Best Hair Clippers in 2020

Which are the Best Hair Clippers in 2020?

That’s the million-dollar question for most barbers and anyone looking for the right and best hair clipper to use at home.

Let’s face it…

The perfect shave is determined by two things:

  • The barber.
  • And, most importantly, the clipper


Finding a good barber is easy, but finding the right clipper can be quite the task.


Well, there are thousands of clippers on the market today.

Therefore, knowing which ones to choose can be quite challenging.


If you are reading this, you’re in luck!

This post covers 10 of the best hair clippers on the market today.

Basically, by the end of this post, you’ll have learned everything about these clippers including:

  • The qualities that make them unique.
  • Their Pros and Cons.
  • And how they compare to other clippers on the list.

That way, you’ll be well-informed and in a good position to buy the best hair clipper for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the juicy bits.

TOP pick


95.2 %

Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76

Also great


93.3 %

Wahl 5-star Balding

Wahl 5-star Balding

Also great


92.3 %

Andis Master Clipper

Andis Master Clipper

Quick Overview

When looking into the best hair clippers 2020, some big brands are bound to pop up.

Care to guess which ones?

Well, in any top ten list of high-quality hair clippers and trimmers, you’ll find brands like:

  • Oster,
  • Wahl,
  • Andis,
  • Panasonic,
  • Babyliss,
  • And Remington among others.

Note that:

The best hair clipper for you mainly depends on your needs and preferences. That’s why you have to look at all your options in-depth to ensure you get the right one.

This post will look at the top ten best hair clippers on the market for personal and professional use.

But first…

Let’s summarize the best and worst features of each in the table below:

Oster Classic 76 ClipperOster Classic 76
  • It’s the best professional clipper out there

  • Strong motor

  • Impressive, detachable blades
  • Check price
    Wahl 5 Star Balding
  • It’s the undisputed #1 balding clipper

  • Has a strong V5000 electromagnetic motor

  • Cuts are as low as 0.1mm
  • Check price
    Andis Master ClipperAndis Master
  • An all-round hair clipper.

  • Strong motor.

  • Sharp and high precision blades.
  • Check price
    Wahl Home Barber Kit
  • Easy to use.

  • Accessory-rich.

  • Strong motor.
  • Check price
    Remington ClipperRemington HC4250 Shortcut Pro
  • Has wide, curved blades for fast and even clipping.

  • It is 100% waterproof and easily washable.

  • Has a decent number of accessories.
  • Check price
    Wahl Elite Pro ClipperWahl Elite Pro
  • Powerful motor for a home clipper.

  • Impeccable performance.

  • Premium high-precision, self-sharpening blades.
  • Check price
    Oster Fast Feed ClipperOster Fast Feed
  • Whisper quiet yet powerful motor.

  • High-precision blades.

  • Cuts through any type of hair easily.
  • Check price
    Andis Ceramic ClipperAndis Ceramic BGRc
  • As quiet as the Oster Fast Feed.

  • Very powerful motor.

  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Check price
    Panasonic ClipperPanasonic ER1611 Professional
  • Low noise.

  • Easy to handle.

  • Lightweight.
  • Check price
    Wahl Color ClipperWahl Color Pro
  • Color-coded for easy recollection.

  • Impressive self-sharpening blades.

  • Powerful motor.
  • Check price


    With that in mind, it’s time to add some meat to the bones.

    Below are ten quick overviews of the top ten best hair clippers 2020:

    Top Ten Best Hair Clippers 2020

    Top Pick
    Oster Classic 76 Clipper

    Oster Classic 76

    If you are looking for the best professional clipper for men, then this is exactly what you need.

    Check price on Amazon

    Ask any barber, and they’ll tell you this:

    The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is often considered a barber’s best friend.

    And in case you’re wondering; why?

    This clipper has it all.

    It is one of the best professional hair clippers on the planet today.

    And by that I mean it has one of the strongest motors ever fitted in a hair clipper, sharp, convenient, sturdy blades, it’s easy to handle, and has a charmingly vintage look.

    Not to mention the fact that:

    Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is built for heavy-duty work. Which is probably why it’s a popular clipper in busy barbershops.

    Its subtle design and textured exterior allow for an easy and comfortable grip.


