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Mullet Haircut

The mullet haircut features short hair at the top and sides of your head, while the back hair is left longer. Pair with a taper fade/skin fade to add structure and create a more balanced appearance.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Diamond, Round, Oval, Heart, and Square

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • Keep the front section of your hair significantly longer than the back section.
  • Neatly trim edges. You can also pair it with a lineup if you like.
  • Styling products help to keep your mullet in place, so apply them regularly.

27 Stylish Mullet Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2024

1. French Crop Mullet


Get this:

A mullet with a french crop is indeed daring. This style uniquely blends vintage and modern elements, featuring a skin fade and short top hair taking on a bowl shape. For this style, shave the sides of the hair and leave the back hair longer, depending on your desired hair length.

Styling Tips:

  • Combine this style with a fringe to create a more balanced appearance.
  • It works great without facial hair, so worry less if you have none.
  • You can also add a different tone to your back hair to enhance your look.

2. Taper Fade + Slicked Back Mullet



This mullet combo is more surf and beach-friendly. Using a brush, slick hair back from the top of your forehead to the nape of your neck and apply hairspray to keep hair intact. 

People with long middle hair but shorter sides opt for this style more; it works great with any hair length.

Styling Tips:

  • Pair with a taper fade to soften and highlight the edges of your hair.
  • Apply pomade or mousse to your hair to boost its volume.
  • To add a bit of style, combine this style with a mustache and beards.

3. Curly Mullet


Here’s the thing:

The curly mullet is a classic combo because it compliments your curls, showing its natural volume and the soft transition in length from the front section of hair to the back section. Pairing this style with a low taper fade helps to add extra style and character to your haircut.

Styling Tips:

  • Neatly trim front hair for a clean look.
  • Moisturize your curls regularly.
  • Use curl-enhancing products to maintain your curls.

4. Skin Fade Mullet



The skin fade mullet is excellent for both formal and informal settings. For this style, trim front, and top hair, then leave back hair to hang loose and drape around your neck.

The skin fade at the sides creates a contrast between top and side hair while showing a clean, edgy cut.

Styling Tips:

  • Apply texturizing products to top hair.
  • Pair with a sharp lineup for a neat and defined look.
  • Use styling products for back hair to boost its volume.

5. Short Mullet



This hairstyle is elegant and easy to maintain. The short mullet features short hair at the sides and extra length at the back, including a burst fade that starts from the temples and gradually fades into back hair. In addition, the faded sides give the mullet an edgy and contemporary look.

Styling Tips:

  • Keep the top half of your hair slightly longer than your back hair.
  • Even out the length of the top and back hair to create a uniform finish.
  • Keep hair edges neat and sleek.

6. Curly Mohawk Mullet



This is one of the trendiest ways to style your mohawk. Shave both sides of the hair till hair is concentrated in the middle of the head. 


Leave back hair longer than front hair to create a mullet, then add a taper fade to both sides of your hair. This style works with all hair types and lengths.

Styling Tips:

  • Moisturize curls regularly and add texturizers to your curly bangs.
  • If you have straight/short hair, use styling gel for the roots to add volume.
  • Feel free to pair this style with a neatly trimmed mustache and short beards.

7. Long Mullet



The long mullet is a great way to style your long hair. As the name implies, this style has to be executed on long hair. 


Trim and style the front section of your hair and allow the long back section to hang loose and drape around your neck. This hairstyle works better for fine and thick hair types.

Styling Tips:

  • Apply styling products to top hair.
  • If you have a mustache, you can partner it with this style.
  • Add bright tones to your mullet haircut if you'd like something different.

8. Mullet Fade



To achieve this style, first, create a mullet by keeping the front section of the hair shorter and the back section significantly longer than the front. Pair your mullet haircut with the fade variation that best suits your style and personality. You can also rock this style without facial hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Neatly trim hair edges.
  • Apply texturizing products to your hair for a neat and shiny look.
  • Combine this style with a temple/burst fade to give it a modern touch.

9. Mullet Faux Hawk


Get this:

The faux hawk is a softer version of the mohawk. Unlike the mohawk, which features an outright shave of the hair leaving only a strip of hair in the middle, the faux hawk involves fading the hair at the sides, creating less contrast between the hair length at the middle of the head and sides.

Styling Tips:

  • Combine this style with a taper fade for more structure and style.
  • Apply texturizing products to top hair to boost its texture.
  • Use styling products to maintain your hair look.

10. Bowl Cut Mullet



The bowl cut imitates the appearance of a mushroom sitting on top of the head. Trim the hair at the front and sides, stopping at the ears, then extend the back hair to add a mullet to the bowl cut. Pairing this style with a skin fade leaves a lasting impression on people.

