Find the Best Barber Shops in Bengaluru!

Just A Barber Shop

Just A Barber Shop is a state-of-the-art barbing hub with a modern but simplistic interior decor. The store boasts an array of neatly arranged furniture, including an immaculate cabinet set that complements its checkered floors beautifully. The brand’s barbering team are no slackers either, as they deliver first-class contemporary and old-fashioned haircuts with ease.

Manifest Men & Women Celebrity Salon

Manifest Men & Women Celebrity Salon is a unisex grooming center founded by K. Thyagaraj, an award-winning hairstylist. The store offers only the best hair, nail, and skin care services. Over the years, the brand has set and maintained a high-quality standard. Thus, earning them the trust of their now loyal customers.

Dreams Salon & Spa

The Dreams Salon & Spa is a luxurious, unisex grooming center that offers an array of first-rate services. These range from the standard haircuts and beard trims to the special add-ons, including deep conditioning and face de-tans. Sadly, the cost of service leans towards the pricier side. However, their professionalism and quality ensure you get great value for your money.

New Look Men’s Salon

A team of friendly yet professional barbers is easily the staple feature of New Look Men’s Salon. That, coupled with the shop’s pretty affordable services and well-organized interior, makes it one of the best-reviewed grooming spots in Bengaluru. The barber shop also has an interactive business website, via which you can make inquiries on their rates and services.

Dreams Men’s Salon - Vijayanagar

The Dreams Men’s Salon is a manscaping store revered for its strong online presence. Its retail services are perhaps just as impressive as they deal in multiple hair grooming products. That includes shampoos and serums made by the leading brand, L’Oreal. In addition, the salon also provides top-notch hair shaves and head massages.

Moustache Barbershop

The Moustache Barbershop is an old-school manscaping store with barbers whose specialty lies in the basics of men’s hair grooming: cuts, shaves, and trims. Founded in 2015, the neighborhood barber shop has consistently delivered quality cuts for years and still keeps at it. Unfortunately, the brand has no website, but they do have a Facebook account where you can find the barber shop’s contact info.

AVV Men’s Beauty Salon

The AVV Men’s Beauty Salon is a compact-sized manscaping enterprise that holds customer satisfaction in high regard. The barbershop impressively stays open for over 10 hours every day of the week. Hence, you can drop by early in the morning before starting your day or late at night after your work hours. You can also opt for home service.

The Barber Shop & Spa - Unisex

The Barber Shop & Spa is a well-known grooming establishment in Bengaluru city. At a decent price point, the salon offers various hairstyling and massage therapy services. Luckily, the brand also periodically offers massive discount plans which last for limited periods. These details are available for your viewing pleasure on the store’s website. 

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