    It only weighs around 2lbs; which means you can do a decent amount of work with it without getting exhausted.

    That way you can work on as many clients as you want effortlessly.

    One of the key components that make the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper a great pro clipper is its detachable blades that cut sizes ranging from 000 to 1.

    That means you can use this amazing clipper to deliver a clean shave with ease.

    Another thing is that the Classic 76 is well-known for its durability and robustness.

    Which means..?

    It offers you great value for your money and you won’t have to worry about buying a new clipper any time soon.


    What do you get when you buy the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper?

    The Oster Classic 76 packaging includes a few essentials including:

    • Lubrication oil,
    • A blade guard,
    • Clipper grease,
    • A cleaning brush,
    • And a 9-foot long power cord.


    Despite having all these perks and noteworthy features, the Classic 76 has a few downsides; one of them being cost. Basically, this clipper costs more than two Oster Fast Feed or three Wahl Elite Pro Clippers. Plus, it’s a bit noisy.

    To sum it all up:

    • It’s the best professional clipper out there
    • Strong motor
    • Impressive, detachable blades
    • 9-foot long power cable for added convenience
    • Easy to use and grip; comfortable.4
    • Works perfectly on both wet and dry hair
    • Noisier
    • Expensive
    • Limited accessories

    So, is the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper worth buying?

    Yes! Yes! Of course, yes!

    That’s because, besides its drawbacks, the Oster Classic 76 offers unrivaled performance and a great return on investment over time.

    Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper

    Wahl 5 Star Balding

    When it comes to balding, no other clipper does it better than the Wahl Five-Star Balding Clipper.


    Well, it’s built and designed for that kind of work.

    Check price on Amazon

    So, what makes this clipper ideal for that perfect clean shave?

    For one, it comes fitted with superior and super-accurate blades that can cut hair down to 0.1mm; to give that extra close cut.

    Awesome, right? Well, there’s more.

    The Wahl 5-Star Pro Balding clipper runs on a powerful V5000 electromagnetic motor; which may not be as robust as the Oster Classic 76’s but it’s strong enough to get the job done easily and perfectly.

    Basically, it’s the ultimate clipper for barbers looking to give sharp and surgically clean balding haircuts.

    Take Note That:

    Unlike most clippers, the Wahl 5-Star Balding clipper works faster than clippers using pivot motors. That’s why it is a must-have clipper in any established or busy barber-shop.

    And that’s not the best part yet!

    This impressive clipper also offers a lot of conveniences.

    If you’re wondering; how? Here’s what you need to know:

    • This clipper is light – It weighs less than a pound. That means that you can use it for long without getting tired.
    • It’s very precise – Precision is one of the key selling points of the Wahl 5 Star balding clipper.
    • It has an intuitive design – This makes it easy to use and offers a comfortable grip even after prolonged use.
    • Plus, it comes with an 8-foot professional-grade and chemical-resistant power cord – We all know the longer the cord the more the convenience when in use.

    So, what’s the biggest disadvantage of using the Wahl 5-Star Balding clipper?

    Well, the blades may be splendid when it comes to delivering that smooth and perfect bald finish.


    They tend to get really, really sharp. That means that without proper knowledge of this and sufficient skills, these blades can easily nick your client’s skin during a session.

    And you don’t want that, do you?

    To be safe, take it slow with this one. Read the instruction manual from cover to cover. Learn how to use the clipper effectively but safely.

    However, once you get that hang of it, using this clipper will be fun and exciting every single time.

    Lastly, what do you get when you buy the Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper?

    Generally, this clipper comes with a few good clipping and maintenance essentials including:

    • Two attachment combs.
    • Lubricating oil.
    • An instruction manual.
    • Cleaning brush.
    • And a blade guard.

    In summary:

    • It’s the undisputed #1 balding clipper
    • Has a strong V5000 electromagnetic motor
    • Cuts are as low as 0.1mm
    • Easy to handle and grip
    • It’s quite affordable for a premium clipper
    • Blades can be extremely sharp
    • Not ideal for beginners; it requires skills


    The main question is: should you buy it?

    Well, if you’re looking for the best balding clipper, none matches to what the Wahl 5-Star Balding clipper has to offer.

    However, you need to make sure you’re skillful enough to handle its sharp blades.

