Find the Best Barber Shops in Patna!

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop was established in 2018 and has been focused on bringing quality, affordable haircuts to its customers since then. The store has six employees that work in rotation, ensuring that there is always someone ready to attend to you. The Barbers are polite, and the store itself offers a comfortable environment while you cut your hair.

Scissors Men's Parlour

Scissors offers a cool, serene environment to try out new things with your hair. Their target customer demographic is men, and they offer quality haircuts at affordable prices. The barbers are skilled, attentive, and determined to meet your styling needs. Also, the store opens as early as 9 am, making it convenient for you to drop by for a crisp cut or a general shape up. 

Mannat Men's Parlour

Mannat Men's Parlour is a popular barbershop that has been in business for just over a year. They offer smart-looking haircuts and beard trims. They take it further by complementing that with advanced hair treatments to give you the best possible look. Mannat is usually packed with customers, and the stylists are respectful. Online booking is available, should you wish to make a reservation.

SKINs75 Unisex Salon

SKINs75 is a unisex salon focused on hair health. The salon offers standard haircuts, beard care, and advanced hair treatment. Their barbers and stylists are skilled at servicing both adults and children. Also, the shop's modern interior and calm atmosphere make for a great experience. SKINs75 is open from 8 am, making scheduling an appointment easy.

Eye Turners

Eye Turners is a unisex hair salon brand that emphasizes the importance of leaving your hair care needs to them. They offer premium haircuts and beard care, washing, and dyeing services. The salon has a modern feel, with brick walls and high-hanging studio lights. Remember that you have to book an appointment before you visit the salon for a haircut. Thankfully, their website makes it easy and convenient. 


M.V. Salon is a reputable brand with a mission to bring satisfaction to every client that walks through its doors. They employ professional barbers and stylists to cater to every hairstyle need of their customers. They foster growth in the grooming industry by training young barbers. The store environment is clean, and customer service is their priority.

The Barber Spot

The Barber Spot boasts barbers experienced in handling hair of all types. They offer your standard haircut and shave but also have the facility for a deep wash and dye if you so wish. According to reviews, they take proper precautions to maintain a hygienic environment for their customers. Their customer service is also impeccable. Unfortunately, their social media presence is a bit lacking.

The Hair Salon

The Hair Salon is an establishment that offers professional and trending haircuts. The shop shows dedication to hair and beard care and heavily endorses the "Beardo" beard care brand. Their prices are reasonable, and the shop provides a relaxed environment. The staff has been described as humble and experienced, ensuring you get your money's worth when you visit.

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