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Faded Beard

A faded beard is a term used for the refined transition of hair of different lengths (shorter to longer). Fades are achieved by smoothly blending hard lines on your facial hair to create a seamless transition from short to long hair. A neat beard fade can drastically spruce up your look.

Ideal Face Shapes: Square, Oval, Rectangle, Diamond

Ideal Beard Types: Long Beard, Short Beard, Curly Hair Beard, Medium-Length Beard

Styling tips

  • If you have a short beard, go for a low fade; because it makes your cheekbones pop.
  • But, if you want more sophistication and shadows on your face, go for the beard taper fade
  • And to give more depth to your faded beard, keep equal lengths of hair on your head and chin.

A Look at 7 of The Best Faded Beard Styles

Get this:

There are several ways to rock a faded beard hairstyle

Depending on your beard type, length, and type of fade, the following styles might just work for you. 

1. Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade Beards

A medium shadow fade is a cool faded beard style. It starts its blend from hair at the chin and slowly transitions to a bald fade near the ear. 

This shadow can be as high or as low as you like. 

2. Full-Length Beard 

Full-Length Beard

As men grow old, they often seek a more somber and classic look to suit their personality. For this, a full-length faded beard is the way to go

This style of fade converges the spotlight on your gorgeous beard. To have a sharper look, give your hair a neat fade as well.

3. Gradual Fade

Gradual Fade Beards

The best thing about a Gradual Fade is that it gives you the best of both worlds

You can rock a luscious hairstyle, a fabulous beard, and also have a fade to make the transition look refined

To ace this kind of fade, you should have the same length of hair on top of your head and on your chin.

4. Layered Fade

Layered Fade Beards

A layered fade is one of the best-faded beard styles in existence. 

It adds complexity to your overall style. However, only men with thick and dark beards can pull off this style and flaunt it.

5. Low Beard Fade

Low Beard Fade

Short beards have a charm of their own

But they look chicer with a low beard fade. These fades usually end near the ear lobe, but only look their best with full, short beards

The best thing about this faded beard look is that it is low-maintenance with high-quality results.

6. Amalgamating Hair And Beard Look

Amalgamating Hair And Beard Look

Let’s face it:

It sometimes looks awkward to have a stark contrast between your full beard and hair fade

You don’t want to look like a realist painting now, do you? This one calls for the merging of a hair fade with a beard fade to yield a more natural flow

Generally, the two fades meet at the center of the ear.

7. Fully faded look

Fully faded look

Get this:

A fully faded look disappears on the face without leaving a trail. As a result, the style attained is much cleaner. Here, the idea is to separate the hair and beard by a clear demarcation

You can experiment with this look by making the edge of the fade very short or shaving the ends entirely.

Bottom Line


Fading your beard may seem simple and exciting but it is also an investment

Because it requires you to spend your time maintaining, cleaning, and styling it; to get the best results

There is no doubt that a good, old fade will make heads turn your way. So, if you are looking to make a good impression, you know what to do.


Do you have any questions or thoughts about this? Please let me know in the comments below. I always value your input. 



Does A Faded Beard Look Good?

A faded beard is one of the most popular looks amongst top-tier celebrities these days. 
Contrary to popular belief, it looks good on men of all ages and sizes. You just need to learn the proper way to acquire and maintain a beard fade. The best thing about faded beard styles is that they have an aura of elegance.

How Do You Ask For A Fade Beard Shape?

You need to first determine what style you are aiming for. And then double-check if your beard is long enough to support that look. 
Once that is done, you can either:
Get a faded beard at home by learning a few easy steps. 
Or go to a professional barber and relay the details.

What Is A Beard Skin Fade?

A beard skin fade has a very short taper and eventually disappears into your skin. In simpler words, the shorter end of your beard fade should be shaved clean (bald). 
You can either have your fade go till the high end on the sideburns or as low by ending it near the temples.

Which Fade Is Best With Facial Hair?

It depends on your face type and the quality of your beardKeep experimenting with beard fades, and trust the process. The more hair you will fade out, the less hair you will have to worry about. Try everything. From a soul patch, a full faded beard to a high shadow; until you get the most ideal style for you.

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