Find the Best Barber Shops in Quezon City!

Bruno's Barbers

Bruno's Barbers is a large-scale barbershop franchise that offers high-quality grooming services. Established in 1989, the brand has over three decades of experience, earning them a revered reputation you can trust. Over the years, they have expanded their services beyond hair grooming. They even provide massages, facials, and ear cleaning services to customers.

Tasa Xavierville

Tasa Xaverville is a top-tier barbershop that offers a plethora of personalized hair grooming services. The store opens every day of the week and stays operative between morning and evening hours. Also, they accept walk-ins, so you can visit them without calling beforehand. However, making an appointment via their responsive hotline is advised to limit your waiting time.

Don Pedro Barberia

Don Pedro Barberia is an excellent hair grooming center with a lively vibe, much like the city where it's situated. The barbershop offers clipping services and hair treatment plans such as color and anti-dandruff therapy. You can get all that from the comfort of your home, as they accept house calls to all areas in Quezon City. That also extends to a few surrounding districts. 

Dapper Don's Barbershop

Dapper Don's Barbershop is an ideal store for getting high-quality cuts at low prices. Equipped with a team of professionals, the shop offers various styling options. In addition to the grooming services, they also sell men's care products like hair clay and shampoo bars. If you intend to visit with a car, they've got you covered as there is ample parking space around the vicinity.

Burnside Barber

The Burnside Barber is a highly-rated grooming spot that takes health protocols very seriously. As such, all their stylists are fully vaccinated to assure your safety. The store also has various social media platforms where you can find info on their price list and special promos. Luckily, the brand offers home services, so you don't have to go all the way to the shop to get a haircut. 

Supremo Barber

Supremo Barber is a fairly new barbershop franchise with exceptional customer service. The brand boasts versatile staff who are quite knowledgeable about trendy and everyday hairstyles. With that in their arsenal, they can see that men of all ages get haircuts that suit their tastes. The store also has a welcoming ambiance and is known to play some cozy tunes from time to time. 

Barber's Tale MNL

The Barber's Tale MNL is a unique manscaping enterprise that offers generalized and bespoke haircutting services. The shop has a talented lineup of experienced hair stylists, who they call "BTM hairy godfather." By crafting top-class contemporary hairstyles for their customers, they aim to help add joy to the lives of their customers. Conveniently, the store also stays open all week round, so you don't need to worry about missing a weekend haircut.

Felipe and Sons Barberdashery

Felipe and Sons Barberdashery is a prestigious establishment that provides hair and fashion-centric services to men of all classes. The shop offers stand-alone hair grooming options like shaves and shape-ups. 

Lucky for you, Combo packages are also available. The advantage is that you get two services at a cheaper rate. The brand sells multiple hair care products, including a barber-grade pomade set.

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