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Slick Back Haircut

The slick back haircut is a timeless hairstyle that involves combing the hair back, starting from the forehead to the crown, resulting in a chic, polished appearance.


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Styling Tips

  • Keep top hair long enough for a slick back; 3-5 inches is perfect.
  • Utilize high-quality styling products, including pomade, wax, sprays, or gel.
  • Use combs to slick hair backward for a clean, sharp look.
Slick Back Hair

Check out an expert review by Nat Rodriguez

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Barber Spotlight: Slick Back Haircut Transformation by Nat


The slick back haircut is a timeless classic, combining sleek sophistication with a modern twist. It's not just a haircut; it's a fashion statement that speaks of elegance and poise. The style is all about the perfect blend of texture and volume, achieved through expert styling techniques and precise cutting.

For this showcase, we turn to Nat, a skilled artisan in the world of barbering. She's here to guide us through the process of creating the perfect slick back look, demonstrating the meticulous approach and artistic flair involved in this haircut.

Style Highlights:

  • Preparation with Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray: Nat starts by applying this spray to add volume and texture, focusing on the hair roots.
  • Strategic Blow Drying: She dries the hair in the direction of the desired slick back style, setting the foundational shape.
  • Creating a Guide: A mohawk guide in the middle of the head ensures evenness throughout the cut.
  • Clipper Work for Blending: Nat uses a two guard for the sides, blending seamlessly into the top.
  • Texturing: Employing a shears-over-comb technique and texturing shears, Nat ensures a softer blend without over-texturizing.
  • Final Touches: The haircut is finished with precise detailing around the ears and neck, and additional shearing for perfect length and texture.

Nat shares, "The Slick Back Haircut is about balancing classic style with modern flair. It starts with the right product application – in this case, Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray – and ends with a client-facing mirror, happy with their new look. It's about creating a style that's both impactful and manageable, perfect for anyone seeking a blend of elegance and edge."

50 Different Ways to Rock the Slick Back Hairstyle for Men

1. Slick Back Fade



The slick-back fade hairstyle is one of the most popular all-the-rage hairstyles that shows elegance and attention to grooming.

Plus, the fade compliments the slick back while flaunting a neat, edgy cut. Feel free to try the different fade variations for a balanced look.

2. Slick Back Bun



You'd need about 6-8 inches of hair length to achieve the slick back bun.

Start by blow-drying your hair, then apply a high-shine pomade evenly around your head. Comb your hair back neatly and use a hairband or twine to secure it tightly into a bun.

3. Slick Back Curly Hair


Here's the thing:

Curly hair adds texture, movement, and dimension to the slicked-back hairstyle, making it a fantastic option for curly-haired gents.

To pull this off:

Apply curl-enhancing products to define your curls and reduce frizz. Then, apply pomade to the top and sides of your curls.


You can completely slick back your curls or leave a few loose curls in the front for a relaxed feel.

4. Slick Back Undercut


Get this:

The slick back undercut was one of David Beckham's signature hairstyles.

It features a smooth contrast between the top hair and the shorter sides/back, resulting in a stylish and versatile look.

Create shorter lengths on the sides and leave about 3-5 inches on top before styling.


When applying the styling product, avoid the undercut.

5. Long Slick Back Hair



You'd need about 6-8 inches of hair length to achieve this style.

To pull this off:

Blow-dry your hair and apply styling gel, starting from the roots and working toward the tips. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to style your hair backward.

6. Short Slick Back Hair



One fantastic thing about the slick back style is that it works well with any hair length and type, including short hair.


Choose a light or medium-hold styling product when slicking back your short hair. Avoid anything too heavy, as it can weigh down your hair. Also, you can add volume on top if you desire.

7. Slick Back Mullet



Pairing a mullet with a slick back allows you to maintain the mullet's character while adding a modern twist.

For this hairstyle:

Slick back the top of your mullet using a pomade or styling gel, and finish your look with hairspray to prevent hair strands from flying.

8. Slick Back Braid


men's braid and a slicked-back hairstyle effortlessly create a striking look.


You can opt for a single braid, multiple braids, a French braid, or a braided undercut. Ensure to keep your edges neat and sharp for a sleek look.

