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Scruffy Beard Style

A Scruffy Beard is simply facial hairs in their rugged natural look. This low-maintenance style is ideal for men looking for a bold, rough, and stylish beard style; i.e., something that sits between a stubble and a full beard.


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Styling Tips

  • The secret to a great-looking scruffy beard is beard oil
  • To complete your carefree look, pair a scruffy beard with a matching hairstyle
  • Occasionally, trim the hair around the mouth

7 Different And Trendy Scruffy Beard Styles To Try

1. The Scruffy Stubble

Scruffy Stubble Beard

Get this:

A Scruffy Stubble is when the facial hairs are at the late stubble stages. This will be around the 10th day when the facial hair strands are about 4-5mm long.


The best things about a scruff include reduced itchiness and fewer knots & tangles; since the hair strands are relatively short.

While you can continuously trim the beard, the edges should be left natural. And, like with any scruffy beard style, keep your facial hair hydrated using beard oil. 

2. Polished Scruffy Beard Style

´Polished Scruffy Beard


The Polished Scruffy Beard style can be of any length, provided stray hairs are trimmed and combed. This style is ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance beard that’s not so rough in appearance

More so:

A Polished Scruff is a smart option for those who need a carefree, yet professional-looking, beard once in a while; for attending weekly or monthly meetings. 

3. Salt and Pepper Scruff

Salt and Pepper Scruff


A Salt and Pepper Scruff is a mix of black, silver, and grey facial hair strands that look rough and unkempt

While there are several ways to get a temporary salt and pepper look, this style is best for those with natural white and silver hair. This helps to keep it low maintenance. 

4. Scruffy Beard With Mustache

Scruffy Beard with Mustache

A great way to divert attention from your rugged and uneven beard is to have a bold mustache style like the handlebar. 

Cool, right?

However, this style is best for those who have long mustache hairs. What’s more, you can pair this style with a short or long beard

5. Scruffy, Ginger Facial Hair Style

Scruffy Ginger Facial Hair

Most people will agree that:

A Ginger beard looks attractive even when rugged and uneven. And that’s probably because only 1-2% of men have a natural Ginger beard. 


The ginger look diverts attention from the ruggedness of the beard. Thus, allowing you to wear an unkempt, scruffy beard and still look stylish.  

Also, the thick beard can either be short, medium, or long

6. Scruffy Neck Beard

Scruffy Neck Beard with Slick Back Haircut

For this scruffy beard style, the hair just below the neckline is trimmed. But the neck hairs are left unchecked to achieve this look. 

What’s more?

There is no restriction on the length, but stubble-size facial hair looks better. The style is low-maintenance and cheap to keep. 

7. The Blonde Scruffy Facial Hair Style

Blonde Scruffy Facial Hair


Just like the Ginger or Salt n’ Pepper Scruff, another great way to disguise the ruggedness of a scruffy beard is to go for a blonde look


If you aren’t lucky enough to have blonde facial hair, you can always dye it.

Wrapping up


While the word scruffy means dirty, a Scruffy Beard doesn’t have to be dirty and messy. And even with the ruggedness, a Scruffy Beard has earned its spot among classy beard styles


It can be stylish; provided it’s healthy, clean, and styled correctly. Also, remember to trim it once in a while if you don’t want it to grow into a full beard. 

If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you. 

Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

A scruffy beard is facial hairs in their glory of ruggedness. The untamed look of this style exhibits masculinity and toughness. Because of its rough appearance, this style is not always ideal for those who work in the corporate world. Because people can also perceive you as untidy or having a don’t-care personality. Also, to keep it looking great, always comb your beard regularly to remove knots and tangles. And to avoid ingrown hairs. Moreover, you need to make sure you’re hydrating facial hair strands and the skin underneath them with beard oil; to avoid beard itch and dandruff.
A Scruffy Beard is also referred to as a Scraggly Beard; because it looks unkempt. And despite being scraggly, a Scruffy Beard style needs a consistent washing, maintenance, and styling routine. Note: a scruffy beard is not stubble.
According to several studies, a Stubble is rated as the most attractive beard style. But if you ask me, any style is attractive, provided it’s compatible with your face shape and styled properly.
The best way to tame a short scruffy beard is by applying beard oil regularly to keep it moist and healthy. You can also trim the beard weekly to keep it short.

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