Find the Best Barber Shops in Nashville!

Scout's Barbershop

Scout's Barbershop is a locally owned enterprise with five locations in Nashville City. That, coupled with the shop's cozy furniture and versatile manscaping services, has earned a revered reputation in the city. With each branch accepting walk-ins, you do not need to make reservations. However, if you wouldn't like to wait for long periods, it's best to book ahead.

Joe's Barber Shop

Joe's Barber Shop is a renowned grooming establishment that has gained the trust of numerous Nashville locals. Located in the tranquil Granny White Pike area, the shop has an air of safety and a relaxing feel. The establishment also has a parking area reserved for customers so you can get a crisp haircut without worrying about getting a parking ticket.

Outlaw Barber Shop

The Outlaw Barber Shop is an elite option for all manscaping services. With its warm lighting and well-boarded floors, the barber shop has a serene environment that gives off a homely vibe. The Outlaw boasts a lineup of astute barbers who listen to your every instruction carefully and follow it. However, the shop is appointment-only, so it's best to check their site before visiting.

Forty Ten Barber Studio

The satisfaction of a customer is the pride of every stylist. The barbers at The Forty Ten Barber Studio certainly seem to think so as they execute every request with superb precision while maintaining a friendly smile. On their website, you'd find a catalog of their premium services, including shampooing, a haircut, and a shave combo package for a decent price.

Bowtie Barber Club

The Bowtie Barber Club is a traditional barbershop with a modern twist. The club is known for offering a unique set of hair care services, plus massages and shampooing, which accompany your usual haircut. This shop is also stacked with an ensemble of talented barbers passionate about giving you the best grooming service. Thus, you get a first-class experience.

Uncle Classic Barbershop

The Uncle Classic Barbershop is a prestigious grooming center that provides tip-top hair services to men of all age groups and professions. However, if you are elderly or in the military, you will find this shop extra welcoming as they offer a discount across all services for men in such groups. You may need a valid ID to get this discount, so be sure to go with one.

The Moose Men's Grooming Lounge

The Moose Men's Grooming Lounge doubles as a barbershop and a relaxation spot for enjoying a cool beer after a nice shave. The lounge offers a plethora of hairstyling options, so they've got you covered whether you're going for a vintage cut, cowboy look, or a trendy fade. The brand also sells various self-produced grooming products, which you can cop via their website or store.

Collins & Co. Barbershop

The Collins & Co. Barbershop is the perfect place for men looking to get a sophisticated look on a budget. With a stacked service menu that includes a variety of hair grooming options, from classic cuts to simple shampooing, you will find the perfect fit for you. You'd have to book an appointment ahead of time, as the store does not attend to random walk-ins.

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