Find the Best Barber Shops in Birmingham!

MJ Barbers

MJ Barbers are open long hours every day of the week, making it convenient for you to schedule an appointment. They have friendly yet professional staff and offer premium haircuts at an affordable price. The environment is neat, and the hair styling equipment is adequately sanitized. Also, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the barbers prioritize customer relations.

Blackmarket Barber Company

Blackmarket Barber Company brings traditional hairstyling to you at affordable prices. They cater to adults and children and offer haircuts and beard care services. They have barbers with over twenty years of haircutting experience, from high-end salons in London to barbershops in Birmingham. Since they have a high influx of clientele, it would be best if you booked an appointment beforehand.

Barber Jalaal

Barber Jalaal is a relatively new business run and promoted by Jalaal, the owner. He offers excellent customer service alongside affordable yet professionally done haircuts. The store has a strong social media presence where it offers hair styling tips and various tutorials. With his well of experience, you best believe that he is mostly fully booked. Hence, you should make a reservation before you walk in.


Shepherds is a barbershop staffed with passionate professionals from Birmingham. They offer a unique haircut experience to their customers and stylists that are as invested in your hair as you are. Not only do they offer a variety of grooming services featuring their senior and junior barbers, but they also offer in-house-made products for your grooming convenience.

Jakes Barbershop

Jakes Barbershop was established over twenty-five years ago. The shop design is Edwardian in accordance with the old courtyard it is situated in. The stylists boast training from the London Vidal Sassoon Academy. That means that they consider how your hair will grow back when styling it and take excellent care while working. 


Barberology is an award-winning barber shop with barbers that have a wealth of experience and are also constantly learning new things. They promise to keep ahead of the trends and provide the latest hair and beard care services. To conveniently access the said services, ensure you make a reservation.

Goodlife Barbershop

Goodlife is a haircutting business with a strong presence all over England, including Birmingham. The store has a rich, comfortable atmosphere and offers a wide range of services geared toward giving you the best hair day experience. Their services are a bit pricey but well worth it, and their website has an interactive where you choose your preferred service.

Robert Henry for Men

Robert Henry For Men is a barbershop determined to polish the image you project. Mostly run by Robert Henry himself, he offers professional consultation on everything grooming. Visiting Robert Henry for Men is a full experience, from the deep shampoo massage after your cut to the warm towels. The business also has a long list of five-star reviews.

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