Find the Best Barber Shops in Phoenix!

Shave and Fade

The owner of Shave and Fade, Nicholas Delaney Kakuriev, is a third-generation master barber who has been cutting hair since his teenage years. With his experience, he has put together a team of highly-skilled barbers to satisfy your grooming needs. The barbers here are also very good with kids. In addition, there's a lounge area in the barber shop where you can wait your turn.

Pikasso Barbershop

Situated close to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Pikasso Barbershop is staffed with barbers licensed by the Arizona State Board of Barbers. It certainly is one of the hot spots for men's hairstyling and grooming needs in the city. While you settle into the relaxing atmosphere of this barber shop, you can rest assured that your barber knows his stuff. All barbers here can handle any hair type.

Central Barbershop

With close to ninety years in the hair grooming business, this barber shop is one of the oldest in the area. It has been described as old-fashioned with great customer service. So if you're looking to get a traditional cut, Central Barbershop might be your best bet. The good and bad news is they only welcome walk-ins. No appointments mean you have to wait if they have a full house.

Pinky's Barbershop

Operated and owned by Greg, a master barber, the barber shop offers you a private and personal barbering experience. Greg pulls off just about any haircut you desire. With his many years of experience, he uses efficient techniques most barbers never learn at barber school. Only appointments are accepted; no walk-ins. Also, don't forget to go with cash.

Barbershop Jack

Located in North Phoenix, this barber shop provides hair styling and spa services. They even do teeth whitening. Labeled by Phoenix Magazine as the "Best Barber in the Valley," Barbershop Jack aims to give its clients high-end experiences at relatively affordable rates. A standard haircut costs $34 with an $8 discount for kids and seniors.

12th Street Barbers

At 12th Street Barbers, you are presented with some of the cheapest quality haircuts in the city. With a regular short haircut price being $23, there's still a $3 discount for senior citizens and kids 14 years and under. They do facial hair grooming as well. Every weekday except Mondays, they accept appointments and walk-ins. However, on weekends, it's walk-in only.

Ace of Fades Executive Barbershop

Finding a barber who can do a nice fade is not easy. However, you cannot go wrong by booking an appointment with Ace of Fades. The barbers here know their stuff, and doing fades is just one of the many things they are great at. They are open all week except Mondays. Being as good as they are, they are mostly busy, so it's best to book an appointment before you visit.

True North Barbershop

True North Barbershop is one of the many barber shops that claim to uphold the traditional art of barbering with a modern twist. They specialize in classic men's haircuts ranging from pompadours to executive contours. However, that's not all. They also do facial hair trims and hot towel shaves. Lastly, their modus operandi is an appointment-based system.

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