    All in all, it’s quite an impressive clipper and great to work with.

    Andis Master Clipper

    Andis Professional Master

    Stylish, Powerful, and Durable

    These are just a few words that best describe the Andis Master Clipper.

    Check price on Amazon

    And coming from one of the most popular brands in the industry, this clipper always lives up to its brand’s impressive reputation.


    It’s among the best all-around hair clippers for men.

    What does that mean?

    It means that you can use it for more than just clipping hair. The Andis Master is great if you’re looking for that perfect cut and taper fade.


    You might be wondering: Why is the Andis Master among the top ten best professional barber clipper 2020?

    If so, here are a few cool features that make this clipper great:

    • It comes with a powerful electromagnetic motor that yields up to 14,000 cutting strokes every minute. That makes it easy to cut a lot of hair with precision and speed.
    • The Andis Master has very impressive, sharp, and long-lasting blades that can be fine-tuned (also zero-gapped) to cut hair in sizes between 000 and 1.
    • It is super-convenient. You can switch it on an off and at the same time operate it with one hand.
    • Moreover, it has a charming exterior comprising of robust, lightweight aluminum; which improves its durability, promising you years of high-quality and unrivaled performance.
    • Lastly, it’s very easy to use.

    Are you impressed?

    You should be because the Andis Master Clipper is one of the few out there that offers you professional-grade features and performance.

    And to top it all off…

    Freedom is another accurate way to describe this amazing heavy-duty clipper.


    This clipper has a smooth and conveniently-placed lever that makes it super easy to deliver a nice, clean and enchanting taper fade.

    You definitely won’t get these perks in most other clippers.

    But unfortunately:

    With all its fame and glory, the Andis Master Clipper has its own flaws.

    For example…

    The Andis Master clipper may feel a bit heavy and has a tendency to run hot when used over a long period. Plus, it takes some time to master the Master – no pun intended.

    But that’s a small price to pay for a grade A, top-quality clipper like this one, right?

    Moving on; what else do you get when you buy the Andis Master?

    Nothing much actually.

    Aside from the clipper, you get blade oil and a blade guard. That means that you’ll have to buy other essential accessories separately.

    Bummer, isn’t it?

    To sum it all up:

    • An all-round hair clipper.
    • Strong motor.
    • Sharp and high precision blades.
    • Elegant and strong exterior.
    • Super-convenient.
    • Limited accessories.
    • Heating and noise issues.

    So, should you spend your money on it?


    That’s because its benefits greatly outweigh its flaws. Plus, it offers an amazing experience for both the barber and the client.

    Wahl Delu

    Wahl Home Barber Kit

    For those who prefer DIY (Do-it-Yourself) haircuts, then this right here is the clipper for you.

    Check price on Amazon

    Wahl is a reputable company that takes pride in being among the best manufacturers of quality hair clippers globally.

    And when it comes to the Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit, I must say, they’ve really outdone themselves.


    There are so many reasons why this superb clipper has earned its spot on this top ten list.

    For starter, it’s very easy to use, handle, and allows for a comfortable grip. That way you can comfortably cut your hair and trim your beard without any hassles.

    And if that’s not good enough…

    This clipper comes with high-grade, self-sharpening, steel blades that can stay sharp for quite a long time. Which means you get great value for your money with the Wahl Clipper Home Barber.

    Another thing about this clipper is that it comes with a 5-year warranty for the clipper and a 2-year warranty for the trimmer. That’s just how confident Wahl is about this kit’s durability and performance.

    If you’ve been having trouble picking out the perfect gift for your man/son/dad/guy friend and even women of course, then this is it.

    It’s complete, convenient, and very effective.

    And the best part is that the Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit comes with everything you could possibly need to get that stunning haircut or trim.

    You get up to 30 pieces of essential tools and accessories

    Yes, you read that right!

    Each of them tailored to improve your overall clipping and trimming experience.

    Impressive, isn’t it?

    So, aside from all these perks and praises, what makes this clipper worth buying?

    Good question!

    Generally, the Wahl Clipper Home Barber is well-known for its extensive accessories and self-sharpening blades.

    However, it also has a strong, heavy-duty motor that makes hair clipping a walk in the park.

