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Classic Edgar Cut
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Curly Edgar Haircut

Edgar Haircut

The Edgar or Takuache is a bowl-shaped hair with a blunt fringe to the hairline or lower. It has an Undercut or a Fade to the sides and the back, and a longer top.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Round, Triangle, Diamond, and Square

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Ideal Hair Types: Straight (thick or soft)

Styling Tips

  • Work a strong-hold pomade into the hair
  • Blow-dry as you comb the hair
  • Spray sea salt on soft hair

Does this sound like the kind of style you can wear?

Get this:

If you’ve gone past the controversies surrounding the Edger cut and want to recreate it, you’re in the right place. 

15 Best Edgar Haircuts & Styling Tips

1) Classic Edgar Cut


This is the Latino Classic Edgar haircut. The tight bowl shape is achieved by combing the hair from the crown center outward in all directions. And a Fader is added to the sides and the back.

2) Buzz-Inspired Edgar Cut


A Buzzcut is a military haircut that can be paired with virtually every other hairstyle. For a Buzz-inspired Takuache haircut, keep the top at 3/8inches with both the sides and the back at 1/2inches.

3) Wavy Edger Cut


For those of you with naturally wavy hair, this is how you should rock a tight Edgar haircut. And for others, we may need to turn straight hair wavy before joining the Edgar haircut trend.

4) Edgar Cut Arched Mid Fade


This is an all-new variation of the Edgar cut that is now making its way to offices and date nights. Simply add an arched Mid Fade to the sides and a parting to the hairline at the back of the neck.

5) Mullet Edgar Temple Fade


This is the perfect Edgar hairstyle for house parties, clubs, and road trips. The Mullet at the back adds a hipster look to the head and the Temple Fade makes the forehead edgy.

6) Curly Edgar Haircut


If you’d like to join the ongoing Edgar haircut trend without your frontal bossing standing in the way, this is for you. The curly bangs hide the protruding forehead away while you still boast that bowl-shaped top.

7) Spooky Edgar Haircut


This is the ideal Edgar haircut for the Halloween season. And there’s no hard-and-fast rule guiding it. Simply secure a tight straight fringe across the forehead and get weirdly creative with the rest of the hair.

8) Edgar Low Fade


If you’re a businessman or just another guy who doesn’t want to trim out much hair, this is the perfect Edgar cut for you. Simply pair your tight Edgar haircut with a Low Fade to look classy.

9) Mid Fade Edgar Haircut


Matching a Mid Fade with a Takuache haircut is another way for men in the business world to rock the hairstyle. As always, remember to trim a straight line of fringe across the forehead.

10) Temple Undercut Edgar Cut


Get an edgier, cleaner look with a conservative Undercut Edgar cut. Instead of brushing the hair in all directions from the crown center, brush the hair forward, towards the fringe.

11) Low Undercut Takuache Haircut


Some partygoers, DJs, and rock players are beginning to go from Death Hawks to a Low Undercut Takuache haircut. The good thing is, it replaces the tight fringe with short bangs that hide a protruding forehead.

12) Drop Fade Edgar Haircut


Give your choppy hair a unique twist with the dramatic effects achievable by pairing a Drop Fade with a Takuache haircut. The end result is a versatile hairstyle for both formal and informal occasions.

13) High Undercut Edgar Hairstyle


If you’re a school kid interested in joining the Edgar haircut trend, simply ask your barber for a High Undercut Edgar haircut. This time, the fringe line should not extend below your forehead’s hairline.

14) Plain Wavy Edgar Haircut


If you don’t want the clipper to claim some of your wavy hair, you too can rock an Edgar hair. No need to add a Fade, an undercut, or a Line-up. Simply get a fringe to the forehead and comb the hair from the temple out for a round shape.

15) Edgar Cut Corporate Beard


Combine the edgy and youthful appearance of a Takuache haircut with the manliness of a Corporate beard. This is how every about-to-wed gentleman should wear their Edgar cut.

16) Taper Edgar Haircut


San Antonio didn’t see modern Edgar haircuts (such as this one) coming when he made a derogatory statement about the Traditional Edgar cut.

Who would have thought?

This Taper Edgar Haircut is stylish, clean, edgy, and sexy – all at once. Rocking it with a polished beard makes all the difference.

17) Edgar Haircut With Texture


Add layers to an Edgar haircut in a unique way. An Edgar Haircut with texture is mature-looking, fashionable, and sexy. You can also bleach the bowl-like top and make it wavy even if you have straight hair.


And that’s it:

There you have the complete list of the 15 smartest ways to rock the Edgar haircut. Remember, some of these variations are for wavy hair while others are for straight hair.

In other words:

Keep your hair type in mind when choosing from this list. Similarly, some of these reviewed Edgar haircuts are not ideal for both short hair and very short hair.


Make sure to go over the description of each variation to recognize the one recommended for your face shape.


Remember to make use of the styling tips recommended for the Edgar style you choose to recreate.


If you have questions or want to share your experience with any of the listed styles, kindly leave a comment below.

Until then, stay safe and keep looking nice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hairstyle was named after the popular American baseball player and coach, Edgar Martinez. Sources said the naming came into play after a fan mistakenly shaved Martinez’s face into his head.
A source traced the modern origin of the Edgar haircut to Mexico. It was explained that Mexican teenagers who loved driving pickup trucks in the last decade were the starters of the haircut.

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