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Burst Fade Mullet

The burst fade mullet hairstyle involves a mullet haircut paired with a burst fade at the sides and back of your head. The hair at the top and sides is shorter, while the hair at the back is left longer to create the mullet.

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Ideal Face Shapes: Diamond, Round, Square, Heart, and Oval

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • Leave front hair significantly longer than back hair for the mullet.
  • Style front hair with bangs, quiffs, comb-over, slick-back, or pomps.
  • Add styling products to your mullet for texture and neatness.

40 Trendy Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles To Try in 2024

1. Burst Fade Mullet Curly Hair


Get this:

The burst fade mullet pairs nicely with a curly hair type, adding style and volume to your overall look.


The burst fade is created by gradually tapering the hair by the sides of the ear, while the mullet features a shorter length on top and a longer length at the back.

2. Burst Fade Mullet Straight Hair



You'd need to be sporting a straight hair type to achieve this hairstyle. Simply get a mullet haircut and add a burst fade to the sides and back of your hair.


You can taper the sides around the ears for a temple fade finish.

3. Short Burst Fade Mullet with Beards



The short burst fade mullet is a fantastic, low-maintenance hairstyle.


Pairing it with beards can create a balanced, stylish look. All you need is a burst fade mullet haircut to match your beards.

If you have sideburns, all the better!

4. Slick Back Burst Fade Mullet


Need an elegant mullet hairstyle? You could never go wrong with a slicked-back burst fade mullet.


After creating your mullet hairstyle, taper the hairline behind the ears in a curved pattern to achieve the burst fade.


Use a brush to slick back your mullet, and add styling products to finish your look.

5. Minimal Burst Fade Mullet


Here's the thing:

The burst fade mullet works well with all fade variations. And trust me, pairing the temp fade and burst fade with a mullet is indeed chic.

Opt for a low or mid temp fade on the sides so it smoothly transitions into the burst fade and adds some style to your mullet.

6. Curly Faux Hawk Mullet


To create this hairstyle:

Leave more length at the back for the mullet, and taper the sides and back to achieve a burst fade.


Smaller and larger curls are great, but smaller curls work better for a defined mullet look.

7. Burst Fade Mullet with Bangs


Pairing a mullet with bangs can create a clean, suave look.

What’s more?

Combining the shorter front bangs/fringes with the longer back of the mullet adds a modern twist to the traditional mullet hairstyle.


This hairstyle works better for men with fine and thick hair types.

8. Layered Burst Fade Mullet



A layered mullet adds modern elements to the classic mullet haircut by incorporating layers throughout the hair, particularly from the mid-section to the back.


These layers sometimes feature different lengths, adding texture and volume to the hair.

One more thing:

A layered mullet works excellently with or without facial hair.

9. Funky Burst Fade Mullet


Get this:

A funky mullet is a creative, unconventional variation of the classic mullet hairstyle.

While it still features the short-front, long-back hair look, the fun mullet incorporates vibrant colors, undercut sides, textured layers, and retro vibes.

Thus, accentuating the fun nature of the mullet.

10. Side Part + Burst Fade Mullet


Pairing a mullet with a side part can be a stylish way to adapt the burst fade mullet for various face shapes.


It's an excellent way to rock the traditional mullet hairstyle with a modern twist. To pull this off, create a part on one side of the head and style the other side as desired.

11. Burst Fade Mullet with Full Beards


If you're looking for a dramatic haircut that works great with your full beard, I highly recommend the burst fade mullet.

What’s more:

You can style the front section of your mullet into a comb-over, quiff, or slick back.

12. Short Hair + Burst Fade Mullet



For men who want a mullet look but still want to keep things simple, the short burst fade mullet is an excellent choice.


Feel free to pair it with a skin fade, as shown above, or a temp fade or taper fade, depending on your style.

13. Quiff Burst Fade Mullet



The quiff features volume and height at the top of the head.


When pairing with a mullet, you can go for about 3 - 4 inches on the top and leave more length at the back to achieve your mullet.


Apply a burst fade to the back and sides of your hair for a neat look.

