Find the Best Barber Shops in Mumbai!

Happy Hairs Family Salon

Happy Hair is a barbershop that can handle Hair of different types. With its hardwood floors and plain white walls, the store has a minimalist feel to it. They offer haircuts, beard trimming, washing, and other related services. Happy Hair also caters to children. Hence, you can bring them along. Also, they offer walk-in services to make up for their subpar social media presence. 

Classic Gents Parlor

Classic Gents Parlor has been serving its customers for over seven years. They offer standard styling services, such as haircuts and beard care. They cater to children as well. Hence, it is a great location to visit with your kids. Their operating hours are between 9 am and 10:30 pm. However, they do not open on Mondays. They also offer walk-in services, cementing their homely aura. 

King’s Salon

King’s Salon has been around for over ten years and has recently set up a location in Mumbai. The store radiates refreshing energy, easing your mind as you cut your Hair. They offer standard Hair and beard care services administered by experienced and conversible barbers. While they do not have social media presence, you can easily contact them through google and book an appointment.

717 The Barbershop

717 is a barbershop that has a vintage feel to it. Their list of services is brief, ranging from detailed haircuts to beard care. But their focus on these classic barbershop services ensures that they do it with advanced skill. The barbers are approachable, and the store atmosphere is conducive. Customers have praised the lovely background music and the experience as a whole.

Barber Club

Barber Club is a classy location that offers affordable haircuts. They offer standard services such as haircuts and shaves and have a strong social media presence. Unfortunately, they do not have a website, but you can contact them via Instagram or Facebook. On the flip side, the barbers are skilled, polite, and offer excellent customer service.

Truefitt and Hill India

Truefitt and Hill is a trusted U.K men’s grooming brand that has shipped its services over to India. They offer premium haircuts in a store with a vintage feel. Their barbers are properly vetted and have the skills necessary to satisfy your hair and beard grooming needs. The shop has two locations, and you are required to book an appointment on their website. 

The Lair

The Lair is a brand dedicated to creating a serene atmosphere for its customers. They offer premium haircuts at affordable prices and do so in a barbershop that would take your breath away. All their services are delivered with a certain flourish that would make your visit worthwhile. An appointment is required, but their website is properly optimized and easy to navigate.

D Shave Barbershop

D Shave Barbershop has been in service for over five years. The barbers are experienced in dealing with curly hair, and the shop offers standard haircuts for both adults and kids. The barbers are also experts at beard care and dyeing. You can request a full list of their services on their website, which also has a showcase of their valued employees. 

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