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Temple Fade Haircut

The Temple Fade is also known as Temp Fade or Brooklyn Fade. To create this style, neatly taper hair on both sides of the face until it gradually fades into the skin around the sideburns or temples.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Round, Square, Heart, and Oval

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • Trim hair edges neatly and nicely.
  • You can pair the Brooklyn fade with a line-up for a clean, sharp look.
  • If you have a receding hairline, opt for the low temple fade.

10 Temple Fade Inspirations for Your Next Haircut

Since the temple fade works well with a vast range of hair types, you can get creative with any of the styles below that best suit your personality.

1. Temple Fade + Afro


Get this:

To create this style, fade the edges of your afro, starting from the top of your ear to your hairline, allowing a smooth transition from hair edges to your temples. This temp fade reduces weight on the sides of the face, hence a perfect match for the afro, which gives height and volume.

Styling Tips:

  • Moisturize hair regularly to keep afro hydrated.
  • Trim your ends and combine with a line-up for neatness.
  • The Temple Fade + Afro is best for a round face shape.

2. Low Temple Fade



The low temple fade is a simple and classy style. For this style, fade the hair one inch above the ear and continue in a tiny arc behind the ears. This fade gives minimal exposure to facial features; hence is ideal for hiding receding hairlines. It is excellent for both formal and informal settings.

Styling Tips:

  • Use texturizing products for top hair.
  • Keep hair edges neatly trimmed for a clean look.
  • Pair the low temple fade with beards to add extra style.

3. Temple Fade with Curly Hair


Here’s the thing:

Adding temple fades to your curly hair is hardly ever a wrong choice. The Brooklyn fade gives your curly hair extra style and character. A close shave on the temples will also show off the top hair texture.

Styling Tips:

  • Use curl-enhancing products to maintain your curls.
  • For curly hair, temple fade should not be too high so as not to ruin the style.
  • Pair with a line-up to help highlight your curls.

4. Temple Fade + Short hair



There's something relaxing about short hair. It freshens up your look while showing your clean-cut features. This temp fade combines a soft line-up, mustache, and a beard. For this style, fade the hair one inch above the ear on both sides of your head, letting the fade relax into your beard.

Styling Tips:

  • Keep your hair neat and nice.
  • Pair with a soft line-up to keep the edges of your hair tidy.
  • Partner this style with a beard for more personality.

5. Temple Fade + Side Part



The side part is an interesting feature that will draw attention to your temple fade. You can slick the other part of your hair sideways for this style, complementing the temple fade on that side. It's hard to go wrong with this style at the office. Also, it works well with or without facial hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Apply texturizing products to top hair.
  • Use styling gel to keep your hair strands in place.
  • For the temple fade + side part, go for a low temple fade.

6. Temple Fade + Straight Hair



The straight hair temple fade is simple and requires little effort to maintain. To create this style, slightly taper the sides of your hair, starting from the temples. This style allows a smooth sync with your beards and works well with most face shapes.

Styling Tips:

  • Brush hair regularly for a clean look.
  • Trim and keep hair edges neat.
  • Pair it with a mustache and beards to look more stylish.

7. Temple Fade + Waves


Here's the thing:

Waves are one of the elegant styles to go with if you want to keep things short. Almost no temple fade combination is as perfect as temple fades and waves. This style features a slight fading of the hair inches a few before the ear as the waves gradually relax into the temple fade.

Styling Tips:

  • Apply moisturizer before brushing your waves.
  • Use wave grease and a durag to keep your waves vibrant.
  • Since temple fades create a path around the ears, you can wear shades for style.

8. High Temple Fades + Braids



This is one of the most stylish temple fades combos. For the high temple fade, gradually fade the hair at the sides a few inches higher than the level of the temples. Add a sharp line-up to allow the fades to highlight your facial features. This fade is perfect for a round face shape.

Styling Tips:

  • Oil spray your hair regularly to keep your braids neat.
  • Pack your braids into a bun to elevate your look.
  • Pair with neatly trimmed beards to look more fashionable.

9. Temple Fade + Colored Pompadour



If you love the fly feeling of big hair and don't like hair flying on your face, pompadours are the way to go. The temple fade highlights the height and volume of the pompadour while giving it a stylish and edgy look. The coloured top hair adds a creative aesthetic to this style.

Styling Tips:

  • Use pomade or gel to keep hair strands in place.
  • Pair with a line-up and neatly trimmed beards for a fresh look.
  • Apply texturizing products to top hair to keep it attractive.

10. Temple Fade + Dreads


Get this:

Dreads appear even better when paired with a neat temple fade. For this style, gradually fade the hair at the temples until it's a skin fade. Since man buns are trendy, you can section your dreads into two and gather up one section into a bun while letting the remaining locs fall over the shoulders.

Styling Tips:

  • Use quality hair products to keep your dreads neat.
  • Add color to the dread’s tip to create a two-toned look.
  • Pair with mustache and beards for extra style.



The temple fade is versatile, adding a fascinating detail to various hairstyles. Feel free to pair any haircut of your choice with the temple fade and add colors, if you  so desire. 


Do not forget to ask questions and tell us what you think about the temple fade haircut style in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not. The temple fade haircut focuses on the temples only. It blends the hairline and the skin at the temples till the hair gradually fades into the skin, allowing a smooth transition between facial hair and sideburns. The hair at the sides and back is usually shorter, becoming longer at the level of the temples.On the other hand, a taper fade focuses more on hair at the sides of the head and sometimes extends over the ears to the neckline. The taper fade involves slightly shaving the hair on both sides and back of your head low while leaving the top section of the hair a little longer than the sides.
You can either describe in detail your desired temple fade style to your barber or show them pictures or videos of the style you want.
Yes, you should. The temple fade smoothes the edges of your hair, giving your haircut a fresh and unique style while simultaneously drawing attention to your haircut.
The drop fade is another variation of the traditional fade haircut style. The hair on the crown is significantly longer, while the hair around the front hairline and back of the head gradually gets shorter. Also, the sides are slightly shorter than that top section of hair, creating a fade that drops just behind the ears and an arc effect when viewed from the side.

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