Find the Best Barber Shops in Sydney!

MEN'S BIZ Barber & Shop

With great services and a warm ambiance, Men's Biz Barber & Shop is an outstanding spot to get a clean and fresh cut In Sydney. The barbershop is also LGBTQ+ friendly. Due to its fine reputation, it has been recognized as 'Best in Class Barbershop' by Monocle Magazine.

One unique service offered by this barber shop is its mobile pop-up barbershop available for major events like conferences and corporate events.

UNOIT Barber

This barber/beauty shop offers a wide range of services within and outside the borders of hair grooming. The barbers at UNOIT can handle your unique hairstyling needs as each has a minimum barbering experience of two years.

Their service fee ranges from $30 to $70 depending on the haircut and the experience level of the barber that you request. UNOIT donates the proceeds from haircuts to Heart On My Sleeve, a non-profit organization for mental health wellness. 

Churchill Barbers

Besides giving great haircuts and beard shape-ups, the Churchill barbers offer valuable advice to their clients. They include skincare tips and product recommendations tailored to specific concerns. Also, all haircuts are accompanied by a complimentary beverage.

They prioritize booking appointments beforehand, but walk-ins are not entirely shunned. A haircut here costs $55.

The Barberhood

The Barberhood is a modern luxury barbershop that still employs traditional barbering techniques. With about $50, you get an excellent haircut coupled with a spritz of cologne and the pleasant feel of a scented hot towel. 

Since they have limited walk-in appointments, you should book in advance. Also, read through their appointment cancellation policy, so you do not go paying for a haircut you never got.

The Little Barbershop

The Little Barbershop is a guaranteed spot to get some of Sydney's best trendy and stylish haircuts. Riding on twenty years of experience, this establishment has mastered the art of barbering. The barbers here offer the best to their clients, from haircuts to beard trims and shaves.

The cost of a haircut is $50. Also, not that over five minutes of lateness will result in the cancellation of an appointment.

United Barbers

A fairly new barbershop, United barbers is not the most affordable barbershop around. However, given the founder's glamorous barbering stint and celebrity clientele, haircuts here can be considered reasonably priced at $58.

The barber shop was featured on GQ Australia's list of best barber shops in Sydney. Here, the barbers are known to deliver excellent haircuts. They also cater to women.

Tate & Lyle

Located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney, Tate & Lyle is a premium barbershop that caters to grooming men's hair. The barber shop was founded by Jacob Martin, a barber with years of experience.

Tate & Lyle has a strict appointment-only policy. Also, lateness may result in the forfeiture of your booking. They sure have principles, but it's worth it for the luxurious service granted.

Broadway Barbershop

Broadway Barbershop is one of the best barber shops in Sydney. The barbers there are mainly known for their stellar service and efficient use of quality products to give their customers great haircuts. They also do beard grooming. 

What's more? Getting a haircut here won't break your bank. For as little as $18, you can get your desired look. 

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