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The Mirror Gents Parlour is a reputable barbershop that offers quality shaves at budget-friendly prices. The store’s skilled barbering team provides a wide range of hairstyles suited for men of all hair textures. The brand also holds customer satisfaction in high regard and has a long list of clients who attest to this.

Scissor Hand is a unique, upscale enterprise that has been in the men’s grooming business for over five years. The salon offers personalized services to suit each client’s distinct needs. The brand also boasts seven master barbers who deliver first-rate haircuts and trims with stellar precision. In addition, they have a team of masseurs who offer Ayurveda-inspired spa treatments.

The Barber’s Station is a classic barbershop that provides hair-specific and full-body grooming services. The store has multiple compact packages available. One of which offers a complete hair wash, shave, massage, and setting, all for 2100 BDT. Conveniently, the shop stays open between 10 am to 8 pm every day. Thus, giving you ample time to visit.

The Barber’s Lounge

The Barber’s Lounge is a staple grooming store specializing in providing basic and advanced hair and beard care services. Established in 2019, the brand is relatively new, but its ensemble of barbers is well experienced and reliable. Conveniently, the shop welcomes walk-ins and also allows appointment bookings.

Mr. Cutts Barber Shop

Mr. Cutts is a luxurious, hybrid enterprise that fully incorporates spa and barbershop elements. Their impressive range of services includes full-body waxings, eyebrow threadings, hot-stone body massages, and hair shaves. Sadly, the store does not have a fully functional website at the moment. However, you can still book appointments via their social media platforms.

With over ten years of experience, the Menz Crown Premium Salon has long established itself as a powerhouse in the manscaping scene. The brand boasts an expert team comprising hairstylists, massage therapists, and skin specialists. All of whom are well trained in providing top-class grooming services. Also, the store only uses authentic, Singapore-imported cosmetic products.

GentsCare is a first-rate grooming center that takes clients’ convenience as a top priority. With its 7-day work weeks and easily accessible location, the store reduces the hassle that accompanies a barbershop visit. The salon also offers an extensive list of services, including everything from full-body massages to simple hair trims and beard line-ups.

The Adonis Men’s Grooming Co. Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the more refined barbershops in Dhaka city. With over a dozen staff members, the salon has maintained a high-quality standard in the grooming scene. The store also offers some unique service options. Some include specially reserved VIP rooms for premium clients and a free grooming consultation.

If you have a thing for quirky hairdos, you will find The Barbers Inc Barbershop quite compelling. The barbers at this store excel at delivering unconventional cuts, as their service list includes braids, design carvings, and mohawks. You can find samples of these on their socials. The brand also has an online store where you can access a video tutorial series for barbing enthusiasts.

Herman’s Barber Shop & Supplies is as much a relic as it is a grooming center. Founded in 1938, the brand has consistently delivered top-quality value in the manscaping scene for over eight decades. In addition to its hair cutting services, the store also sells various hair and beard care products. These include hair pomades and gels and beard oils, and dressing balms.

No one delivers homely ambiance quite like Crewners Barber Shop. Everything from their simplistic yet tasteful Victorian house setting to the friendly hairstylists will make you feel right at home. Since its establishment in 2011, the store has experienced astronomical growth. That is mainly thanks to its barbers’ proficiency, as they are skilled at delivering fashionable cuts.

The Barba Co. is an exclusive manscaping store located in the heart of San Jose City. The brand has a stellar clientele range as extensive as its haircutting services. That is a direct result of their versatile offers, which attract men and boys of all age groups. Currently, the shop is staffed with three expert barbers whose socials you can find on the store’s official site.

The Dapper Barbershop’s range of services can be summarized in three words: cut, shave, and style. All of which they manage to do outstandingly and in a timely fashion. The barbers are pretty adaptable and are known to tweak generic hairstyles to fit the customers’ requests occasionally. Also, you can find a comprehensive list of their services and prices on their intuitive website.

Johnny D’s Barber Shop is an old-school grooming franchise with a modern twist. Over the years, the store has maintained the classic barbershop tradition by serving as a hub for men of all ages to catch up and unwind. Also, the brand has two locations within the city, and both deliver elite services. As such, you can easily visit whichever outlet is closest to you.

The Faded Barbershop is one of San Jose’s top grooming stores with an impressive lineup of talented professionals. The store has an exclusive first-timer discount available only Mondays to Wednesdays. Also, bear in mind that they only accept cash payments, and prices vary across the barbers.

The X9 Barbershop is a leading manscape establishment that provides an array of hair and beard grooming services. The brand boasts a roaster of seasoned barbers who individually have 3-10 years of experience. As such, they are pretty adept at delivering sophisticated and retro-inspired haircuts. Fortunately, the store also stays open every day of the week, Saturdays and Sundays inclusive.