Styling Tips:

  • Even out your bowl cut, starting from the front hair to the sides.
  • Styling products are great for your bowl-cut hair. Don't forget to use them.
  • Add sea salt sprays, pastes, and clay to elevate your bowl cut.

11. Temple Fade Mullet


Here’s the thing:

To create a temple fade, gradually fade hair on both sides of the face until it transitions into the skin around the sideburns or temples. Ensure to leave back hair longer than front hair to imitate a mullet haircut look. You can also style top hair to give a shiny and distinctive look.

Styling Tips:

  • Keep hair edges neat.
  • Texturize and style front hair to give extra character.
  • If you have a receding hairline, pair your mullet with a low temple fade.

12. Spiky Mullet



For this style, spike up top hair and keep back hair slightly longer than front hair.

The temple fade at the sides draws attention to the edges, highlighting the spikes and giving a flattering look. Although the spiky mullet is best suited for curly and wavy hair, it works with all hair textures.

Styling Tips:

  • Use pomade or wax to create spikes on towel-dried hair.
  • Apply styling gel to the back hair to secure it in place.
  • You can play around with different hair lengths at the top, sides, and back.

13. Asian Mullet



Asian mullet is a modernized version of the classic mullet. It lends itself well to thick and textured hair and uniquely shows hair length and volume. 

To create this style:
Texture top hair and add a slight undercut to the sides and back hair. Feel free to pair it with a fade to add some contrast.

Styling Tips:

  • Pair with bangs or fringe to show layered top hair.
  • Apply texturizing products to your hair to improve hair texture.
  • Use styling products to enhance your mullet further.

14. Classic Mullet with Design


Get this:

The classic mullet features short front hair and feathery long back hair. To create this style, grow your hair to shoulder length and trim your top and front hair. You can enhance your edges by adding a hair design to the sides of your hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Trim hair edges neatly and nicely.
  • Slightly tousle top hair to add a stylish twist.
  • Feel free to pair this style with a mustache and beards for a more refined look.

15. Wolf Cut Mullet


Here’s the thing:

The wolf cut mullet is awesome. In addition to being chic and easy to maintain, this style draws attention to your facial features and lets you stylishly show off your hair length.


For the wolf cut to give a mullet haircut look, ensure that the back hair has more length than the front hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Even out the hair length at the front and sides of your hair neatly.
  • Go with the length of bangs that suit your face and add some texture to it.
  • To give a clean finish, apply hairspray to secure your look.

16. Modern Mullet



The modern mullet is simple and requires little maintenance. This hairstyle involves a soft transition from the short front section of the hair to the long back section, where the hair is slightly longer. 


You can fade both sides of the hair to highlight your edges and give a distinctive look.

Styling Tips:

  • Use styling products for your hair.
  • Oft for a temple fade is so there's not too much contrast which ruins the style.
  • You can combine this style with a neatly trimmed mustache and short beards.

17. Shaggy Mullet



One of the elegant ways to rock a mullet without doing too much is by opting for the shaggy mullet. This dramatic style combines traditional and modern elements in a perfect mix.

Also, the shaggy mullet helps to show off your hair length and volume. This style works better with thin hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Blow-dry your bangs to create a chic, aesthetic retro feel.
  • Combine with a low fade to accentuate the edges of your hair.
  • You can pair this style with neatly trimmed beards for extra character.

18. Mullet + Pompadour



You can hardly go wrong with two excellent hairstyles blended into one. The pompadour and mullet combo is a great way to make a statement and leave an unforgettable impression on people. 

Add a taper fade to your hair sides to highlight the texture of the top hair and add structure to your mullet.

Styling Tips:

  • Use volume-enhancing products to boost your hairstyle.
  • Partner with beards for a complete look.
  • Slick hair sideways for an edgy and more defined style.

19. Permed Mullet



This style requires high maintenance. First, you'd need to ensure your curls are not fluffy to create this look. The front hair should be shorter than the back hair, and the sides should be faded to highlight your curls and other facial features.

Styling Tips:

  • Style front hair neatly and attractively.
  • Use curl-enhancing products to boost your curls.
  • Add texturizers to top hair to improve hair's texture.

20. Mullet Bun


Get this:

This hairstyle is ideal for people with longer hair strands who want to try a different look other than letting their hair loose. For this style, gather locks from the crown of your head and tie them into a bun or ponytail. You can tie your hair very high or low, as desired.

