Find the Best Barber Shops in Brooklyn!

Chaplin’s Barbershop

The glowing customer ratings and reviews speak for the outstanding attention to quality that the barbers here have. 

Visiting this barber shop goes beyond getting a haircut; it's a wonderful experience. The pricing is also good for the quality of services offered. While kids can get their haircut for $25, an adult’s haircut costs $40.

The Stepping Razor Barbershop

Located on Flushing Avenue, The Stepping Razor Barbershop was founded in 2010 by Danny Baptista. Despite specializing in classic American styles and shaves, the barbers here are versatile enough to grant your modern hairstyle wishes. For New York City, their rates are pretty reasonable. A standard haircut costs $40.

Black Rabbit Barbershop

A traditional barbershop offering traditional barbering services with a modern twist, the Black Rabbit Barbershop is a great place to get a moderately-priced haircut in the Brooklyn area. 

Also, the environment is comfortable enough to help you relax while you get groomed. While walk-ins are accepted, they prefer that you book an appointment. A standard haircut here costs $40.

The Corner Barber

Open seven days a week, the Corner Barber Shop might not be the cheapest in the Brooklyn area, but they do have reasonable rates. 

Besides haircuts, the barbers here offer traditional barbering services like hot shaves and beard trims. They accept walk-ins and appointment bookings with a preference for cash payments. However, they do accept credit cards.

Adrian Fanus Grooming (AFG)

Here’s another upscale place that caters to the hair grooming needs of men and women. With a client list featuring celebrities like Chris Brown and Idris Elba, you can rest assured that the quality of services here is no joke. 

The owner, Adrian Fanus, believes that a barbershop should be inclusive and non-judgemental, and that’s exactly what AFG provides. 

Gentlemen’s Barbershop

Housing some of the best barbers in the area, the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop is your go-to place to get almost any kind of haircut you want. "

They are skilled enough to recreate classic haircuts and contemporary styles. You also get a complimentary beverage along with hot towels. Their rates are a bit high, with a standard haircut costing $50.

Elegant Barbershop

With two locations in the Brooklyn area and four locations altogether in NYC, this hair grooming brand prides itself on giving each customer an unforgettable grooming experience. They mean that in a positive way, of course. 

Using the best tools and products, their greatly skilled and licensed barbers bring your preferred haircuts to life. The price of a typical haircut is $32.

Hairrari Barber

Owned by Magda Ryczko, Hairrari is the perfect balance between a barbershop and a salon. Plus, it is a gender-neutral and all-inclusive space. 

Although the barbers specialize in short hair, they can also cater comfortably to customers who want to shape up their long hair. They offer quality services which come at steep prices. For instance, a buzz cut costs as high as $50.

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