    Sadly though:

    There is a setback with this clipper too. For example:

    It is mainly designed for the American electrical sockets only. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to buy an extension too.

    So, what do you get in the kit?

    In one word, plenty.

    Aside from the clipper, the Home Barber Clipper Kit comes with:

    • A cordless hair touch-up trimmer.
    • A personal trimmer with two heads.
    • 12 attachment guards ranging from 1/8 to 1”.
    • Two feature left and right ear tapers.
    • Two hair clips.
    • Barber and styling combs. One each.
    • Protective cape.
    • Styling shears.
    • Spray bottle.
    • Blade oil and a brush.
    • Guards for both the blades and trimmers.
    • A manual and a storage case.

    Great value for money, huh?

    You got that right because you get all this for just a mere $42 (Amazon Price)

    It’s a clipper kit that makes it easy for any home barber to achieve their desired style and haircut.

    In summary:

    • Easy to use.
    • Accessory-rich.
    • Strong motor.
    • Durable and self-sharpening blades.
    • Very affordable
    • Comes with a cordless touch up trimmer.
    • Designed for USA electrical sockets only.

    Is it worth buying?


    This kit ranks at the top of the list when it comes to the value of money it returns. Plus, it has everything you need to do professional haircuts at the comfort of your home.

    Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

    Unique is one way to describe the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Clipper.


    Because a lot of things about it stand out.

    Check price on Amazon

    From its overall compact design and shape to its curved blades, this clipper has greatly revolutionized DIY home clipping and trimming.

    If you love clipping your own hair, then this clipper is designed for you.


    There is so much to love about this amazing clipper.

    For one, this clipper is a master when it comes to cutting shorter, stylish hairstyles. The fact that it easily fits into your hand makes it so easy to cut and trim your hair to your liking.

    And compactness isn’t the only key benefit of using the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Clipper.

    It has sharp, wide, curved blades designed not only to cut even the thickest hair smoothly but also to make sure that the haircut remains even and close from any angle.

    Stunning, right?

    Well, there’s more…

    With this clipper, you don’t have to worry about snagging and pulling. Plus, its small size makes it easy for you to reach the hard parts; including the back of your head and around your ears.

    Moreover, it is 100% washable.

    That means that you can wash it clean after a shave under a faucet. Amazing, isn’t it?

    The fact that it is cordless means that you have more freedom to move around without the inconveniences of having to stay within a certain radius.

    And don’t even get me started on the battery…

    It comes with a powerful rechargeable Lithium battery that offers you up to 40 minutes of runtime. That’s enough time to clip long hair and also put in a mean and charming taper fade.

    And if you need more time, cording to a power outlet it is as easy as 1.2.3

    Are there any downsides to using this clipper..? Yes, there are.

    The main setback is that a 4-hour charge only gives you 40 minutes of runtime. In most cases, that may be enough time but other cordless clippers last longer than that.

    But that’s not such a big issue considering that you can still use it as a corded clipper.


    What else do you get when you buy the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Clipper?

    In the packaging you’ll find:

    • A clipper.
    • 9 length combs.
    • A travel pouch.
    • Cleaning brush.
    • Lubrication oil.
    • And a charging adapter.

    Almost as much as you get with the Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit, don’t you think?

    Anyway, here’s a pros and cons table to summarize this clipper:

    • Has wide, curved blades for fast and even clipping.
    • It is 100% waterproof and easily washable.
    • Has a decent number of accessories.
    • Compact and easy to use.
    • Ideal for travelers.
    • It doesn’t rank highly in terms of performance.
    • Shorter battery life than most clippers.

    Is the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Clipper right for you?

    Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a personal clipper that you can use at home or when you’re on the road..,

    Then YES it is.

    This clipper has so much to offer and disappointment isn’t on the list.

    Wahl Elite Pro Hair Clipper

    Wahl Elite Pro

    Despite also being a DIY/home use clipper, the Wahl Elite Pro really knows how to add a professional and stylish feel into your clipping experience.

    Check price on Amazon


    There are indeed a lot of home haircutting clipper kits available on the market today.

    But, it’s safe to say that none of them comes close to the Wahl Elite Pro.

    Basically, it’s a home clipper that comes with all the features and qualities you’d find in a professional hair clipper.

