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New Shanghai Barbershop

New Shanghai Barbershop: A time-honored gem in the heart of Chinatown - Downtown Vancouver since 1963. Our skilled barbers blend tradition with the latest trends, offering tailored haircuts for all, complemented by warm hospitality and a dedication to excellence.

Classic Cuts Barbershop

Classic Cuts Barbershop, owned by Eliah Eley and Da'mond Wright, is a masculine hair grooming salon that ensures each customer feels valued while sitting on their stools. 

They have earned their clients' trust over the years due to their creative and precise approach to hair styling and affordable prices. The price of a typical haircut from their barbers is about $20.

Holiday Manor Barbershop

In 1962, the Holiday Manor Barbershop was established to provide lovely haircuts to communities in Louisville. They have been able to sustain their business and thrive for close to six decades because of their efficient and friendly barbers, affordable rates, and great atmosphere.

You can get a sleek haircut or trim your beards when they open for business from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Bourbon City Barber Company

Bourbon City Company, owned by lead barber Zack Coater, is a distinct establishment that combines the nostalgic appeal of an old-school barbershop with a nice modern flair. 

They provide a unique barbering experience by styling hair in an atmosphere that pays homage to arts and fashion. They also specialize in waxing, hot lather shaves, premium beard trims, and classic haircuts. 

D'Luxe Cuts Barbershop

D'Luxe Cuts Barbershop is a hair styling salon for men that aims to inspire confidence in their clients by giving them captivating haircuts. They've received great reviews for their reasonable prices, talented barbers, great atmosphere, and customer service.

The price of a full haircut is about $40. However, they offer special discounts to kids under 12, teenagers, and seniors.

Beechmont Barbershop

Beechmont Barbershop, owned by Andrew Beeler, is a hair grooming shop established to provide a great barbering experience to men in Louisville. 

Most reviews from their clientele have praised their lovely atmosphere, special hair cutting techniques, and hair styling prowess. In order to avoid excessive wait time, it is advisable to book an appointment ahead of time.

Woodys Barbershop

Woodys Barbershop is an enterprise that has been providing fine haircuts, stunning beard trims, and traditional hot towel shaves for over three decades. They've earned a great reputation due to their expertise, inviting environment, and passion for hair styling.

They have two shops in Louisville, so you can reserve an appointment from Mondays to Saturdays at the closest location.

Derby City Chop Shop

Derby City Chop Shop, founded in 2009, is a top-tier establishment committed to providing high-quality barbering services at affordable rates. 

They have a great online scheduling system that estimates how long you have to wait to get a haircut. It also notifies you, so you'll know when you're almost at the top of the waitlist. They're open for business from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Handsome Fellows Barber Shop

In 2016, Ryan Cornell founded the Handsome Fellows Barber Shop, aiming to create a modern barbershop known for its great customer service and fantastic haircuts. 

In four years, the business gained traction, and his client base increased, causing him to establish a second store in Louisville. They operate based on reservation, so you'll have to book an appointment online beforehand.

Trendzone Barbershop

Trendzone Barbershop is a chic hair grooming establishment whose priority is ensuring their customers are pleased after each haircut. Their clients have complimented their seasoned and friendly barbers, great attention to detail, and wonderful customer service.

They offer a range of styling services such as classic haircuts, hot towel shaves, premium razor cuts, and scalp treatments.

Mala Fade Barbershop

Mala Fade Barbershop is run by talented barbers with several years of hair industry experience. They're passionate about ensuring their customers enjoy the ultimate barber experience. They are known for their gentle and meticulous approach to hair styling.

The price of a typical haircut is about $25, but they offer subsidized prices for kids under 10 and seniors over 65.

High Fade Haircut

High Fade Haircut is a Surrey-based barbershop created to provide an alluring atmosphere where boys and men can enjoy the finest grooming service. Their stylists use modern and traditional barbering knowledge to create sophisticated haircuts.

You can trim your beards, get a typical skin fade, or color your beards at their shop from 10 am to 7 pm on Mondays to Sundays.

Fresh Fades Barbershop Ltd

In 2016, Fresh Fades Barbershop Ltd was established to provide stunning haircuts in a friendly atmosphere. In a year, they began to receive positive reviews for their great work ethic, barbering prowess, and dedicated stylists.

They currently have two stores in Surrey. You can book an appointment at the nearest branch during their opening hours from Mondays to Fridays. 

Big Boss Hair Salon

Big Boss Hair Salon is an amazing Surrey-based barber shop with an admirable vintage appeal. Their efficient barbers, quality service, and great atmosphere are some of the many reasons they are revered in the hair industry.

They specialize in beard coloring, hair coloring, skin fades, facial cleansing, beard trimming, and waxing. They're open for business from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Harry and Son Barber

Harry and Sons Barber is an establishment passionate about providing exceptional hair grooming treatments to gentlemen in Cloverdale. Their stylists are dedicated to applying their barbering knowledge and skill to create the most suitable haircut for each client.

Some of their most highly demanded services include youth haircuts, classic men's haircuts, and grey blending.

Eddy's Barbershop

Eddy's Barbershop has been invested in providing quality hair grooming services using traditional and modern techniques for over thirty years. 

Some of the services they offer to gents include hair designing, beard coloring, eyebrow threading, trendy haircuts, and beard trimming. Currently, they are active in three locations in Canada, but only one operates in Surrey.

