircut. One aspect you might find them lacking is their customer service in terms of keeping to appointments. Some customers have complained about it.

Gornik and Drucker

Pretty much a Beverly Hills fixture, Gornik and Drucker has been around for a long time. It's pretty popular and for good reason too. The expert barbers here uphold the techniques associated with traditional barbering. Besides offering top-tier grooming services, the brand also formulates great grooming products. Note that the cost of a haircut at Gornik and Drucker is on the side at a whopping $75.

Manly and Sons Barber Co.

Another diamond in the rough, Manly and Sons Barber Co., is one of LA's most affordable barber shops. Fortunately, being affordable does not negatively impact the quality of their service. The staff is skilled at executing pretty much every trending haircut. You can easily book an appointment on their website. Unfortunately, their price list is not on their website. Calling in first would be a great idea.

Grey Matter Barbershop

Popularly cited as one of the best barbershops in Los Angeles, the Grey Matter Barbershop lives up to its sparkling reputation. In terms of skill and professionalism, the barbers here check the boxes. However, quality is not always affordable. Hence, it's no big surprise that the starting price of a haircut is $60. 

The Fade Inn

As the name implies, the barbers at this barbershop are exceptionally skilled at executing flawless fades. That does not mean that they do not excel at anything else. They can execute just about any haircut, including graphic designs. Plus, their services are not only available to men. Women and children are also covered. You are advised to book an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome too.

Jags Barber Shop

Some would argue that Jags Barber Shop is the best LA has to offer. In many ways, you'd be tempted to lean towards that opinion. That's because, at this barbershop, you get high-quality services at very affordable rates. Honestly, that is very uncommon in LA, where the cost of living is pretty high. Hence getting an excellent haircut for as little as $30 is a steal. Also, note that they only accept cash.

Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop

Situated on Hollywood Boulevard, this barbershop has been around since 1947. Its long years are showcased in its furniture and the design, which hasn't changed so much over time. The barber shop was formerly known as Andy's Barber Shop before its current owner changed its name in 2007. Fortunately, one thing that has remained constant with this shop is the traditional art of barbering. 

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