Find the Best Barber Shops in Singapore!

Liem Barber Shop

Located on Haji Lane, Liem Barber Shop is one place you can visit for a great yet relatively affordable haircut. The barber shop and its barbers exude the aura of Chicano culture in pretty much everything. It’s all unique and refreshing if you fancy that style. However, you are advised to book an appointment to avoid delay or disappointment.

Hiroginza Premium Barber

A Japanese Luxury Grooming brand for men, Hiroganza Premium Barber, decided to bring its business to Singapore’s Raffle Hotel. A brand for VIPs, Hiroganza is known for the first-class treatments and grooming experience it offers its clients. They provide everything from haircuts to spa services. Unfortunately, this is not the place you visit for a budget haircut as their prices start from $100.

Bodeiga Barbershop

The founders of this barber shop got the inspiration for its name from their vision to bring more than just hairstyling services under their roof. “Bodega” is a word that East Coast New Yorkers use to refer to a convenience store on a corner. Although Bodeiga Barbershop has partnered with various organizations on different projects, that does not impede the staff’s ability to deliver quality haircuts. 

Bipolar Barber Shop

You might be wondering if the name of this barber shop is a play on words of some sort. Well, it’s not. The founder of Bipolar Barbershop does suffer from the disorder. He chose the name to create awareness about it. Despite living with this disorder, Redzwan still manages to give some of the best haircuts you’ll find in Singapore. Services are rendered by appointment only.

Hombre Barbers

Established by Aizat in 2016, this barbershop is smack dab in the middle of Eunos. Hombre Barbers provide services that range from regular haircuts and beard trims to color treatments. The best part of it is that they are great at what they do. Now, before you book an appointment, ensure you go through their booking policy. 

Rogue & Beyond

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, Rogue & Beyond is a contemporary hair studio that specializes in men’s hair. One great thing about this place is that every haircut starts with a consultation to understand your style and hair type better. The result of this is a top-tier haircut that’s worth every penny. Note that they only operate on an appointment-based schedule.

The Good Guys Barbershop

Located at the heart of Little India, this barbershop is the place to go when you want an excellent haircut in Singapore. From the decor to the tasteful music in the barbershop, everything works well together to give you a remarkable experience. What’s more? The barbers here are some of the best in the city. Fortunately, you can easily book an appointment on their website.

Sultans of Shave

Established in 2013, Sultans of Shave is a luxurious male grooming center that upholds the traditional practices of the art of barbering. In a bid to revive the barber shop trade, this brand has devoted a lot of time and resources to coming up with the best grooming packages on the island. It’s a place you visit when you want to be pampered.

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