Find the Best Barber Shops in Baltimore!

Signal Barbershop

Signal Barbershop is a relatively new barbershop. The barbers at this place offer individual online scheduling. Hence, you get to choose your preferred barber. They specialize in giving haircuts and doing beard trims. 

The price of their regular haircuts varies. However, you can get a haircut and beard trim for $32. Also, note that they only accept cash payments.

The Old Bank Barbers

A full-service barbershop with two locations in Baltimore, the Old Bank Barbers specializes in haircuts, face shaves, beard trims, and cleanups. Their barbers are skilled and highly experienced. They are also patient enough to pay attention to each customer's unique preferences. Haircuts for adults costs $25, and they have a cash-only policy.

The Canton Corner Barbershop

With the owner, Lawrence Avara, serving on the Maryland Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists for years, one can rest assured that this shop will deliver quality haircuts. 

The Canton Barber Shop was established in 2015 and has since provided tonsorial services to its customers. Haircuts start at $25 with $2 discounts for seniors and children on Wednesdays and Saturdays, respectively. 

The Beatnik Barbershop

This award-winning barbershop, located in Baltimore Mt. Vernon area, has been delivering quality haircuts since 2005. What’s even more impressive is the very affordable price they charge for standard haircuts on guys. With just $20, you can walk out looking dapper. Walk-ins are welcome, and you are assured that there won’t be long waits.

Nile Style Barber Shop

Nile Style Barber Shop has been in operation since 1998. The barbershop has a reputation for philanthropic gestures such as hosting different community events and supporting non-profit organizations with free haircuts. The price of services varies since the barber shop houses independent barbers. Still, a regular haircut for an adult starts from $20.

Light Street Barbers

Established in 1995, Light Street Barbers serves its customers with some of the best modern and classic haircuts around. You can check out their customer reviews and ratings if you have any doubts. 

The barbers here are known for their professionalism, skill, and reasonable pricing. However, they charge higher for customers with long hair. 

Royal Razor Barbershop

An epitome of diversity, Royal Razor has served Midtown Baltimore for almost ten years. The barbershop is open to all, including women and kids, and continues to deliver top-notch hair grooming services to customers. A regular haircut for adults costs $30, and you can pay with your credit or debit card. They also accept cash payments.

Baltimore Barber Lounge

Baltimore Barber Lounge has been providing high-quality services to customers since 2010. Their range of services includes haircuts and beard shaves. Despite being very affordable, you can count on their barbers being professionals at what they do. Also, they have a cash-only policy, and their regular haircuts cost $20. 

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