9. Slick Back Low Fade


To create the low fade, trim your hair to 1-1 1⁄2 inches away from your ears, starting from the front part of your hair down to your neckline.


Leave more hair length on top; 3-5 inches should be just fine. Then, slick your hair back using a styling cream, pomade, or gel.

10. Slick Back Mid Fade



This combination of the slicked-back hair and the mid-fade creates a modern and polished appearance.

For a clean look:

Push your hair backward, following the natural growth pattern of your hairline. Then, start slicking hair from the front hairline using your fingers or a comb.

11. Slick Back High Fade


Know this:

The slick back high fade features trimmed hair high up on the sides and back, transitioning into longer hair on top.

Since you want to aim for a sharp and fashionable look, I recommend a strong-hold hairspray to maintain your slicked-back style.

12. Slick Back Drop Fade


You see:

This combination offers a fashionable, edgy cut, making it a fantastic choice for men who like a  trendy and simple style.

The drop fade typically starts high at the temples and features a reduction in length at the sides and toward the back of the head.


Remember to air dry or blow dry your hair before applying styling products.

13. Slick Back Temple Fade


The slick back temple fade hairstyle is straightforward. All you need to do is get a temp fade haircut at the sides of your hair and slick back your top using any hair product you choose.


The temp fade should be neatly tapered and smoothly transition from shorter hair around the temples to longer hair on top.

14. Slick Back Straight Hair



This hairstyle works excellently for men with the straight hair type. Why? The styling product further helps to highlight the natural texture and sleekness of the hair.

You can pair the slick back straight hairstyle with bangs or a side or middle part. Overall, it's an excellent choice for formal and informal events.

15. Messy Slick Back


Here's the thing:

The messy, slick back hairstyle stylishly combines texture and structure, resulting in a chic, undone look.

Begin the styling process with clean, dry hair and apply a minimal amount of a light hold pomade or a sea salt spray.

Then, run your fingers through your hair to create that relaxed, unruly hair look, making it appear messy.

16. Mexican Slick Back


The Mexican slick-back hairstyle is popular among men in Mexico and beyond.


The hair lies flat against the hair scalp, often with a visible sheen, achieved using a high-quality pomade, hair gel, or wax.


More modern Mexican slick backs sometimes feature quiffs, pomps, or comb-overs.

17. Side Part Slick Back



Combining a slick back hairstyle with a side part creates a classic look. Thus, showcasing the smoothness of the slicked-back hair and the elegance of a side part.

As always:

Use pomade or hair wax to provide hold and shine to your hair.


You can aim for a subtle or hard side part, depending on personal preference.

18. Wavy Slick Back



There isn't a combination hotter than the wavy, slick back hairstyle. The wavy hair adds a touch of relaxation and style to the classic slick back hairstyle.

Feel free to:

Create bangs at the front section of your hair for extra character.

19. Textured Slick Back


A textured slick-back hairstyle is a modern and dynamic variation of the traditional slicked-back hairstyle. 


Instead of creating a perfectly smooth appearance, you aim for a tousled, more relaxed look.


This hairstyle works well for various hair types and lengths, making it versatile for casual and formal occasions.

20. Modern Slick Back



Unlike the flat appearance of the traditional slick back, a modern, slick back style often incorporates more texture and volume.


This hairstyle is paired with skin fades, side parts, and quiffs. Styling products, including styling pomades, creams, and hair gels, are typically used to achieve this look.

21. Slick Back Receding Hairline


Get this:

This hairstyle is a popular choice for men with receding hairlines who want a refined yet slightly edgy look.


While applying styling products, focus more on the receding areas while following the natural pattern of your hairline. This will help to efficiently mask the receding areas as you push hair away from the face.

For the best results, create volume at the crown to give the illusion of a fuller hairline.

22. '90s Slick Back


The '90s slick back hairstyle often had a classic glossy finish. So, consider using a product with a high shine and opt for a strong-hold gel, pomade, or wax. 

Remember to:

Keep the hair flat and smooth against the scalp for that classic, '90s polished appearance.


If you have a straight hair type, use a flat iron to achieve a sleeker texture.

