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Owned by Andrea Degenhardt, The Hair Cave is another great barber shop offering fresh and precise hair cuts to suit their client's needs. They have technical knowledge and skills in hair coloring, styling, and men's grooming. Their working days are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. However, they do not welcome walk-in clients but only accept online bookings.

Highly rated and reviewed, Ybor City Barbering Company is a noteworthy barber shop in Tampa. Their clients have described them as laid back, friendly, and comfortable. They are a team of skilled barbers, who are also friends, with specializations in different techniques and aspects of hair styling. Their prices are fair, and they offer complimentary drinks with each haircut. 

SOHO Shave Co. is a relatively new licensed barber shop with an effectively trained team of barbers. They specialize in hair styling and always strive to adopt the most efficient techniques in their practice. They prioritize their clients' unique looks by providing quality and excellent services. Furthermore, they accommodate walk-in clients, but you are encouraged to book an appointment. 

Since its establishment in 2015, consistency, accessibility, and exceptional service have made Heritage barbershop and salon arguably one of the best in Tampa. The shop has an ambient, professional, but friendly environment. They also utilize and sell professional-grade products. Their prices are not the cheapest; however, it is well-spent money. They also serve complimentary drinks.  

Equipped with attention to detail, Hyde Park barbershop provides its clients quality service, skillfulness, and a cozy, friendly atmosphere. They offer the typical haircuts and shaves to men and children along with special services like ear waxing, nose waxing, and color enhancements. Remarkably, they are available to cater to your hair every day of the week, including Sundays. 

Cigar City barber shop prides itself as Tampa's old-school barbershop offering traditional barber shop services from straight razor and hot towel shaves to military and gentleman haircuts. It is a bilingual barbershop that caters to Tampa's Spanish and English-speaking communities. Book an appointment to enjoy an impeccable barbing experience anytime from Monday to Saturday.

Fade Masters has seen rapid improvements to its brand and services since its establishment in 2002. The seven-branched barber shop specializes in urban haircuts and beard grooming. Additionally, it furnishes its branches with the latest barbing equipment to promote efficiency and comfortability. You can find them open on Mondays to Saturdays at all their branches.

Since 2007, WestSide barber shop has offered exceptional haircare services, including straight razor shaving, hair styling, and beard grooming, to men of all ages. These services come at reasonable prices with discounted rates for military personnel and seniors. Their skilled barbers are available to cater to your hair needs every day of the week, except Sundays.

With an easily accessible location, the establishment attracts an impressive number of clients. They offer a wide variety of services, which include hair treatments for customers. The barber shop/hair studio conveniently caters to both men and women with all types of hair textures. They offer all these services at affordable rates and premium quality.

Main Event Barbers

Having been in the barbering business for about fifteen years, Main Event Barbers have the stellar reputation of pulling off both traditional and modern cuts for their valued customers. The barbers are talented, skilled and ethical. They provide services that include haircuts, classic hot towel shaves, and beard trims. In addition, haircut prices start from $20. 

Established In 2017, this enterprise offers hair grooming packages to its customers. They provide a wide range of services for all hair types, some of which include hair coloring and even facials. The place is cozy, and the staff maintain a high level of professionalism. It is open on all days of the week, and the prices are affordable.

With a team of six barbers and hairstylists led by Jacob McDougal, this barbershop offers services such as haircuts, shaves, and beard trims. They also have female stylists who provide women's haircuts, trims, perms and other hairstyling services. Though they cater to walk-ins, you are advised to book appointments to ensure a swift experience. 

Specialized in men's haircuts and straight razor shaves, this barbershop merges the traditional barber shop techniques with modern modifications. Since 2009, the neighborhood barber shop has served kids and men with different hair types. Besides being staffed with barbers who are professionals at what they do, the place has a laid-back and easy-going atmosphere. 

Bottle and Barlow is an adult-only bar and barbershop. Here, customers can have a drink or two while they wait their turn. The owner of the place, Anthony Giannotti, is popularly known for his unique styling skills and for creating his own hair products. While it's closed on Sundays and Mondays, the barber shop is open every other day of the week. Haircuts start from as low as $35.  

Situated in the center of midtown Sacramento, this establishment caters to all genders. The barbershop has barbers and stylists talented at delivering stunning and creative haircuts. The space is neat with a pleasant ambience that makes you feel comfortable. Their standard haircut prices start from $33, with $5 off on cuts for kids and seniors.

Barber Blues is a barbershop that promises to deliver a wholesome experience to its customers. They execute modern and traditional haircut styles with a team of skilled and experienced barbers. Their services include custom hot towel shaves, haircuts, bread trims and many more. They also have special services for seniors, children and active military men. 

The glowing customer ratings and reviews speak for the outstanding attention to quality that the barbers here have. 

