Are you looking for a cool and charming Crew Cut haircut?

If your answer is a “Yes,” you’re in the right place.


The Crew Cut is one of the most popular hairstyles you’ll find today; all thanks to its classy, stylish, and very practical look.


In this post, I’ll walk you through everything there is to know about this hairstyle including:

  • What a Crew Cut is
  • The best types available with pictures
  • How to ask a barber for a Crew Cut
  • As well as a few useful styling and maintenance tips

Awesome, right?

Let’s begin, shall we?

What is a Crew Cut?

The basic idea behind the Crew Cut is this:

You have relatively short hair on top of your head while the sides and back are kept shorter or faded – usually tapered.

The hair on top is styled in an almost upright position and graduates in length with longer hair at the front and shorter hair at the back/crown.

This means that in the profile view, you will get an almost horizontal outline.


Let’s take a look at some of the best Crew Cut variations available today.

#1 Classic Crew Cut

Classic Crew Cut
Source: @essepebarbearia

If you asked me to describe this hairstyle, I’d say:

The Classic Crew Cut is versatile, clean, stylish, simple, low-maintenance, and can be styled in a variety of ways.


Well, for one, you can style it up, off to the side, or in the middle; whichever path you decide to take, it will always look good.

Want to give it a try?

Here’s a video that will show you how to do a proper Crew Cut hairstyle:

Pro tip:

Use a little bit of pomade to give it some shine – but not too much.

Due to its low maintenance, everyday grooming becomes a walk in the park.

#2 Modern Crew Cut

Modern Crew Cut
Source: @thebarbercole

For anyone who loves trying out trendy new hairstyles, this one might just be it.


It’s not so different from the classic Crew Cut.


It does come with a little bit of added style and flamboyance.

Simply put, it’s the type of hairstyle that will leave you walking with your head held high and your confidence unmatched.

What makes it special?

Well, it features a longer fringe that can be styled in several ways.

For example:

You can transform it into a Quiff, pompadour, and even a comb-over. This affords you greater versatility for different occasions.

#3 Textured Crew Cut

Textured Crew Cut
Source: @barbergreg

Looking for a little bit of texture…? Try this messy version of a normal Crew Cut.

It looks great, unique, and is designed to give you a more relaxed, laid back appearance.


Texturing of hairstyles has been there for ages, but there’s something about the textured Crew Cut that makes it look and feel new every time.

Want to give it a try?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it like a pro:

Basically, adding a bit of texture to your Crew Cut will give you a more contemporary and dapper appearance.

#4 Ivy League Crew Cut

Ivy League Crew Cut
Source: @contessabrule

I’ve got to admit:

Combining the sophistication and expensive appearance of the Ivy League haircut with the simplicity and versatility of a Crew Cut is a sure way to achieve what I call, “The Chick-Magnet Haircut.”

The Ivy League Crew Cut is the definition of a precise, sharp, and polished look.

Moreover, this hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways.

For instance:

You can use some styling products and comb it over to the side for a formal look or roughed up for a more casual day.


This hairstyle can make your hair appear thicker than it is.

#5 Side Swept Crew Cut

Side Swept Crew Cut
Source: @alex_mr_sinister

If you want to look and feel like a celebrity, the Side Swept Crew Cut should be at the top of your list.

Get this:

It’s a haircut that’s contradictory in many ways i.e. it looks complicated yet it’s easy to maintain; it looks laid-back but still an awesome cut for an office gig.


The secret to having a great side-swept Crew Cut is balance.

How do you do it?

For starters, make sure the hair on top has a more natural feel to it. You can also give it a little bit of texture.

Next, you should have a nice fade on the side (having short hair also works).

#6 Layered Crew Cut

Layered Crew Cut
Source: @rockstarsbarbersch

Get this:

The purpose of layering is to give an illusion of volume and length. Thus, adding layers to your Crew Cut can dramatically change your appearance.

You want a haircut that’s unique and personalized, right?


While layering is relatively easy provided you know your way around hair clipper guard and blade sizes, you should remember that longer layers allude to length while shorter layers allude to volume.

Alternatively, you can choose to go with uniform layers – long or short – throughout.

#7 Long Crew Cut

Long Crew Cut
Source: @the.barbers.wife

Point to note:

Not all Crew Cuts feature short hair… Sometimes it takes longer hair to spruce up your look.


The long Crew Cut isn’t so popular; mainly because it goes against the core features that define this hairstyle.


It is a great choice for a fresh contemporary look that is still relatively easy to style.

To sport this look, the hair on top should be between 2 and 3 inches long. Going beyond that limit will completely change your hairstyle’s name into something else.

Pro Tip:

Use a good matte product to help your hair stay upright when styling.

#8 Army Crew Cut

Army Crew Cut
Source: @610legends

Sharp, easy to maintain, highly-contrasting, and a look that screams determination and focus.

These are just some of the many ways to describe the Army Crew Cut.


The military’s version of the Crew Cut is high, tight, and with a skin fade on the sides and back.

If your job or position requires shorter hair lengths (e.g. athletes, police, and military personnel) then this hairstyle will work just fine.


The military Crew Cut is not only easy to style but it also looks professional and will grow out beautifully.

#9 Side Parted Crew Cut

Side Parted Crew Cut
Source: @jerrys_oldtyme_barbershop

Let’s face it:

The Side-Part never goes out of fashion.

And when neatly combined with a Crew Cut, the end result is a sleek, stylish, low-maintenance, and charming hairstyle.

This haircut offers you a more bold and interesting look that doesn’t require a lot of energy to pull off or maintain.

To get this haircut:

You have to, first, do a Side Part. That way, when you trim down your hair into a Crew Cut, the end result will be uniform and neatly done.

Once the Side Part is done, you can now proceed to do a normal Crew Cut haircut.

And that is it folks – my top nine recommendations as far as Crew Cuts go.

Did you find one that you like?

If so, tell me about it and why you think it’s right for you in the comments section below.


Before I wrap up, let me leave you with a few awesome and useful tips to use when dealing with Crew Cuts…

How to Ask a Barber for a Crew Cut


If cutting your hair at home seems daunting or you are having trouble getting it right, you can always go to a barbershop.

Luckily, due to the Crew Cut’s popularity, many barbers will recognize the name and its variations.

But, if you can, carry a reference photo and show it to your barber; especially, if what you’re after is a unique variation of the hairstyle.

If you don’t have a photo then be as specific as possible with things like:

  • What kind of fade you prefer (you can also give the clipper blade and guard sizes).
  • Use the right terminologies whenever you can.
  • Finish up by deciding how you want your neckline to be trimmed (rounded, tapered, or blocked).

Before I end the post, here’s one last thing I think you’ll find useful…

 Check the tutorial How to Give Yourself a Crew Cut. 

How to Maintain a Crew Cut


The Crew Cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle; meaning that styling can be optional and sometimes downright unnecessary.


If styling is your thing, you can always apply a bit of wax, gel, or pomade to your Crew Cut to give it more height and texture.

What’s more?

If you have longer hair at the fringe there are a variety of ways to style it.

For example, you can turn it into a:

  • Mini-Pompadour
  • Side Part
  • Or Comb-Over


Hair growth maintenance is mandatory if you want to keep your Crew Cut looking nice and fresh. Therefore, having a trim at least twice a month is essential.

In Conclusion…

Well, there you have it – everything you should know about the Crew Cut Haircut.

I really enjoyed writing this and hope you find it useful in a way.


What’s your favorite Crew Cut Hairstyle? Also, do you have any questions?

If so, don’t hesitate to say something in the comments section below. Till next time, #StaySafe.

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