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Faded Barbershop "In The Loop"

Faded Barbershop is an authentic St. Louis-based hair grooming salon located in the Delmar Loop. Asides from providing trendy haircuts, coloring, and waxing services, they also specialize in deep conditioning, men's braids and locks, and hair repair treatment.

Their barbers are known for being polite and friendly. In addition, they're open from 9 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Mitch Grooming

In 2014, Paul Mitchell opened Mitch Grooming, a salon dedicated to catering to all men's hairstyling needs. They offer a variety of hair cutting and grooming services such as buzz cuts, skin fades, scissors cuts, eyebrow wax, and nose wax.

Although they aren't against walk-ins, it's advisable to book an appointment before visiting their store so you can be attended to quickly.

Clark's Barbershop

Clark's Barbershop is another amazing barbering organization that has been running for quite some time. It was established six decades ago by Henry Clark, who passed on the business to his son and grandson.

Their services include color enhancements, standard cuts, senior cuts, and razor shaves. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays, so you can book an appointment during that time.

Beardsley's Barber Shop

Beardsley's Barber Shop is an exceptional hair styling organization that has been owned and operated by a family for several generations. As they've been in business for over a hundred years, they've won multiple awards for their hair grooming skills.

They have ten shops in the USA, but only one is in St. Louis. However, note that they operate strictly by appointment.


Although Classics has only been operating for about four years and is a relatively new business, they are already one of the A-rated barbers in St. Louis. Their barbers have received reviews for being friendly, professional, and extremely talented. 

Classics is well known for having a soothing aura. They specialize in buzz cuts, head shaves, hair designs, nose wax, and beard trims.

Union Barbershop

The Union Barbershop is one of the top-rated barber shops in St. Louis. They're well known for their customer service, friendly barbers, and their laid-back but professional atmosphere.

Their team of gifted barbers specializes in trendy haircuts, hot shaves, and beard and mustache trims. You can book an appointment with them during their business hours from Mondays to Saturdays. 

EliteBlendz Barbershop

In 2013, the EliteBlendz Barbershop was set up with the aim of providing high-quality barbering services. They have received positive reviews and were shortlisted as one of the top three finalists for A-list barber shops by St. Louis Magazine.

Their barbers have specific hairstyles they specialize in, so be sure to check out their website to decide which would be the best fit.

Dapper Gents

Dapper Gents is a St. Louis-based grooming lounge established to create a luxurious yet enjoyable atmosphere for men of all ages. They provide hair styling services such as head shaves, eyebrow waxing, and beard trims. They also provide style consultations, shoe shines, and sell menswear items.

They are open for business on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

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