Find the Best Barber Shops in Philadelphia!

Branded Barber

A new brand in Philly's male grooming industry, Branded Barber, is like a Phoenix which rose out of the ashes (A.K.A. COVID-19). In the middle of the second wave, Gionna Borgesi realized the need for a luxury men's salon where men could "brand" their style and image. Today, the place is a pretty popular spot in the neighborhood, and it's not expensive. A haircut costs $30 only.

The Philadelphia Barber Co.

Here's one barber shop where the staff offers you complimentary beverages with live mini-shows to ease your wait. However, that is not all there is to The Philadelphia Barber Co. This establishment boasts some of the city's most experienced and skilled barbers. They are not the cheapest, but you get an outstanding barbering experience.

The King of Shave

The barbers at King of Shave do a pretty good job on all their barbering services for your everyday grooming needs. Even more impressive is that they can transform you into a King for the day you say, "i do." How come? Well, they do have expert-licensed barbers. Mystery solved. For $35, you can get a traditional scissor cut here. They also have some fantastic packages you should check out.

Philly Fade Factory

An award-winning barber shop, Philly Fade Factory is one of the cheapest top-tier barber shops in Philly. These barbers charge $20 to hook you with crisp fades. There's even a $5 discount for kids eleven years old and younger. They were a lot cheaper before the pandemic hit. However, they are still very affordable and worth every penny too. They prefer appointments, but they always welcome walk-ins.

NIC Grooming Barber Shop

A legacy of the Berardi family, NIC Grooming barbershop is an epitome of a perfect union of old-school barbering traditions and modern technology. With four easily accessible locations in Philadelphia, this brand offers three primary services to its patrons. They are haircuts, straight-razor shaves, and color treatments, and they all cost 50 bucks each. The barber shop is open every day and only accepts walk-ins.

Barbershop Denim

On Historic South Street, you'll find Barbershop Denim, a barber shop with a track record of satisfying clients. The barbers here pay attention to detail and give you a bespoke barbering experience. Also, they specialize in men's cuts, beard trims, and kid's cuts. You get a razor shave on your neck with every haircut to give you a crisp finish. The price of a men's cut is pretty steep at $50.

Barber on 24th

This neighborhood barber shop is owned and managed by a couple and has been in business since 2007. The staff is skilled for the most part. However, there have been some complaints about specific barbers. Other than that, this is a great spot to get your haircut. Walk-ins are welcome if the barbers are not busy with other clients. To avoid disappointment or a seemingly endless wait time, you are better off booking an appointment. 

DAPR Grooming Parlour

With glowing reviews on Google, DAPR continues to stand out amid the many barber shops in Philly. Most of the credit goes to Josh Demarco and his team of talented barbers, plus the lovely setting of the grooming parlour. It also helps that Josh, the founder, is a fabulous educator, among other things. Note that they run an appointment-only system, and their prices are high.

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