Sunny Kambo

Barber Instructor


Sunny Kambo Aka the clipper guy specializes in alternative, simple and creative cutting techniques. Sunny serves as an educator and artistic team member for Wahl clipper Corp. In over 167 countries it's the largest and oldest clipper manufacturer in the entire world. 

Sunny is born and raised in Vancouver BC and has over 14 years of experience serving Vancouver, the lower mainland, and the Fraser valley. His Extensive Knowledge with various tools help execute a perfect haircut in a time-efficient manner. From straight razor shaves to tapered haircuts he's got you covered. 

Sunny also teaches proper cutting techniques to reduce wrist and back strain for a long haircutting career. Sunny has been chopping heads since the start of the barber boom, he's proud of the industry and the respect it's finally getting back. Sunny continues to keep up with the growing demand by continuing to develop his skills as he believes education is the key to positive growth. He loves to share his knowledge and watch the industry explode.

Sunny Kambo
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