Find the Best Barber Shops in Las Vegas!

Santoyos Barbershop

Santoyos Barbershop is a manscaping store that offers far more than the typical barbershop experience. The brand provides customary and trendy haircuts to men of all age groups. However, their service list also extends to more unique offers. This includes steamed facials as well as Scalp Micro Pigmentation, which is a procedure specially designed for men suffering from hair loss.

Dino for Men

Dino for Men is a modern barbershop that offers speedy but meticulous customer service. With two branches located in different central zones, the franchise is easily within reach from many parts of Las Vegas. Also, the store’s services all come with some complimentary add-ons, including a grooming consultation and hot towel treatment, as well as brand-name products and a drink.

Henry Barbershop

Henry Barbershop is a classic manscaping hub that has earned a reputation for providing premium haircuts in a conducive environment. The store’s service list is relatively short, but their specialization more than makes up for this downside. Luckily, you can access their pricelist via their website, which also contains an estimated timing for each service offered.

Figaro’s Barbershop

Figaro’s Barbershop is a standard store where you can get top-class hair and beard cuts as well as shoe care services. The brand’s rates are relatively budget-friendly as regular haircuts begin from $25 while more basic offers like shampooing cost $10. Conveniently, the shop accepts walk-ins and is also open on weekdays and weekends. Thus, giving you ample time to drop by. 

Noble Wolf Barbers

The Noble Wolf barbershop is a top-notch hair grooming hub with an impressive interior design. The store has simple but refined furniture and decor. Thus, giving it a homely yet luxurious feel. The brand accepts walk-ins but only from Wednesdays to Saturdays. On the other hand, Mondays and Tuesdays are strictly for appointments, while they remain closed on Sundays.

Town & Country Barber Shop

Town & Country Barbershop is an appointment-based hair grooming establishment. The brand boasts a perfect blend of old and new-school barbers. Thus, ensuring you find the perfect hairstylist to suit your specific needs. The store occasionally accepts walk-ins but only when there are no pending reservations. Also, haircuts are relatively affordable, with a standard rate of $30.

Get A Haircut

As regards affordability, not many barbershops can match Get A Haircut’s standard. The establishment offers a variety of quality haircuts, including fades and mohawks, at a low price of $10. Despite its low rates, the store’s standout feature is still its incorporation of rock elements. The shop’s walls are adorned with rock and roll collectibles, giving it a cool but edgy vibe.

Elliot & Co.

Elliot and Co is a unique barbershop that offers a set of signature haircuts and shaves. The brand provides deluxe hair and beard care services that are well suited for men of all hair types and textures. Sadly, the store’s website has no option for reservation placements. However, they have a fully functional hotline that you can call to book an appointment in advance.

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