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Tapered Beard

A tapered beard is any beard style that mimics the nature of a gradient while maintaining more length and fullness along the jawline. It mostly features a cheek line from the sideburns to the mouth.

Ideal Face Shapes: All (Depending on the tapered beard style)

Ideal Beard Types: Full long beard, full short beard.

Styling Tips

  • Trim in small amounts to avoid ruining the gradient, which defines the style.
  • For a neat finish, keep running a comb through your beard as you trim.
  • Cut off straggly hair strands to keep the tapered beard flushed to your face.

What is a Tapered Beard?

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A tapered beard is created by trimming from the sideburns to grow larger and thicker at the jawline progressively. 

Tapered beard styles give you a chance to keep your beard in all its volume without looking like a cave dweller. Whether you are going for a tapered long beard or a short one, be sure to complement it with a tapered mustache

Working together, these two can help you achieve a manly and stylish look. It’s all the rage these days.

6 Different Tapered Beard Styles

1. Hipster Beard


The hipster beard is a long tapered beard style

To achieve this style, you have to taper your beard around your temples and make sure to maintain the volume around your jaw and chin area

This style flatters oblong face types.

2. Bandholz Beard

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Growing out a beard that is fit for the Bandholz style takes an average of six months or more. This style is defined by its volume

So, if you know the basics of how to taper your beard, you can create this look easily and by yourself. 

3. Ducktail Beard


This tapered beard style is characterized by its shape; which resembles that of a duck’s tail

The beard is tapered closely at the sides while the length is preserved at the chin; thus, giving it a V-shaped appearance

If you have a round, diamond, or square-shaped face, this style is for you.

4. Garibaldi Beard

For this style, you are allowed to avoid trimming the hair around your chin area completely

Get this:

The Garibaldi is a low-maintenance style that requires a trim around the cheeks every once in a while. This helps to keep the beard looking nice and tidy. 

Try not to get so lazy that you forget to keep your mustache in shape, though.

5. Verdi Beard


With this tapered beard style, the mustache is tapered to allow for length at the edge of the mouth

The mustache is usually waxed to stick out straight by the sides or upturned. This beard style looks good on faces with smaller chins and narrow jawlines

6. Hollywoodian Beard


As is evident from the name, this is a common style among Hollywood stars. The Hollywoodian is a short and tapered beard style available to men with smaller beards. 

Just shy of a chin strap beard, this style defines the jawline without having much going on at the cheeks.



There are many more tapered beard styles

Fortunately, since it is a very versatile beard style, you have options and you can choose whichever tapered facial hairstyle you prefer. Just do you.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have. So, feel free to talk to me in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shape a tapered beard?

Using a comb and a pair of scissors or trimmers, comb out the beard and snip off any flyaways. The aim is to keep your tapered beard consistent with your desired style’s progression. The outcome could be a U or V- shape.

How do I fade the sides of my beard?

To do this, you fade the hair into your skin by gradually reducing the size of the guide combs on your trimmer and blending out the sharp guidelines created by each comb size.

How do you taper a neckline beard?

After carving out your beard’s neckline with a trimmer, attach a guide comb of your choice and run it with an outward motion through the hair under your chin. 
Gradually, reduce the size of the guide comb as you trim closer to the neckline of your beard.

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