Find the Best Barber Shops in San Jose!

The Barbers Inc. Barbershop

If you have a thing for quirky hairdos, you will find The Barbers Inc Barbershop quite compelling. The barbers at this store excel at delivering unconventional cuts, as their service list includes braids, design carvings, and mohawks. You can find samples of these on their socials. The brand also has an online store where you can access a video tutorial series for barbing enthusiasts.

Herman’s Barber Shop & Supplies

Herman’s Barber Shop & Supplies is as much a relic as it is a grooming center. Founded in 1938, the brand has consistently delivered top-quality value in the manscaping scene for over eight decades. In addition to its hair cutting services, the store also sells various hair and beard care products. These include hair pomades and gels and beard oils, and dressing balms.

Crewners Barber Shop

No one delivers homely ambiance quite like Crewners Barber Shop. Everything from their simplistic yet tasteful Victorian house setting to the friendly hairstylists will make you feel right at home. Since its establishment in 2011, the store has experienced astronomical growth. That is mainly thanks to its barbers’ proficiency, as they are skilled at delivering fashionable cuts.

Barba Co. San Jose

The Barba Co. is an exclusive manscaping store located in the heart of San Jose City. The brand has a stellar clientele range as extensive as its haircutting services. That is a direct result of their versatile offers, which attract men and boys of all age groups. Currently, the shop is staffed with three expert barbers whose socials you can find on the store’s official site.

Dapper Barbershop

The Dapper Barbershop’s range of services can be summarized in three words: cut, shave, and style. All of which they manage to do outstandingly and in a timely fashion. The barbers are pretty adaptable and are known to tweak generic hairstyles to fit the customers’ requests occasionally. Also, you can find a comprehensive list of their services and prices on their intuitive website.

Johnny D’s Barber Shop

Johnny D’s Barber Shop is an old-school grooming franchise with a modern twist. Over the years, the store has maintained the classic barbershop tradition by serving as a hub for men of all ages to catch up and unwind. Also, the brand has two locations within the city, and both deliver elite services. As such, you can easily visit whichever outlet is closest to you.

Faded Barbershop SJ

The Faded Barbershop is one of San Jose’s top grooming stores with an impressive lineup of talented professionals. The store has an exclusive first-timer discount available only Mondays to Wednesdays. Also, bear in mind that they only accept cash payments, and prices vary across the barbers.

X9 Barbershop

The X9 Barbershop is a leading manscape establishment that provides an array of hair and beard grooming services. The brand boasts a roaster of seasoned barbers who individually have 3-10 years of experience. As such, they are pretty adept at delivering sophisticated and retro-inspired haircuts. Fortunately, the store also stays open every day of the week, Saturdays and Sundays inclusive.

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