Find the Best Barber Shops in Indore!

Aatish Gents Parlor

Aatish Gents Parlor is a good salon in Indore for a simple haircut or a shave. They offer classic styles like the gentle fade. Staffed with skilled personnel, the barber shop is adequately equipped to cater to your hair styling needs. The establishment has been in business for over seven years, and they intend to continue providing for their customers for much longer. 

Fluff Unisex Salon

Fluff unisex salon provides premium hair styling services at affordable prices. That includes haircuts from skilled barbers and treatment for damaged hair. You are required to make an appointment, but their Facebook page makes this easy. Additionally, you can find samples of their work on their page, where they guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop not only provides services for proper hair care but beard care as well. The environment is conducive, and the customer reviews are largely positive. The store also markets quality products for your hair and beard at a premium price. You can book an appointment through their Facebook page, and you are required to adhere to COVID-19 protocols when visiting. No mask, no service.

Shear Genius

Shear Genius is an award-winning brand that interacts with its customers professionally like no other. Their website is optimized properly, with a list of their services and an avenue to book an appointment. Shear Genius hinges its marketing on customer satisfaction. As such, the shop is equipped with modern hair care tools and products for your convenience.  

MP 09 Family Salon

MP 09 offers an opportunity for you to go with your children when getting a haircut. Their prices are affordable and the owner, Mr. Vishal, is amply experienced. The brand also has a relatively strong social media presence, an uncommon characteristic of hair salons in Indore. The Barbershop is open as early as 9 am and closes by 10 pm.

GSM Unisex Salon

GSM Unisex Salon not only provides premium hair services at an affordable rate but also offers home services to customers who prefer such. Being a Unisex salon, the establishment comfortably caters to men and women. Fortunately, the place is well-ventilated, and the stylists are friendly. They also offer hair styling classes for those interested in learning. 

Raj’s Unisex Salon

Raj’s Unisex Salon makes it clear from the onset that the customer is the most important aspect of their business. They offer haircuts at a reasonable price and are equipped for hair grooming services, plus they have free WiFi. Also, the unisex salon is located in a very accessible place. You are required to make an appointment before getting a haircut, but the process only requires a phone call.

Sameer Nads Unisex Salon

Sameer Nads is revered for providing a serene environment for you to cut your hair. They offer a long list of hair styling services at a reasonable price. They also employ skilled barbers who can properly realize your hairstyling needs with a detailed description. You can inquire about the rate and book a reservation easily on their website. 

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