Find the Best Barber Shops in Ahmedabad!

Nick's Hair Studio and Unisex Salon

Nick's Hair Studio and Unisex Salon is a high-end store with an extensive service list. The salon offers body massages, tan-removal procedures, and hair and beard shaves. They strictly operate on appointments, so you'd have to schedule a visit before stopping by. Also, it's advisable to check out their socials as they occasionally drop sizable discount offers.

Barber House Men's Salon

Barber House Men's Salon is a versatile barbershop that offers a plethora of clipping and styling services. Despite being less than a year old, the brand has managed to attract and maintain a stable clientele due to the elite customer experience they offer. Also, the store conveniently accepts bookings via their hotline and socials. So you don't have to wait too long if you visit.

LB The Hair Studio

LB The Hair Studio is an ideal hair grooming spot for the entire family as it caters to persons of all ages and genders. The shop offers an array of age-appropriate haircuts for boys and men. However, due to their heavy client influx, you'd be required to make an appointment. Thankfully, you can do that easily via a quick phone call.

Retro The Unisex Salon

Retro The Unisex Salon is a hair grooming center adorned with multiple 5-star reviews from loyal customers. What's more? The brand offers several unique services that you might not find in many typical salons. These include a hair spa option, dandruff and color treatments, and facial services. Conveniently, the salon has a website where you can easily place bookings.

Studio M Salon

Often, a store's ambiance plays a significant role in the overall customer experience, and this is especially true for the Studio M Salon. The shop's interior design and its hospitable hairstylists give it an elegant yet welcoming feel. The brand's services are vast, covering everything from hair trims and beard shape-ups to keratin smoothening treatments. 

Latest Salon

Latest Salon is a reputable unisex grooming store specializing in hair and skin care services. The brand has a stacked lineup of seasoned professionals who deliver regular and edgy haircuts. The store also boasts a solid online presence. They frequently drop important updates, and special discount offers on their website and social media platforms.

Hakim's Aalim Hair n' Beauty Lounge

Hakim's Aalim Hair n' Beauty Lounge is a first-class establishment founded by one of India's top hairstylists, Hakim Aalim. The salon's primary services center around hairstyling. Still, they extend to facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, and full-body massages. On the downside, the lounge's services are relatively pricey, but the customer experience is well worth it.

Beardo'z Men's Salon

Beardo'z Men's Salon is one of Ahmedabad's best-rated grooming studios. The store conveniently opens seven days a week and has 13-hour work shifts every day besides Tuesdays. Thus, giving you a large window of opportunity to visit. The brand also offers training programs on hair and skincare to willful enthusiasts, who get a recognized certificate on completion of the course.

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