    For example:

    It has an impressively strong and long-lasting motor that offers high-performance clipping with the added convenience of low noise.

    Also, it comes fitted with self-sharpening and high-precision blades that cut through any type of hair like a hot knife on butter.

    This makes the whole clipping experience seamless, comfortable, and convenient for all users.

    Worried about fades and blends?

    Don’t be.

    The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper is a guru when it comes to cutting, fading, and blending hair; thanks to its accessible and smooth taper lever.

    And that’s not the best part!

    This clipper comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 5-year warranty for the blades.

    However, there is a downside!

    The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper is designed for American consumers only. Therefore, international users have to look for extensions to accommodate this clipper’s electrical wall outlet requirements.

    So, what should you expect to get when you buy this clipper?

    When you unbox the Wahl Elite Pro clipper, you should find the following items:

    • A clipper.
    • Shears and scissors.
    • A cape.
    • Styling comb.
    • Blade oil and cleaning brush.
    • 10 attachment combs/guards.
    • Blade guard.
    • A drawstring pouch for guards and a cool handheld storage case.

    To summarize this clipper, here’s a pros and cons comparison table:

    • Powerful motor for a home clipper.
    • Impeccable performance.
    • Premium high-precision, self-sharpening blades.
    • Grade ‘A’ guide combs.
    • Very affordable.
    • 40% faster than most clippers.
    • It’s heavy.
    • Not ideal for international use.

    Should you buy it?

    Yes. Because it has ignorable flaws. Its weight you can live with because you won’t be spending much time with it clipping hair because it is faster than most clippers.

    Also, if you are an international user, all you need is an extension socket for American power outlet design and you’ll be all set.

    Oster Fast Feed Clipper

    Oster Fast Feed

    Obviously, we can’t list the top ten best hair clippers for shaving head without mentioning the legendary Oster Fast Feed clipper.

    Check price on Amazon

    Yes, it is legendary

    And for all the right reasons, of course.

    For starters, this clipper comes with a smooth, comfy, and easy-grip design that will make you enjoy hair clipping every time.

    Moreover, it is very light. It weighs around 1 lb. That is great because you won’t tire easily even after using this clipper for long.

    Also, don’t forget:

    It comes with all the qualities you’d want in a quality hair clipper. They are:

    • Silence – the Oster Fast Feed is one of the quietest clippers on the market today.
    • Power – it has a strong motor that can cut through any kind of hair with ease.
    • Easy and comfy grip – thanks to its ergonomic design and textured surface.
    • Sufficient accessories – to improve your overall user experience.
    • An 8-foot power cord – more freedom for you.
    • No heating problems – despite its power and awe-inspiring performance, you never have to worry about heating even if you plan on shaving everyone in your house at a go.

    Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can never go wrong with the Oster Fast Feed. At the very least, it is very easy to use.

    The biggest and only downside to using this clipper is that it comes with weak plastic guide combs that can easily get damaged. That means that you may have to buy new, stronger ones sooner than you’d imagine.

    Moving on…

    The Oster Fast Feed clipper comes with:

    • 4 guide combs.
    • A user manual.
    • Blade guard.
    • Lubrication oil.
    • And a cleaning brush.

    Let’s face it – the Oster Fast Feed is an amazing clipper.

    And to prove that here is a pros and cons comparison:

    • Whisper quiet yet powerful motor.
    • High-precision blades.
    • Cuts through any type of hair easily.
    • Has a smooth and accessible lever for adjustments.
    • Easy grip and very comfortable to use.
    • Weak plastic guide combs

    Is it worth buying?

    I believe so. It’s an amazing clipper with amazing features and comes at a very affordable price. It’s bound to take your home hair clipping experience to a whole new level.

    Andis Ceramic Clipper

    Andis Ceramic BGRc

    The Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper is yet another amazing worth mentioning.

    It has a very simple design that is not only appealing to the eye but also very kind on hands.

    Check price on Amazon

    The Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper is yet another amazing worth mentioning.

    It has a very simple design that is not only appealing to the eye but also very kind on hands.

    Looking at its specifications, it is easy to see why this clipper has a right to be on this list.

    For Example:

    It weighs about 0.9 lbs. That’s lighter than most of the clippers on this list. And it means that you can use this clipper for longer and comfortably than most clippers.

