Find the Best Barber Shops in Delhi!

Barber Shop NJF

Dedicated solely to grooming men, Barber Shop NJF is known for the expertise of its staff and excellent customer service. In this place, you get a somewhat traditional barber shop experience. As a man, you can truly relax here knowing that men like yourself surround you. Plus, the interior decor is just great, and the price of a haircut is very reasonable.

Noir the Salon

Situated on the second floor of The Chanakya Mall, Noir Salon is a luxury unisex salon that offers more than just hair styling and haircuts. They specialize in personalized spa services and intensive hair treatments that improve your hair's overall health and shine. They are open all week from 11 am to 8 pm.


TONI&GUY, an international hair salon franchise, has eight locations in Delhi alone. These different locations offer high-quality services. Plus, you can easily visit the one that's closest to you. With their extensive gallery of hairstyles, you can rest assured that they can achieve whatever look you are going for. The cool part is that they provide their services to men and women.

OBELLO Luxury Salon

As the name suggests, OBELLO Luxury Salon is where luxury meets grooming. It's one of the few places in Delhi with an extensive list of services tailored equally for men and women. The staff here has a reputation for being highly professional and providing their clients with remarkable experiences. They have a website where the pricing of their services is listed.

Uzair Haircut

Located in Begum Pur, this barber shop is one of the cheapest you can find in Delhi. Owned and operated by a single barber, this place is a great spot to get a crips haircut on a budget. It does look a little run-down, but that should not discourage you. The reviews of previous customers speak for the place.

Monsoon Salon & Spa

Monsoon Salon is a salon chain with five locations in Delhi. It's one of the youngest leading brands for hair styling and beauty. Although most of their services cater to women, you won't have any trouble getting a nice haircut here. The staff constantly develops to match up with fast-changing trends.

Worship Salon and Gentlemen's Tonic

This grooming center results from a partnership between the London Gentlemen's Tonic brand in India and Worship Salon. Located on the 3rd floor of DLF Emporio Shopping Resort, this establishment is where to go if you need some pampering. They comfortably cater to the grooming needs of men and women. You get more than just a haircut whenever you visit. It's a whole experience.

Dessange Paris

This salon is just one of the many locations Dessange Paris has scattered worldwide. If you are wondering, the standard of service here meets the brand's quality standard. Like most salons in India, this is a Unisex salon where men and women are adequately catered to. Unfortunately, they are not the cheapest around.

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