Why Do Barber Shops Close on Mondays? Exploring the Tradition and Reasons Behind It

Over the years in the barbering world, I've often been met with puzzled looks when I tell folks we're closed on Mondays.

"Why Monday?" they'd ask.

Is it because us barbers gather for some mysterious hair convention, brainstorming the next must-have hairstyle? Or perhaps, is it just a day to give our shears and hands a much-needed break?

Here's the deal:

There's a rich history behind this tradition, and I'm about to unravel it for you.

Let's dive in.

3 Reasons Why Barber Shops Close on Mondays

1. It Was a Union Rule

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the influence of barber unions was undeniable. Just like other sectors, they fought for two off-days for their members. But here's the twist: it couldn’t be the usual weekend of Saturday and Sunday.

Why, you ask?

In my years wielding the shears, Saturdays always buzzed with activity. It's a day many folks slide into the barber's chair. With Saturdays being non-negotiable, unions had to be crafty, leading to the birth of the "closed on Sunday and Monday" tradition.

Now, consider this:

Some states, like New York, Denver, and Minnesota, fortified this with the "Blue Law," barring barbers from swinging their doors open on Sundays. The intriguing part? Many barbers today remain oblivious to its existence.

A little trivia for you:

New York waved goodbye to this age-old legislation only in 2021, thanks to the push from then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


While these state laws dealt with Sundays, Mondays were a union battleground. And boy, was it a battle!

In the beginning, some daring barbers, possibly like the rebels of any era, tried to flout the rule. The response? The unions didn't pull any punches. With massive fines and, on occasion, even roping in some muscle (read: gangsters) to rough up the rule-breakers, they ensured a level playing field for all.

Flash forward to today:

While the might of those unions has dimmed, the tradition stands tall. But breathe easy; it's more of a nod to the past than a strict rule.

Here’s the silver lining:

This two-day hiatus allows us barbers some much-needed R&R. Trust me, being on our feet, listening to stories, and ensuring each cut is perfect? It's more draining than you'd think. This break lets us recharge, spend quality moments with our loved ones, and come back with renewed energy.

So, next time you wonder about those closed doors on a Monday, remember: it's a tradition deeply rooted in history.

2. Monday Is Generally a Slow Day

Let me paint a picture from my years behind the chair:

After the weekend flurry, where the hum of clippers is constant and chairs are always filled, Monday rolls in with a different vibe. The silence can be almost palpable.

Here’s the deal:

People flock to barbershops on weekends. Saturdays, from my experience, often feel like marathons with back-to-back clients. By the time Monday comes around, those who desperately needed a trim have already gotten one. The buzz from the weekend usually dwindles, leaving Monday relatively calm.

Honestly, opening on a Monday often felt like tuning into a radio with no station playing. Fewer customers, quieter hours.

So why not use this lull? 

It’s a golden opportunity to rest, recharge, and gear up for another bustling week. After all, even barbers need a breather.

3. Friday and Saturday are Their Busiest Days

Here's the deal:

Every time someone asks me about the busiest days at the barbershop, without hesitation, I reply: "Friday and Saturday." Over the years, I've noticed a pattern.

From dawn to dusk, these days are non-stop. Longer hours on my feet, more strain on my hands, and a constant weight on my back.


While Sundays might appear to be my day off, they're anything but relaxing. As a father, Sundays are reserved for the family. From kids' soccer matches to family lunches, it's back-to-back family time.

Don't get me wrong:

I love it. But relaxation? That’s a rare luxury on Sundays.

So, here's a little secret:

Monday. That's my true breath. It's the day I genuinely get to rest, recharge, and gear up for another bustling week at the shop.

Benefits and Downsides of Closing on Mondays


Apart from being an opportunity to relax and spend time with family, closing on Mondays has other benefits.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Here's a personal ritual:

Every Monday, my shop goes silent, but it's far from idle. It's my dedicated day for cleaning and maintenance.

You see, after a bustling week of snipping and shaping, my tools and space demand some TLC. Without the regular hum of customers, I meticulously tend to every corner of my workspace.

But there's more:

It's not just about tidying up. This quiet time allows me to clean, sanitize, and sometimes repair my tools. With no clients eagerly waiting, I can ensure that everything's in tip-top shape, ready for the week ahead.