23. Slick Back with Beard



Whether it's a thick beard, bushy beard, soul patch, Balbo, stubble, or Van Dyke beard; pairing a slicked-back hairstyle with a beard offers a balanced look and a stylish hairstyle.

For the best results, trim your beard and apply beard products before styling.


Ensure that your beard length complements the length of your slick back hairstyle to enhance your overall appearance.

24. Blonde Slick Back


Here's the thing:

The blonde slicked-back style creates a fashionable appearance that allows you to stand out.


If your hair is naturally blonde, great! If not, you'd need to dye or bleach your hair to achieve the desired blonde shade.

Then, add a high-quality pomade to your hair to achieve a classic, slick look.

25. Slick Back Quiff


Here's the thing:

The slick-back quiff hairstyle incorporates elements of both classic and modern hair trends, resulting in a versatile look.

What’s more?

The contrast between the slicked-back sides and the voluminous quiff creates a striking visual effect that draws attention to all parts of your hairstyle.

26. Slick Back Comb-Over


Know this:

Styling a comb-over and a slicked-back hairstyle involves using either a medium or high-hold pomade, hair wax, or styling cream. These products will help achieve the comb-over and slicked-back style.


Remember to place a fine-toothed comb by your side; it'll definitely come in handy.

27. Thick Hair Slick Back



You need thick hair to achieve this slick back hairstyle.

However, if you have a thin or fine hair type, fret not! There are volumizing sprays and creams to help you achieve this hairstyle.

Most importantly:

Go for styling products with a firm hold to help keep your thick hair in place.

28. Slick Hair Bangs



Whether straight, side, long, short, or curly bangs, they are effective for adding extra style and personality to your slick-back hairstyle. Thus, elevating your overall look.

To achieve this look:

Use a fine-tooth comb and a high-quality pomade to slick back the top hair, and leave out a few hair strands at the front to create the bangs.

29. Toned Slick Back Hair


This hairstyle draws attention to your slick back hair, showing a clean, vibrant appearance. Feel free to experiment with various tones of your choice to enhance your hairstyle.

Note this:

Ensure to use color-safe styling products suited to your hair type and texture.

30. Slick Back Taper Fade


Get this:

A taper fade features shorter hair at the sides, and back that neatly transitions into longer hair at the top of the head.


Pairing a taper fade with a slick back helps you achieve a well-defined and edgy haircut.

31. Simple Slick Back



This hairstyle works nicely with facial hair, various hair types, face shapes, and formal/informal occasions.

It offers a refined appearance without being overly dramatic—making it a fantastic choice for men who desire a classic style and a well-groomed look.

32. Slick Back with Sideburns


An excellent hairstyle to pair with your sideburns is the slick back hairstyle.


This combination lets you show off your sideburns while highlighting your slicked-back hair.

Feel free to:

Trim your sideburns to the desired length, ensuring they're proportional to the slicked-back top hair.

33. Dramatic Slick Back


Here's the thing:

The dramatic slicked-back hairstyle is a bolder, more dramatic variation of the classic slick-back hairstyle.

It emphasizes volume, height, firm hold, and distinctive textures.


For a dramatic effect, create extreme volume at the crown of your head and incorporate texture using a light texture spray.

34. Slick Back Crew Cut


Get this:

The shortness of a crew cut and the elegance of a slicked-back style give you a balanced appearance.

Plus, it compliments your facial features and showcases that slicked-back hair.

To execute this:

Ensure the hair lies flat against the scalp and finish with a hair product to give it a wet hair look.


Pay regular visits to your barber to maintain the crew cut length and keep the hairstyle looking fresh.

35. Slick Back + Thin Hair


With the right styling products for your hair, you can achieve a slicked-back style that complements your thin hair and elevates your hair game.

What to do:

Apply a liberal amount of pomade to your thin hair to create a slick back look. You can also use a lightweight, volumizing mousse or a texturizing spray for extra volume and hold.

36. Slick Back Pompadour



This combination creates a fusion of classic and contemporary flair, making it a popular choice for men.

To achieve this style:

Use a comb to lift the front section of hair upwards to create volume before shaping it into a pompadour. Then, apply a high-hold pomade, wax, or gel to the slicked-back portion of your pomp.