14. Mohawk Burst Fade Mullet


Here's the thing:

While most people opt for faux hawks these days, mohawks are not entirely out of style. And when you pair a mohawk with a mullet, you take fashion a notch higher.

Get this:

The mullet, with its short front, long-back, complements the shaved sides of the mohawk.


Of course, you can't go wrong with adding a burst fade to your mohawk mullet.

15. Modern Mullet + Burst Fade



The modern mullet features a sleeker look than the classic mullet, allowing a more versatile and dynamic look.

To top it off:

The front hair allows for various styling options, including quiffs, comb-overs, or slick-backs, while the back hair is left to drape over the shoulder or styled neatly.

16. Bowl Cut with Burst Fade Mullet


The bowl cut features straight, even-length bangs cut close together in a bowl-like shape on top of the head.


Pairing a bowl cut with a mullet creates an avant-garde hairstyle that combines two distinctive looks.

You can even dye your bowl cut or add tones to your mullet for a fashionable look.

17. Classic Mullet + Burst Fade



The classic mullet involves a relatively short, neatly trimmed cut on the top and sides, while the back is left to grow out, extending past the neckline to the shoulders.

The classic mullet gives a bold feel, but you may incorporate modern elements to achieve a lighter look.

18. Casual Burst Fade Mullet


This hairstyle is an excellent option if you want something other than a dramatic mullet hairstyle.

For this style, you can make do with a short mullet.


Taper the sides and back to resemble a burst fade and keep the edges neat.

19. Mid Burst Fade Mullet



The defining feature of a mullet is the long hair at the back of the head, which sometimes extends past the neckline to the shoulders.


Modern mullet variations sometimes feature shorter lengths at the back, usually paired with a mid fade of some sort.

All in all, the combination of the mullet and the mid burst fade makes for a pretty stylish look.

20. Skin Temp Fade + Burst Fade Mullet


Get this:

The skin burst fade mullet features a skin fade at the temples and a burst fade at the sides and back of the head.


If you have a receding hairline, you can create tiny bangs at the top of your head to hide them while complementing your mullet hairstyle.

21. Burst Fade Mullet with Baby Bangs


Get this:

Baby bangs, also known as micro bangs or short bangs, are usually cut above the eyebrows, accentuating the forehead and giving a stylish appearance.

What else?

The burst fade mullet and baby bangs combine the long, party-in-the-back look of the mullet with short, elegant baby bangs.

22. Wavy Burst Fade Mullet



Pairing the burst fade mullet hairstyle with wavy hair offers extra volume that gives your mullet a hotter look.


Feel free to enhance the natural texture of your curls with styling products to add movement and volume to your mullet.

23. Classic Badass Burst Fade Mullet


The high temple fade involves trimming the hair on the sides and back of the head very short, starting high above the temples and gradually blending into the longer top hair.


The high temp fade offers a balanced, edgy look, and adds style to the overall haircut.

24. Faux Hawk + Burst Fade Mullet


A great way to style your mullet is to pair it with a faux hawk. For this style, slightly shave the sides of your mullet, about 1-2 inches—starting from the top hair down to the neckline.


Add a burst fade to the sides and back of your mullet for a complete look.

25. Shaggy Burst Fade Mullet



A shag haircut involves shorter hair lengths at the crown of the head and longer lengths towards the back, creating a textured and voluminous look.


A shaggy burst fade mullet is a combination of a shag haircut, a mullet, and a burst fade, resulting in a stylish, messy, and carefree look.

26. Stylish Burst Fade Mullet


This mullet hairstyle offers a blend of edginess and can be styled to suit different hair types and face shapes.

To create this hairstyle:

Get a mullet haircut and style as desired. You can create a few bangs to complement your hairstyle.

27. Modern Burst Fade Mullet with Textured Top


To create this hairstyle, you'd need to get a modern mullet haircut and texture the top hair to create varying lengths and dimensions at the crown of the head.

Remember to:

Apply styling products, including mousse or hair gel, to top hair for texture.

28. Messy Burst Fade Mullet


Styling your messy mullet is pretty straightforward.

Get this:

It involves creating a chic tousled look that complements the casual and carefree aura of the messy mullet haircut.

