Find the Best Barber Shops in Brisbane!

Bare Bones Barbershop

In the spirit of maintaining the traditional ways of barbering, this barber shop doesn’t do appointments. Walk in, wait your turn and get pretty. You don’t have to worry about waiting for too long. Why? Well, Bare Bones Barbershop is a 7-chair establishment. Even though the cost of an average haircut set at AU$42 seems steep, they are kind enough to subsidize the price for kids and seniors.

The Chopspot Barbershop

Founded in 2015, this barbershop is one of the few that claim to cater to all gender and age brackets. However, they seem to specialize in men’s haircuts and other barbering services, including straight-razor shaving and beard grooming. Nevertheless, they know their stuff. The cost of a standard men’s haircut is AU$50.

Peaky Barbers

Located in Woolloongabba, this barbershop is one of those that offer you a drink and help you escape your hectic life for a bit. With skilled barbers who are neither sloths nor cheetahs when doing haircuts, Peaky Barbers have you coming back for more haircuts. They consistently deliver. Before booking an appointment, you should check out their cancellation policy.

ESQ Male Grooming

A grooming center befitting of a member of the gentry, ESQ Male Grooming merges the best parts of traditional and contemporary barbering practices. Qantas’ Travel Insider claimed that ESQ Male Grooming is “administering Brisbane’s best beard love.” That’s a testament to the establishment’s good work. The cost of a haircut here costs AU$55 to AU$60.

HQ Male Grooming

HQ Male Grooming is pretty much the headquarters of the best grooming places for men in Brisbane. Not only do their barbers give high-quality haircuts, but they also do so while using the best products to pamper you. What’s more? They are very affordable for the high-quality services they offer. You can easily book an appointment on their website.

Bou’s For Men

Not just a barber shop but also a place to buy some of the best self-care gifts for men, Bou’s for men is a brand that knows what men want. With four locations in Brisbane, this brand offers traditional barbershop services to its clients. Their service rates are a little high. However, the customer service is excellent.

Mr. Hackett Luxury Barber

Mr. Hackett Luxury Barber is one barber shop that’s not for anyone on a budget. It reeks of luxury, class, and high service rates. The head barber Greg Whatling has more than 45 years of experience in the hair business. Thankfully, the senior barber Tim who handles walk-ins from Tuesday to Saturday is a master of his craft. At a whooping AU $88, you’’ get a haircut here.

The Electric Chair Barbershop

The Electric Chair is one heck of a name. Thankfully, sitting in one of the chairs at this barber shop is not an execution but an opportunity to have a great barber shop experience. Across its four locations in Brisbane, you are sure to get a free drink and a hot towel with your service of choice. A standard haircut costs AU$43 with an AU$5 discount for students. Student haircuts are not available on weekends, though.

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