King's BarberShop

The King's BarberShop is an outstanding enterprise whose dazzling modern facilities and impressive barbering skills are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty. Their stylists have been praised for their friendly but professional nature. 

Their shop has also received reviews for its cool aura. They specialize in skin fades, long hair scissor cuts, beard trims, and classic haircuts.

Fate Barber Co

In 2018, Fate Barber Co opened their doors and began offering classic barbering services to gents in Albuquerque. They've received reviews praising their shop's inviting atmosphere, dedication to their craft, and fair prices.

Some of their most popular services include beard trims, kid cuts, and fades. Be sure to book an appointment online before heading to their shop.

The Chemist Barbershop

The Chemist Barbershop, established in 2018, is an organization that impressively combines the aesthetics of a traditional barbershop with a dazzling science flair. They've been praised for their customer service, great music, and exceptionally talented barbers.

They also have an online store that sells merch, skin and hair care products. They're open from Tuesdays to Sundays. 

Marz Barbershop Abq

Marz Barbershop is a great hair styling salon known for providing professional services in a serene environment. Their barbers specialize in zero fades, hot towel shaves, eyebrow trims, and beard trims.

The cost of getting a regular haircut is about $25. However, they offer special discounts for kids, seniors, and military personnel. They're open for business seven days a week.

EDo's Barber Shop

In 2019, EDo's Barber Shop was founded with the aim of providing quality hair grooming services for men in Albuquerque. In the last few years, they have received positive reviews for their barbering expertise and knowledge of current and traditional trends.

They specialize in beard trims, stylish haircuts, and eyebrow trims. They're open for business from Tuesdays to Saturdays. 

VIP Barber Lounge

VIP Barber Lounge is an Albuquerque-based barber shop whose stylists are committed to using their skills to create stunning haircuts. Their warm aura, top-notch barbers, and passion for hair styling have received great compliments from their clients. 

You can receive any of their VIP packages, facials, or beard trimming services during their opening hours from Mondays to Saturdays.

Fade Factory Barbershop LLC

Fade Factory Barbershop LLC is a charming establishment revered for their competent barbers, great vibe, and clean aesthetics. Their stylists are dedicated to ensuring their clients feel comfortable and confident receiving their stunning haircuts.

They offer beard trimming, specialty hair cutting, and hair designing services during their business hours from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Steel Blade Men's Salon

Steel Blade Men's Salon is a masculine hair and skin care establishment co-founded by two professional stylists, Stacey and Brandie. They are focused on providing high-quality treatments in an environment that is both luxurious and comfortable. 

You can book an appointment to receive any of their incredible care services during their business hours from Tuesdays to Saturdays. 

Fonzy's Barber Shop

In 2011, Abel Otero opened Fonzy's Barber Shop, determined to create an environment that could provide phenomenal hair styling services to men of all ages. 

In the past decade, their professional barbers have worked round the clock to create classic and stylish hairstyles that meet their customer's requirements. They're open for business from 9 am to 5 pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays. 

Daniel Rymer Barbering Specialists

In 2015, Daniel Rymer founded the Daniel Rymer Barbering Specialists. Since then, they have worked with international brands, London, New York, and Paris fashion shows, and The Brits Awards.

Their talented staff and knowledge of latest trends has earned them multiple awards over the years. You can book an appointment with them during their opening hours from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Exposure Men's Studio

Exposure Men's Studio is a top-tier barber shop specializing in skin grooming and hair styling services such as coloring, beard trims, fades, facials, and hot towel shaves. 

First-time customers receive bonuses up to 10% on any salon services. Also, they provide complimentary drinks for their clients upon their arrival. They're open for business from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Men's Cave Barber Shop

In 2018, Khaled, an esteemed barber with over a decade of barbering experience, established the Men's Cave Barber Shop. Before long, they became known for their first-rate services, work ethic, and passion for hair styling.

Currently, they have two stores operating in Bristol. You can book an appointment at any of their branches when they open for business, from Mondays to Sundays. 

Scammells Barbershop

In the last three decades, Scammells Barbershop has provided exemplary customer service and stunning haircuts to their clients at Staple Hill, Bristol. They have received great reviews for their talented barbers and friendly atmosphere. 

They specialize in crew cuts, skin fades, and beard trims. It's advisable to book an appointment before going to their store to avoid waiting.

Franco's Barbering Lounge

Franco's Barbering Lounge has provided superb hair grooming services in Bristol for nearly forty years. Over the years, they have evolved by merging their traditional barbering knowledge with modern styles and facilities.

Asides from their hair styling services, they have an online store where you can easily purchase various grooming products. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays.

Mugshot Barber

In 2019, Ben, a prominent barber who had been in the hair industry for over five years, established Mugshot Barber. Since then, they have succeeded in creating a store where their customers can chat and relax while they enjoy a great barbering experience.

You can get a buzz cut, skin fade, or trim your beards at their store during their business hours from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Gio's Barber Shop

In 2006, Giovanni Licata founded Gio's Barber Shop aiming to provide luxurious barbering services to the gents in Bristol. Their store became an instant hit because of their pristine hygiene and peaceful aura.

Some of their popular services include full scissor cuts, skin fades, zero fades, and standard haircuts. They're open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

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