One more thing:

Remember to add a burst fade on the sides and back of your messy mullet.

29. Textured Burst Fade Mullet


A textured mullet incorporates modern styling techniques into its hairstyle to add style and elegance to the traditional mullet look.


The textured mullet features hair cut in different layers, adding movement, dimension, and volume to the overall hair look.

30. Burst Fade Mullet with Artistic Design


You see:

Adding artistic designs to your mullet hairstyle highlights the edges of your hair, drawing attention to your hairstyle and making it more appealing to the eye.


Feel free to pair your mullet with a burst fade at the back and sides of your hair for an edgy and balanced haircut.

31. Drop Burst Fade Mullet


The mullet burst fade features a drop fade, a burst fade, and a mullet. A drop fade involves longer hair length at the top and shorter hair lengths towards the neckline.


For the drop burst fade mullet, the burst fade "drops" in a curve-like shape behind the ears down to the neckline.

32. Taper Burst Fade Mullet


Get this:

The burst fade features a distinctive shape following the natural curvature around the ears, while the taper fade gradually shortens the hair on the sides to the back of the head.

Combining these fades in a mullet hairstyle adds movement and dimension to the overall haircut.

33. Baby Mohawk Mullet + Burst Fade



To create a baby mohawk mullet, a strip of hair is left at the center of the head, and the back hair features a longer length than the top hair.

Taper the sides and back to create a burst fade that accentuates the mohawk mullet.


This hairstyle works great for men who want a simple mullet look.

34. Textured Burst Fade Mullet with Bangs


Aside from being helpful in masking uneven hairlines or covering forehead imperfections, bangs also help to frame the face and create a youthful look.


Pairing a textured burst fade mullet with bangs is a match made in heaven because it creates that statement look you desire.

35. Low Burst Fade Mullet


One burst fade variation to combine with your mullet is the low burst fade. It introduces edginess into your cut while offering a defined, sleek look.

Another wonderful thing is:

This hairstyle works great for men with or without facial hair.

36. Mid Temp Fade + Burst Fade Mullet



Temp fades are incredibly versatile, pairing well with various hairstyles and types.


Incorporating a temp fade into your mullet gives the appearance of a slimmer face, allows for a modern appeal, and enhances your facial features.

The results: a polished, clean overall look.

37. Fashion Mullet + Burst Fade


While a fashion mullet still takes on the short-front, long-back characteristic of a classic mullet, it features a softer transition between different hair lengths. Thus, allowing extensive styling options.

One more thing:

You can adapt a fashion mullet to suit your face shape for any occasion.

38. Long Top with Short Burst Fade Mullet


Know this:

Long tops are great for covering receding hairlines, but that's not just it.

Pairing your burst fade mullet with a long top allows you to style your top hair into quiffs, pomps, slick-backs, or side-swept hairstyles.


This adds creativity and versatility to your burst fade mullet.

39. Thin Burst Fade Mullet



The thin burst fade mullet is ideal for men with thin or fine hair types who want to rock trendy mullets.

Because of the thinness of the hair, a thin mullet would lie flatter against the scalp, which is excellent if you don't want something voluminous.


Thin mullets create a lighter feel and pair well with sleeker and more relaxed mullet hairstyles.

40. Short Spiky Mullet + Burst Fade



If you love spiky hairstyles and are unsure about pairing them with your mullet, this is your cue to try it today.


Short spiky mullets are a stylish way of adding a creative feel to your classic mullets.

Plus, it helps to define and highlight your mullet hairstyle in a chic way.


The burst fade mullet is a versatile hairstyle that pairs well with multiple face shapes and hair types. However, you should note a few things when creating the burst fade mullet.

  • The essential characteristic of a mullet is the long back hair, which is in sharp contrast to the short front hair.
  • A great way to style your mullet is to pair it with a burst fade, temp fade, or a combination of both.
  • Bangs are quite an effective pair for mullets—from curtain bangs and straight-across bangs to micro bangs and side-swept bangs.


Remember to texturize your hair and apply styling products for extra shine and hold.


Is there a burst fade mullet hairstyle that appeals to you? Do you have contrasting recommendations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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