2. Setting the Stage on a Monday

Let me tell you something:

In my years as a barber, I've come to cherish Mondays. Why? It's the ideal day to give the shop a fresh look.

Here's the deal:

Whether it's a slight adjustment or a grand transformation, handling it on a Monday makes all the difference.

I remember one Monday, I took a sledgehammer to a wall, giving the place an open-concept vibe. On another, I shuffled around the furniture for a new layout and even mounted a sleek, modern mirror. All this, without a single worry about disturbing the usual hustle and bustle.

So, for fellow barbers out there, embrace Mondays. It's our time to rejuvenate our space.

3. Setting Aside Time for Business Essentials

Let me let you in on a secret:

Running a barber shop isn't just about the snips and trims. There's a ton happening behind the scenes. From bookkeeping and banking to managing HR tasks - it's a full plate.

In my years as a barber, I've realized that carving out a day free of customer appointments is a game changer. It's the breathing room I need to keep the shop ticking smoothly.

Here's a snapshot:

On many Mondays, while the chairs remain empty, the back room buzzes with activity. It's an ideal day for staff training, honing our skills, and focusing on professional development. This way, when the week kicks off, we're not only refreshed but also a step ahead.

Downsides of Closing on Mondays

1. Lost revenue opportunity

Here's the flip side:

Closing on Monday means missing out on a day's worth of potential revenue.

For some barbershops, this can be a significant hit. This is especially true if other businesses in the area are usually bustling on Mondays.

2. Inconvenience for customers

Let's not forget the customers.

Some folks might only have free time on Mondays due to their work schedule or other commitments.


Closing up shop on this day limits their options

3. Loss of Potential Business

And then there's the competition.

If rival barber shops are open on Mondays and yours isn't, you might lose some of your regular customers.

The Monday Barber Shop Myth: Busted

Here's a fun fact from my years in the trade:

Many folks believe barber shops can't open on Mondays. But in truth? It's more tradition than legality.

I've been asked countless times, "Mike, why's the shop closed on Monday?" Let me clear the air. The "Closed on Monday" practice harks back to union decisions, aiming to level the playing field. No law, just an old-school ethos.

Now, Sundays? That's a different story.

Historically, the choice to shut shop on Sundays has roots in federal law. Although enforcement's softened over the years, some states clung to this rule. Take New York, for example. They only let go of this restriction in 2021.

So, a word of advice:

If you're eyeing Sunday openings, always double-check local regulations.

And here's a tip for my fellow barbers running larger setups: There's a way around this. By staggering off-days, you can ensure some of your crew are available both Sunday and Monday. However, for solo artists like me back in the day, this workaround isn't feasible.

How To Find Barber Shops That Are Open on Monday


If your only chance for a haircut happens to be on a Monday, it's not all lost.

The landscape has shifted over time; some barber shops have started opening their doors on Sundays and Mondays.

Here is how to find barber shops that are open on Sundays and Mondays.

1. Use Google


One nifty trick is to use Google. Simply search for "barber shops near me," and you'll get a list.

Then go through the listing and check if there are any that are open on these days.

If there is none, reach out to a couple of shops and inquire about their Monday availability.

2. Use Yelp


Yelp can also help you locate barber shops near you that are open on Mondays.

Simply search “barber shop” and choose your location to see available barber shops.


Just like with Google Business, Yelp doesn't have a filter that shows only Monday-open shops.

The trick is to click on each barber shop to see their working days and hours.

Other ways to find barber shops open on Mondays include

  • Driving or cycling around
  • Asking around
  • Checking on social media


Looking back on my barbering journey, I've always been intrigued by the quietness of Mondays in the barbering world. It wasn’t just a random choice, you see; it has historical roots.

Picture this:

It's the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Barbershops, buzzing on Saturdays, couldn't afford to close their doors. They needed that business rush. So, what's the next best thing? Close on a quiet day, Monday, allowing for a consecutive two-day break when paired with Sunday.

For many barbers like me, Mondays aren’t just about resting. They've also been our sanctuary for handling other pivotal tasks. Think tool maintenance, shop renovations, or simply strategizing for the week ahead.

However, times are changing.

With evolving industry standards and no legal constraints, I've noticed many barber shops, including some colleagues of mine, rethinking the "Closed on Monday" tradition. It's all about adapting to our clients' modern needs and expectations.

After all, in this ever-changing world, staying flexible is the key.

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