37. Slick Back Undercut + Extra Long Hair


Get this:

This is an excellent choice if you're attending a special event or want to stand out. Plus, it works well if you have enough hair volume.

As always, use a medium-hold product to slick back the front section of your hair.

38. Slick Back Buzz Cut


You see:

Pairing a slicked-back hairstyle with a buzz cut creates a short, simple, and minimalistic look.


Ensure that your hair is short and evenly trimmed before applying a lightweight product to create a slick back look.

39. Slick Back with Mustache


Here's the thing:

Whether it's a walrus or a classic handlebar mustache, pairing your hairstyle with a mustache is a great way to introduce character to your haircut.

All in all:

Combining a slicked-back hairstyle with a neatly groomed mustache creates a chic look that shows stylishness and personal flair.

40. Slick Back with Widows Peak



This combination creates a suave and distinguished look that complements the natural hairline while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

The best part?

The contrast between the sleekness of the slicked-back hair and the distinctive widow's peak adds an element of individuality to your look.

41. Gray Hair Slick Back


This slicked-back style complements the silver/gray tones, resulting in a timeless and refined look.


Consider a hairspray with a natural finish and a light hold to maintain the natural look of your gray hair.


Be gentle on the hair color and avoid styling products that make the hair look overly shiny.

42. Medium-Length Slick Back


Hear me out:

Medium-length hair provides just enough volume and length to create a well-defined, sleek style.

What’s more?

Once you've achieved your desired slick back look, you can use your fingers to ruffle the top hair for a casual and textured appearance.

43. Long Hipster Slick Back


Do you know that:

The hipster style is a trendy and contemporary variation of the 90's slicked-back look, often infused with retro and vintage elements.


Popular variations of this style feature longer hairstyles, more texture, volume, and subtle color tones for a stylish look.

44. Bald Fade Slick Back


Know this:

The slicked-back bald fade hairstyle is a contemporary look. It offers a sharp contrast between the longer hair on top and the slightly faded sides and back.

Here's how it's done:

The top hair is slicked back and made to lie flat against the scalp using a high-hold styling cream. 

45. Ginger Slick Back


Here's the thing:

The ginger slick back hairstyle highlights the natural beauty and warmth of the ginger hair color.

Word of advice:

Use styling products that provide shine to complement the vibrancy of your hair color.

46. Layered Slick Back



A layered, slick-back hairstyle is a modern variation of the classic slicked-back look.

To achieve this look:

Create layers of varying lengths, starting from the top hair to the back. Then, slick back hair strands using a quality styling product.

47. Fresh Slick Back


The fresh slicked-back hairstyle features neat, combed-back hair that lies flat against the scalp, creating a clean and polished look.

Start slicking back the hair from the forehead towards the crown of the head for the best results.


Precision and uniformity are vital in achieving a sharp, well-defined, fresh, slick back look.

48. Black Hair Slick Back


Know this:

The black hair slick-back hairstyle is similar to the classic slick-back hairstyle.

However, it is adapted for men with black hair color, flaunting the hair's natural color while showing a refined, polished look.

49. Slick Back Top Bun


A slick-back top bun hairstyle creates an aesthetic appearance suitable for formal and informal occasions.

Get this:

Once the hair is slicked back, gather it into a bun at the crown of the head. You can secure it with twine to keep it in place.

50. Classic Slick Back



The classic slicked-back hairstyle typically features shorter sides and back, with a longer top hair neatly combed back.

To achieve the sleek effect:

Use a high-hold styling product to add hold and shine to your hair, ensuring that the top hair stays intact and lies smoothly against the scalp.

The Bottom Line

The slick back style is one of the popular men's hairstyles that pairs well with various hair textures, lengths, types, and styles. This makes it a popular and versatile choice for men.

You can also adapt this hairstyle for everyday wear and special occasions.


  • The key to a successful slick back style is using the right product for hold without making the hair look greasy or stiff.
  • Keep your hair damp, and always warm the product in your palms before applying.
  • Fine and wide-toothed combs are essential to creating your desired slick back look.
  • Feel free to add sideburns, fades, bangs, undercuts, and pops of vibrant colors to your slick-back look.


Have you tried any of the slick back hairstyle combos listed above? Let us know in the comment section below!

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