Scizzors Point

Scizzors Point offers styling consultations alongside their haircuts and beard care services. They are a child-friendly business that encourages you to visit for a grooming day with your kids. The barbers are very polite and willing to listen to any styling requests you might have. However, the store’s online presence is incredibly lacking. Fortunately, they encourage walk-ins.

Ritu’s Saloon

Ritu’s Salon is a unisex salon noted for its excellent service. Due to its popularity and relatively small size, customers occasionally have to wait on arrival. The owner, Mr. Ritu, is very respectful, and the barbers under his employ are skilled and experienced. They offer haircuts and beard care at affordable prices and encourage walk-ins.

The Barber A Unisex Salon

This establishment is an affordable unisex salon in a modern location. They offer haircuts at the standard price of 100 rupees, including a complimentary wash. They also have a variety of premium hair products available for sale. Sadly, they do not have a website. On the flip side, they offer walk-in services.

New Raj Gents Parlour

A team of dedicated barbers runs New Raj Gents Parlour. The experience they have garnered over ten years is reflected in the quality of their services. The location has a vintage feel to it. Unfortunately, their social media presence is pretty much non-existent. Hence, you’d have to call in to book an appointment or walk in.

Geetanjali is a unisex salon that has been operating for over thirty years. The brand has over 140 locations across India. Geetanjali has a high standard of service, and their Jaipur location is no different. They offer a wide array of affordable services, from premium haircuts to washing and dyeing. Their website is user-friendly, and an appointment is necessary before visiting.

A Star Man’s Saloon

A Star Man’s Saloon is a good location for standard grooming on a budget. The hair-grooming center offers everything from a standard haircut to beard care. No request is too outlandish or impossible. The store provides a serene and relaxing environment when you visit. They also employ experienced barbers who are prepared to bring your styling visions to reality.

Scissors Club Mans Salon offers trending haircuts at affordable prices and does so from a serene shop. Walk-ins are highly encouraged, but you can book a reservation using their website. Their customer service is highly rated, and you can get a haircut for as low as ₹99. They also offer beard care services, and you can make a reservation for a hair and beard care combo.

Style and Looks offer professional haircuts at an affordable price. You can get a haircut for as low as ₹99. They encourage walk-in services and have a website where you can make an appointment. The customer service is top tier, and the barbers are known to produce your desired results. The store itself is clean, conducive, and welcomes its customers with open arms.

Nick's Hair Studio and Unisex Salon

Nick's Hair Studio and Unisex Salon is a high-end store with an extensive service list. The salon offers body massages, tan-removal procedures, and hair and beard shaves. They strictly operate on appointments, so you'd have to schedule a visit before stopping by. Also, it's advisable to check out their socials as they occasionally drop sizable discount offers.

Barber House Men's Salon is a versatile barbershop that offers a plethora of clipping and styling services. Despite being less than a year old, the brand has managed to attract and maintain a stable clientele due to the elite customer experience they offer. Also, the store conveniently accepts bookings via their hotline and socials. So you don't have to wait too long if you visit.

LB The Hair Studio is an ideal hair grooming spot for the entire family as it caters to persons of all ages and genders. The shop offers an array of age-appropriate haircuts for boys and men. However, due to their heavy client influx, you'd be required to make an appointment. Thankfully, you can do that easily via a quick phone call.

Retro The Unisex Salon is a hair grooming center adorned with multiple 5-star reviews from loyal customers. What's more? The brand offers several unique services that you might not find in many typical salons. These include a hair spa option, dandruff and color treatments, and facial services. Conveniently, the salon has a website where you can easily place bookings.

Often, a store's ambiance plays a significant role in the overall customer experience, and this is especially true for the Studio M Salon. The shop's interior design and its hospitable hairstylists give it an elegant yet welcoming feel. The brand's services are vast, covering everything from hair trims and beard shape-ups to keratin smoothening treatments. 

Latest Salon is a reputable unisex grooming store specializing in hair and skin care services. The brand has a stacked lineup of seasoned professionals who deliver regular and edgy haircuts. The store also boasts a solid online presence. They frequently drop important updates, and special discount offers on their website and social media platforms.

Hakim's Aalim Hair n' Beauty Lounge

Hakim's Aalim Hair n' Beauty Lounge is a first-class establishment founded by one of India's top hairstylists, Hakim Aalim. The salon's primary services center around hairstyling. Still, they extend to facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, and full-body massages. On the downside, the lounge's services are relatively pricey, but the customer experience is well worth it.

Beardo'z Men's Salon

Beardo'z Men's Salon is one of Ahmedabad's best-rated grooming studios. The store conveniently opens seven days a week and has 13-hour work shifts every day besides Tuesdays. Thus, giving you a large window of opportunity to visit. The brand also offers training programs on hair and skincare to willful enthusiasts, who get a recognized certificate on completion of the course.

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