Find the Best Barber Shops in Bristol!

Daniel Rymer Barbering Specialists

In 2015, Daniel Rymer founded the Daniel Rymer Barbering Specialists. Since then, they have worked with international brands, London, New York, and Paris fashion shows, and The Brits Awards.

Their talented staff and knowledge of latest trends has earned them multiple awards over the years. You can book an appointment with them during their opening hours from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Exposure Men's Studio

Exposure Men's Studio is a top-tier barber shop specializing in skin grooming and hair styling services such as coloring, beard trims, fades, facials, and hot towel shaves. 

First-time customers receive bonuses up to 10% on any salon services. Also, they provide complimentary drinks for their clients upon their arrival. They're open for business from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Men's Cave Barber Shop

In 2018, Khaled, an esteemed barber with over a decade of barbering experience, established the Men's Cave Barber Shop. Before long, they became known for their first-rate services, work ethic, and passion for hair styling.

Currently, they have two stores operating in Bristol. You can book an appointment at any of their branches when they open for business, from Mondays to Sundays. 

Scammells Barbershop

In the last three decades, Scammells Barbershop has provided exemplary customer service and stunning haircuts to their clients at Staple Hill, Bristol. They have received great reviews for their talented barbers and friendly atmosphere. 

They specialize in crew cuts, skin fades, and beard trims. It's advisable to book an appointment before going to their store to avoid waiting.

Franco's Barbering Lounge

Franco's Barbering Lounge has provided superb hair grooming services in Bristol for nearly forty years. Over the years, they have evolved by merging their traditional barbering knowledge with modern styles and facilities.

Asides from their hair styling services, they have an online store where you can easily purchase various grooming products. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays.

Mugshot Barber

In 2019, Ben, a prominent barber who had been in the hair industry for over five years, established Mugshot Barber. Since then, they have succeeded in creating a store where their customers can chat and relax while they enjoy a great barbering experience.

You can get a buzz cut, skin fade, or trim your beards at their store during their business hours from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Gio's Barber Shop

In 2006, Giovanni Licata founded Gio's Barber Shop aiming to provide luxurious barbering services to the gents in Bristol. Their store became an instant hit because of their pristine hygiene and peaceful aura.

Some of their popular services include full scissor cuts, skin fades, zero fades, and standard haircuts. They're open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

Zero Barbershop

Zero Barbershop is one of the most remarkable hair salons in Bristol today. Most of the reviews from their clients compliment their distinct style, friendly but professional barbers, and great attention to detail.

Some of their services include kid cuts, adult cuts, buzz cuts, clipper cuts, beard trims, and hot towel shaves. They're open for business from Mondays to Saturdays.  

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