    It comes in a luxurious, ergonomic exterior design that can be used for home and professional hair clipping.

    The Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper operates on a sturdy rotary motor that is not only powerful but also quite fast. That means better performance and clipping speed.

    Moreover, these clippers have a reputation for being impressively durable.

    But that’s still not the best part…

    The main attraction and selling point for this clipper is its ceramic blades.

    Now, I know you are wondering; what’s so special about ceramic blades?

    Well, for one, they reduce heating by up to 70%. Plus, they tend to stay sharp for a long time than most stainless steel blades.

    Not to mention the fact that these blades are detachable and extra-precise for that perfect cut and finish.

    Basically, using the Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper is a lot of fun.

    Note That:

    The Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper has a cordless version – the BGR+ that offers all these perks plus an hour of uninterrupted runtime.

    In terms of noise, this clipper is as quiet as the Oster Fast Feed. The only difference is that the former is used for professional barber work while the latter is ideal for home use.

    And like all other clippers, the Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper has flaws; some of them being:

    That it is expensive and lacks a side lever for blade adjustment. That means that it has limitations on how low you can cut. Also, swapping its blades is often a bit expensive. Without forgetting the fact that its blades can easily get damaged if this clipper is dropped.

    Inside the box, you get:

    • A clipper.
    • A 000 blade.
    • And some blade oil.

    With that in mind, let’s look at its pros and cons:

    • As quiet as the Oster Fast Feed.
    • Very powerful motor.
    • Easy to use and handle.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • No heating issues.
    • Fast clipper.
    • Very expensive.
    • Has brittle blades that easily break if dropped.

    Which brings us to the last and most important question…

    Should you buy it?

    Well, if you are looking for a high-performance, convenient, and fun to use professional barber clipper, then this is it for you. However, make sure you factor in the costs you’ll incur because luxury is expensive and the Andis Ceramic BGRc Clipper is all about luxury.

    Panasonic CLipepr

    Panasonic ER1611

    Lightweight, Cordless, and Powerful.

    These three words sum up what the Panasonic ER1611 Professional hair clipper is all about.

    Check price on Amazon

    It’s is undeniably one of the best cordless hair clippers on the market today.

    So, why is that? What makes it special and worth your time and money?


    For one, it’s an all-round clipper meaning it is ideal for both personal and professional use.

    It’s quite easy to use and the fact that it’s cordless means that you get to enjoy more breathing space (freedom).

    This clipper has a strong motor that operates at 10,000 RPM. Hence, making it the best for fast, easy, and precise cuts and trims. With the Panasonic ER1611 Professional, one or two passes are enough.

    Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can use it clip and trim those hard-to-reach areas including the areas around your ear and the back of your head.

    Its stainless steel blades are also exceptionally sharp and precise and are designed to cut a large surface area with each pass.

    And that’s not all.

    The Panasonic ER1611 Professional hair clipper features a control dial on its front panel to adjust cutting lengths with ease.

    Basically, the quality above takes out the inconveniences that come with changing blades every now and then just to make minor adjustments.


    The Panasonic ER1611 Pro is a master when it comes to clipping, tapering, fading, and trimming all kinds of hair.

    Its rubber exterior allows for a firm and comfortable grip when working, thus, minimizing the risks of it slipping or falling accidentally.

    The only major downside to using this clipper is that it doesn’t deliver quality haircuts like most other clippers on this list do.

    But that’s a minor issue. Practice makes perfect, right?


    Inside the packaging, you’ll find a clipper, 3 guide combs, a stylish charging dock, an instruction manual, and a charging cord.

    Just the essentials you need to use this clipper.

    What are its pros and cons?

    • Low noise.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Lightweight.
    • Offers lots of freedom (it is cordless).
    • Exceptional motor and blades.
    • Unique design.
    • Offers up to 50 minutes of runtime.
    • Suitable for both professional and home use.
    • It’s decent enough but not as good as the other clippers on this list.

    Is it worth it?

    Well, on the plus side, it is super convenient and stylish. But, it also costs quite a lot.

    So, you should ask yourself, does it meet your preferences and needs? If so, buy it.

    Wahl color pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

    Wahl Color Pro

    If you are new to hair clipping or lack the skills of an expert barber, then this clipper kit is the best starter pack for you.