Visiting this barber shop goes beyond getting a haircut; it's a wonderful experience. The pricing is also good for the quality of services offered. While kids can get their haircut for $25, an adult’s haircut costs $40.

Located on Flushing Avenue, The Stepping Razor Barbershop was founded in 2010 by Danny Baptista. Despite specializing in classic American styles and shaves, the barbers here are versatile enough to grant your modern hairstyle wishes. For New York City, their rates are pretty reasonable. A standard haircut costs $40.

A traditional barbershop offering traditional barbering services with a modern twist, the Black Rabbit Barbershop is a great place to get a moderately-priced haircut in the Brooklyn area. 

Also, the environment is comfortable enough to help you relax while you get groomed. While walk-ins are accepted, they prefer that you book an appointment. A standard haircut here costs $40.

Open seven days a week, the Corner Barber Shop might not be the cheapest in the Brooklyn area, but they do have reasonable rates. 

Besides haircuts, the barbers here offer traditional barbering services like hot shaves and beard trims. They accept walk-ins and appointment bookings with a preference for cash payments. However, they do accept credit cards.

Here’s another upscale place that caters to the hair grooming needs of men and women. With a client list featuring celebrities like Chris Brown and Idris Elba, you can rest assured that the quality of services here is no joke. 

The owner, Adrian Fanus, believes that a barbershop should be inclusive and non-judgemental, and that’s exactly what AFG provides. 

Housing some of the best barbers in the area, the Gentlemen’s Barber Shop is your go-to place to get almost any kind of haircut you want. "

They are skilled enough to recreate classic haircuts and contemporary styles. You also get a complimentary beverage along with hot towels. Their rates are a bit high, with a standard haircut costing $50.

With two locations in the Brooklyn area and four locations altogether in NYC, this hair grooming brand prides itself on giving each customer an unforgettable grooming experience. They mean that in a positive way, of course. 

Using the best tools and products, their greatly skilled and licensed barbers bring your preferred haircuts to life. The price of a typical haircut is $32.

Owned by Magda Ryczko, Hairrari is the perfect balance between a barbershop and a salon. Plus, it is a gender-neutral and all-inclusive space. 

Although the barbers specialize in short hair, they can also cater comfortably to customers who want to shape up their long hair. They offer quality services which come at steep prices. For instance, a buzz cut costs as high as $50.

The brainchild of two local barbers, Legends is not just a place to get a haircut and dip. It’s intended to be a relaxation spot as well. 

At Legends, there are over 14 chairs to accommodate appointment bookings and walk-ins. Hence, your wait time is significantly reduced. Note that they accept cash only, and haircuts for adults cost $25.

In terms of giving quality haircuts, the barbers at Warfleigh know what they are doing. Up until 2020, they had a walk-ins-only policy. 

A lot of customers had an issue with that because of the long wait time. Fortunately, they now accept appointment bookings. The barber shop has an old-school vibe where great conversations can thrive. Finally, a standard haircut costs $30.

A four-chair barbershop with some of the best barbers in the city, Chop Chop is the place to get yourself groomed to perfection. 

The diverse team of barbers with a variety of specializations guarantees you personalized hair grooming services irrespective of your hair type or density. The price of a regular haircut costs $30 for adults and $25 for kids 13 years and younger.

In a bid to recreate his childhood memories of visiting classic barber shops with his dad, Jim Valenzuela founded V’s Barber Shop in 1999. 

Despite not being a barber himself, he started the business to give customers the true barber shop experience at an affordable rate. Today, the franchise provides top-notch services at multiple locations in the US. 

Located in the Greenwood area of Indianapolis, Matt's Barber Shop has been in operation since 2011. Here, you have access to pretty much all the services a typical barber shop has to offer. 

The services include haircuts, straight razor shaves, and beard trims. While a kids’ haircut costs $20, the standard haircut for an adult costs $25. Also note that they accept cash only.

Reminiscent of the 1930s, the barbershop's inner decor embodies the type of services offered in the establishment. 

For over fifteen years, the barbers here have catered to the hair grooming needs of men in the downtown Indianapolis area. The store also offers an array of accessories and grooming specialty products you can purchase. 

4:59 Barber lounge opened its doors to customers in 2006. Since then, the barber shop/day spa has been dedicated to catering to the hair grooming and even skincare of men. 

They also offer classic straight razor shaves that are synonymous with traditional barber shops. With a largely female staff, this barber lounge delivers quality services at slightly pricey rates.

From top-grade haircuts to facial massages, a visit to this barbershop guarantees you some much-needed pampering. Fortunately, they also provide haircuts for kids. 

Open every day except Sundays; this establishment allows you to schedule your appointments online easily. The price of a standard haircut ranges between $30 and $40.

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