Styling Tips:

  • Use styling products to neaten the edges regularly.
  • Combine with a lineup and a shapeup to enhance your facial features.
  • Pair this style with temp fade to allow a smooth transition of hair into beards.

21. Burst Fade Mullet


Here’s the thing:

For a burst fade, taper hair behind the ears following the natural ear curve pattern. Leave back hair significantly longer than side hair to achieve a burst fade mullet hairstyle. The styled top hair creates a clean silhouette, drawing attention to the overall hair look while showing the neatly textured hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Use hydrating products to maintain your mullet hairstyle.
  • Apply styling gel to top hair to add a bit of style.
  • You can play around with bright tones to give your hair a fresh look.

22. Buzz Cut Mullet



The buzz-cut mullet is another simple and easy-to-maintain hairstyle. To create a buzz cut, shave your hair to your desired length and style hair edges neatly.

While shaving:

Remember to leave back hair longer. You can also pair this ultra-short style with a soft lineup to enhance your look.  

Styling Tips:

  • Use hairspray and other styling products to secure your look.
  • Partner this style with temple fades to give a flattering look.
  • Combine with facial hair for a more balanced appearance.

23. Layered Mullet



This style features a fringe and a taper fade in addition to the neatly arranged layers.

While the fringe compliments the mullet, excellently accentuating the facial features and drawing attention to front hair, the taper fade gives a less contrasting look.

Styling Tips:

  • Keep back hair slightly longer than front hair.
  • Neatly trim fringes for a clean look.
  • Add texturizing products to overall hair to boost its texture.

24. Three-toned Mullet



The three-toned mullet is a versatile and creative hairstyle, lending itself nicely to various tones, hair lengths, types, and textures. 

Adding two or more colors to your mullet will draw attention to your hair, highlight the texture, and enhance the boldness of your hairstyle.

Styling Tips:

  • If you'd like to add a fade at the sides, opt for the low taper fade.
  • Pair this look with statement bangs to add a hint of contemporaneity.
  • Feel free to experiment with tones of your choice to add a stylish twist.

25. Undercut Mullet



This mullet hairstyle combo stylishly makes up for a receding hairline on the sides. To achieve this look, simply trim the hair at the sides and underneath, resulting in long top and shorter side hair. Because it's a mullet, the back hair is still significantly longer than the top hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Coif or slick top hair for a more refined look.
  • Apply texturizers to top hair.
  • If you want something extra, pair this style with hair designs and facial hair.

26. Simple Mullet


Here’s the thing:

A simple mullet is a great idea if you're looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. It is versatile and works great with most face shapes and hair textures. To create this look, all you need to do is trim the sides of your hair and keep your back hair longer than the front section.

Styling Tips:

  • Use styling products and texturizers to improve your hair look.
  • You can personalize this style to suit your hair type, length, and preference.
  • Combine this hairstyle with a high taper fade to create an edgy look.

27. Straight Hair Mullet


Get this:

Straight hair takes on a brand new identity when paired with a mullet. The faded sides give the mullet a fresh, clean look and allow a smooth transition of side hair into temples. In addition, this style is awesome for formal events.

Styling Tips:

  • Apply volume-enhancing products to back hair to boost its volume.
  • Slicking back top hair is a great way to keep hair in place.
  • Pair with a mustache and beards for a complete look.


All in all:

The mullet haircut is one of the incredibly versatile hairstyles on the planet, lending itself well to creativity and personalization. The mullet can be achieved with various hair lengths, textures, and types.


This style works great with most fade variations, so feel free to pair it with a fade that best suits your character, style, and personality.


Do not forget to ask questions and tell us what you think about the mullet haircut in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Although the mullet haircut was one of the styles men fancied in the '80s, it's now become a trendy style in 2024 with several adaptations and ways to rock it.
The mullet is defined by shorter hair at the front and sides with extra length at the back. Describe the mullet combo you want from your barber, or take a picture of the style with you when visiting your barber.
While some mullet combos show professionalism, others are more informal and less office-friendly. If you'd prefer a professional mullet haircut, the straight hair mullet, modern mullet, and temple fade mullet are excellent options for you to try.
There is no particular history that pinpoints the exact time when the name "mullet haircut" was given to this hairstyle. However, it is generally said that most of the credit goes to Mike D of the Beastie Boys, owing to his song titled "Mullet Head" on his 1994's “Ill Communication” album, which described the haircut and its wearers. Other sources argue that the '80s mullet haircut is largely attributed to David Bowie, and the phrase "mullet haircut" was used way before 1994.
This haircut is quite affordable as the starting price for a mullet haircut is around $30. However, if you want something fancier than a classic mullet, you might have to pay a little more than $30.

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