Find the Best Barber Shops in Fort Worth!

South Barbershop

In 2019, Laleh Rezaie established South Barbershop in the new South Main Village neighborhood. Soon, the business thrived and won the Fort Worth Weekly's Critics Choice for Best Barbershop in 2020.

They offer services such as beard trim, hair cuts, buzz cuts, and neck trim. As it's a relatively new business with only two gifted barbers, you'll need to book an appointment beforehand. 

George The Classic Barber

George the Classic Barber was founded and is owned by George, a prominent barber with over 15 years of experience. They have received fantastic reviews for their barbers' top-of-the-line service and professionalism.

You'll enjoy a nice beverage while getting your hair done at George's. Also, students, veterans, and seniors with valid IDs can get a cut and fade at their shop for only $25. 

Founders Barbershop Fort Worth

The Founders Barbershop, established in 2018, is an amazing barbershop known for providing high-quality hair styling services. Their hard work and dedication to their clients has helped them sustain their business and expand over the years.

There are currently two Founders Barbershops in the USA, but only one operates in Fort Worth. The price of a typical haircut is about $30.

The Cutting Room Barber Salon

In 2019, Richard and Vanessa Soto co-founded The Cutting Room Barber Salon, aiming to leave a distinct mark in the hair industry. A year after they began business, they won the Fort Worth Weekly's Readers Choice for Best Barbershop.

In order to make things more convenient, they adopted a pricing system for their services which is ranked based on the experience level of their staff.

The Gents Place - Fort Worth West 7th

The Gents Place is an establishment that offers luxury grooming services for men. For over a decade, their founders, Ben and Lauren Davis, have sustained an environment where men can relax while their grooming needs are catered to.

Although they offer wonderful membership plans to their clients, you can still enjoy their services as a non-member but at a slightly higher rate.

District Barbershop

District Barbershop comprises three stores operated by talented traditional barbers. Their friendly staff and hair styling skills have distinguished and helped them win the Best Men's Barber Shop (reader's pick) by Fort Worth Magazine in 2020 and 2021.

They specialize in classic cuts, fades, beard trims, buzz cuts, and black masks. They also offer reduced prices for kids under 12.

Local Barber of Fort Worth

The Local Barbers of Fort Worth, established in 2018, is owned by Johnathon Razo. In 2018 and 2019, Fort Worth Magazine selected them as the Best Men's Barbershop (reader's pick). They have also been featured in Paper City Fort Worth for their outstanding services.

They're open for business from Tuesdays to Saturdays, so you can book an appointment with them during that time.

Fort Worth Barber Shop

The Fort Worth Barber Shop, owned by Jonathan Morris, is a masculine salon with a stunning vintage and modern appeal. Their business thrives on their ability to build long-lasting relationships by creating a comfortable atmosphere for their clients.

Their services include skin fades, buzz cuts, hot towel shaves, and beard trims. They also sell grooming products like clay and pomade.

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