Find the Best Barber Shops in Austin!

Marshall’s Barber Shop

Marshall’s is a black-owned barbershop located in East Austin. It’s been around for a long time, an unmistakable quality you can observe from the old-school vibe of the building’s exterior. The barbers here are particularly adept at cutting and styling textured hair, and their rates are pretty affordable. Thankfully, walk-ins are always welcome.

Kirby the Barber

Operated and owned by a father and son duo, this barbershop used to be situated at 7th and Brazos. However, they now run it in their home at 39th and Red River. Kirby, the barber, is an appointment-based establishment, so don’t expect them to take walk-ins. Also, they only accept cash and do not accommodate kids under ten years of age.

Finley’s Barber Shop

Finley’s brand has about eight locations in Austin alone. Dedicated to maintaining the sparkling reputation of the brand, its various locations try to give a consistent experience to clients. Finley’s Barber Shop services include the regular barber shop services plus color treatment, facials, and waxing. Finley’s cheapest hair package for men costs $40.

Adolph’s Barber Shop

At very affordable rates, the barbers here will fix you up nicely. Being one of the oldest barber shops in Austin, Adolph’s Barber Shop specializes in old-school haircuts. They execute them with some modern flair too. A regular men’s cut is $17, while a women’s cut has a starting price of $20. On Wednesdays, they cater to persons above 65 years for $14 only.

The Good Life Barber Shop

Formerly situated on Brazos, Downtown Austin, The Good Life Barber Shop recently moved to a new location. The grooming center is the brainchild of a mother and son duo who had the vision to create a safe space for men to relax while getting groomed to perfection. Today, the brand has two locations, one housed in a train car at Feed Station. Stop by and enjoy some beer or coffee at the house.

The Rosewood Barbershop

This relatively young establishment was set up in 2018 by two barbers who wanted to make a change in the modern barbershop industry. They believe that having a warm relationship with their clients is a part of the barbering experience. That’s one of the reasons why they never carry products they do not believe in. While offering their reasonably-priced services, they only accept cash in return.

Barbon’s Barbershop

Austin Monthly has awarded Barbon’s Barbershop “Best Barbershop” for three consecutive years. It’s not surprising since regulars and past clients highly recommended their services. In this barbershop, you enjoy locally brewed beverages while you wait your turn. Don’t forget to check out their cancellation policy before booking an appointment.

Avenue Barber Shop

Avenue Barber Shop is a neighborhood hair grooming center located on South Congress Avenue. Since 1933, this barber shop has been in business. No surprise there. The place is always staffed with barbers who know what they are doing. To skip the crazy waiting lines, you are advised to book an appointment. Also, the accepted form of payment is cash only. 

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