Find the Best Barber Shops in Chennai!

Get-in Men’s Luxury Salon & Spa

The Get-in Men’s Luxury Salon & Spa is a deluxe grooming spot with an attractive layout. The salon has a team of skilled professionals known for their outstanding craftsmanship and friendliness. Hence, they give their customers the best experience. The store also has a vibrantly designed website where you can find useful info such as their price list and contact details.

Trend Setter Men’s Hair and Beauty Salon

Trend Setter Men’s Hair and Beauty Salon is an all-inclusive enterprise with largely positive reviews. The store offers various conventional services such as hair clipping and more atypical ones like manicures, pedicures, and hair coloring. Thus, giving you a wide variety of grooming and styling options. In addition, they accept walk-ins, so you don’t need to call ahead.

Studio Green Men’s Salon

The Studio Green Men’s Salon is an affordable and nicely ordered shop well known among locals. Equipped with competent hairstylists, the store offers a range of hair and beard-cutting services. Conveniently, the salon operates seven days a week and opens as early as 7 am each day while closing late at night. Hence, giving you ample time to meet their working hours.

The Atti Spot

The Atti Spot is a relatively new grooming establishment, but its premium customer service has earned it a pretty stable clientele. The brand offers a plethora of hair care options, including coloring, clipping, and straightening. Conveniently, they also provide home services, so you don’t need to make your way to the salon every time. However, this may attract extra fees.

SR Miracle Men Salon

The SR Miracle Men Salon is a luxurious shop with an aesthetically brilliant design. The salon offers a variety of clipping options, from minor shaping touch-ups to full cuts and fades. The brand’s services aren’t limited to clipping, though, as they also do facials and body waxing. These are, however, quite pricey, but the experience offered is well worth it.

The US Park Men’s Beauty Salon

The US Park Men’s Beauty Salon is a medium-sized barbershop with a relaxing ambiance. They offer various manscaping services, as they provide trimming and shaving options alike. The salon has quality stylists who deliver the best customer experience at a reasonable price. This stellar service has earned it numerous 5-star reviews from its loyal customers.

Cheap & Best Men’s Salon

The Cheap & Best Men’s Salon, true to its name, is one of Chennai’s best and most affordable barber shops. With over a dozen branches situated in strategic hot zones, the salon is easily accessible from most parts of the city. The franchise also has a set of fairly active social media accounts where you can seamlessly find various trendy hairstyles which you can get done at each location.

McKingstown Men’s Grooming

McKingstown Men’s Grooming is undeniably one of Chennai’s most elite barbershop franchises. The establishment offers many services, from the typical haircuts to the more sophisticated facials and even dandruff treatments suitable for all age groups. The store is also known for its nicely tiled floors and luminous lighting with a fancy yet tranquil look.

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