    It’s quite simple! The Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit simplifies everything there is to DIY clipping.

    Check price on Amazon

    And that’s mainly because of its color-coded guide combs that make it easy for you to remember your best length whenever you want to clip your hair.

    Fun Facts:

    Color-coding has been there for centuries as a simple way of remembering things.

    And that’s why the move to use color-coding was a genius one by Wahl.


    Aside from the easy-to-remember color codes, there are a few more perks about using the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit.

    For example:

    It has a smooth lever that simplifies the process of blending and fading.

    The Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit clipper comes with superior and durable blades that make precise, clean, and stunning cuts.

    Also, this clipper has a very strong heavy-duty motor that’s fast and efficient. Hence, minimizing the chances of snags and pulls.

    And the best part is:

    It only costs less than $20. That means it is the most affordable clipper on this list.

    The Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit clipper comes with a few essentials including:

    • 12 color-coded guide combs.
    • A blade guard.
    • A barber’s cape. Neck duster.
    • Cleaning brush.
    • Styling and barber combs.
    • Blade oil and brush.
    • A strong, durable casing and an instruction manual.

    There you have it. And to summarize this clipper, here are a few pros and cons:

    • Color-coded for easy recollection.
    • Impressive self-sharpening blades.
    • Powerful motor.
    • Easy to use, control, and adjust.
    • Rich in accessories.
    • Ideal for experts and beginners alike.
    • Very, very cheap
    • Poor quality guide combs.
    • Durability may be an issue.

    So, is it worth buying?

    Yes, mainly because it is very affordable. But remember cheap is always expensive in the long run. Therefore, you should be prepared for any outcome.

    And that’s a wrap.

    We’ve looked at the top ten best hair clippers on the market today.

    Each of them having something unique to offer and a great reason why they are worth buying.


    Before, we wrap up, here are a few useful shopping tips that may come in handy…

    Best Hair Clippers 2020: Quick Shopping Guide

    With thousands of brands out on the market, buying a clipper is easy and even cheap at times.


    If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed, and productive clipping experience with your clipper, you have to go for the best.

    And that means looking for them out of the many available.

    It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    So, how do you go about this? What steps should you take to find the right clipper for you?

    Well, you’ll have to look into several factors as explained below:

    1. The Motor

    In any clipper, the motor means everything.


    Because it affects almost all aspects of the clipper including:

    • And clipping comfort.

    Therefore, it should be the first thing you look at when shopping for a clipper.

    There are three types of motors available namely rotary, magnetic, and pivot motors. Each has its perks and downsides.

    For example:

    Pivot motors are very strong but have lower blade speeds. Magnetic motors can run really fast but they also wear out really quick. Rotary motors are strong and yield fast blade speeds, but most also have problems with heat.

    2. The Blades

    The blades are also very important.

    Aside from determining how fast the clipper works, blades can also be the cause and solution to problems like snagging, pulling, noise and heat.

    Which are the best types of clipper blades?

    The best blades are made of stainless steel, carbon, and titanium.

    They are not only strong but also very durable.

    3. Length Settings


    The clipper you choose to buy must meet your length requirements.

    It is the only way to be sure that you get the best out of your purchase.

    Therefore, make sure it has all the guide combs you need and if you have to buy them separately, make sure that the guides are readily available.

    4. Accessories

    Accessories are meant to improve your overall experience with your clipper.

    The more the accessories, the better the experience and convenience.


    Some clippers come fully packed with all the essential accessories while others don’t.

    In such a case, you may have to buy the accessories separately or find a clipper that has them.

    5. Ease of Use and Maintenance


    You want a clipper that won’t give you headaches.

    That means going for one that you are familiar with or a user-friendly one if you are new to the game.

    Note that:

    Your productivity will be highly dependent on how much you know about your clipper and how to use it.

    The same applies to maintenance.

    And that’s just about everything you need to know about the Best Hair Clippers in 2020. I hope you enjoyed the read and picked up something along the way.

    As usual, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to get real-time updates on any fresh new posts. And if you have any questions about any item on this list; maybe;

    • There’s a product we missed.
    • You want to add to the conversation.
    • Or you just want to say hi.

    Feel free to do so in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you.

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