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Blowout Haircut

The blowout hairstyle was first popular in the 90s in Brooklyn and emerged decades later, thanks to Pauly D. For this style, blow out your hair and apply pomade to strands to keep hair in place.


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Styling Tips

  • For a fresh start, wash and towel dry your hair.
  • Use a comb or blow-dryer to blow out your hair.
  • Apply styling gel to your blowout hairstyle.

10 Amazing Blowout Hairstyles for Men

1. Blowout Fade


Get this:

To create the fade haircut, gradually trim both sides of your hair till you achieve your desired fade style. Begin tapering from the temples and extend it to the back neckline.

Pairing fade with a blowout is easy. To do this, simply fade both sides of your blowout to your satisfaction.

Styling Tips:

  • Blow out your hair at the top and keep the sides shorter.
  • Choose the fade variation perfect enough for your blowout.
  • Keep edges neat and nice-looking.

2. Blowout Straight Hair


Here's the thing:

This look requires blowing out your hair and maintaining your natural hair texture. Enhance your hair's texture with texturizing products to maintain hairstyle and keep hair strands in place. You can add a low, mid, or taper fade to the sides of your hair for a blended look.

Styling Tips:

  • Use styling products to maintain your straight hair blowout.
  • This style works well with all the fade variations. Feel free to choose anyone.
  • If you have beards, pair them with the straight hair blowout for more style.

3. Blowout Taper Fade



This blowout haircut adds a taper fade on both sides of the hair, starting from the temples. The top hair is left longer while the hair on the sides is gradually tapered towards the back, highlighting the volume of the hair while showing the neat fade style on both sides of the blowout hairstyle.

Styling Tips:

  • Taper hair on both sides of your blowout hairstyle.
  • Use texturizing products to boost the texture of top hair.
  • Keep your hairline neat.

4. Messy Blowout



The messy blowout style requires little or no maintenance at all. To achieve this style, blow out your hair and stylishly mess it up with your hands. Dip your fingers in hair clay and run them through your hair, scrunching the various hair strands and rolling them in different styles with your fingers.

Styling Tips:

  • If you want your hair to have a beachy texture, apply sea salt spray.
  • Pair the messy blowout hairstyle with a sharp line-up to create an edgy look.
  • Apply styling products to neaten edges regularly.

5. Blowout Curly Hair



The curly hair blowout is another chic blowout hairstyle combination. The presence of curly hair sitting nicely on the top of the head creates a naturally excellent look that helps to elevate your look, drawing attention to your curls.

Styling Tips:

  • Thoroughly blow-dry your hair to create the right amount of frizz.
  • Use curl-enhancing products to maintain your curls.
  • You can pair this style with a low fade to highlight the sides of your blowout.

6. Short Blowout


Get this:

The short hair makes it easy for the blowout to stay in place, requiring little maintenance. The temple fades at the sides of the hair highlights the length and volume of the hair while showing neatly textured hair.

Styling Tips:

  • Use a hair sponge to create sponge curls.
  • Partner this style with a line-up to keep edges neat.
  • Apply texturizing products to keep your hair texture neat and attractive.

7. Low Fade Blowout



To create this edgy blowout style, blow out the hair on top of your head and gradually taper the sides and back of your hair two inches above your ear to add a low fade.

Styling Tips:

  • Keep the sides of your hair shorter than the top hair.
  • Use styling gel or pomade to keep your hair strands in place.
  • Use texturizing products to boost the texture of top hair.

8. Afro Blowout



The Afro Blowout is another excellent way to combine two styles into one. Blow out your afro hair, and pair it with any fade of your choice, starting from the temples to highlight your edges. Extend the fade to the back of your hair, letting it drop into your neckline like a burst fade.

Styling Tips:

  • Use a comb/ blow-dryer to blow out your hair.
  • Combine with a beard for a blended look.
  • Add a temple fade to highlight the edges of your hair.

9. High Blowout



The High blowout style shows off your hair length and volume. This full-volume appearance will have people turning their heads to admire your blowout. To add a little contrast between the big top hair and the sides, create a low taper fade on both sides of your blowout.

Styling Tips:

  • Use texturizers to enhance your hair texture.
  • Neatly trim hair edges.
  • Pair with a soft line-up to keep hair edges neat.

10. Quiffed Blowout


Get this:

The quiffed blowout style works well for both formal and informal events. It is ideal for men with long top hair.

For this style, blow out top hair straight up away from the face, then use a comb to push the ends of the hair back. You can also comb your hair to the sides rather than the back.

Styling Tips:

  • Use styling gel to mold your blowout into a chic shape at the front hairline.
  • Partner this style with a taper fade to highlight your edges.
  • Keep hair short on both sides of your blowout style.


All in all: 

Although the blowout hairstyle looks great with long or medium hair, it also works well with short hair. On the other hand, people with straight hair might have to put in an extra effort since this hair type has less volume and might not be able to stay in place for a long time. 


If you pair the blowout hairstyle with a fade, you might need to visit your barber regularly to maintain the fade style. In addition, you will need to apply styling products to your blowout hairstyle to maintain its shape.


Do not forget to ask questions and tell us what you think about the blowout hairstyle in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The blowout hairstyle is sometimes called a Brooklyn fade. It involves blowing out your hair and tapering hair at the temples and, sometimes, the neckline. This hairstyle shows a sharp contrast around the ears and highlights the hair’s volume like a pompadour or quiff.Most times, the hair is washed and blow-dried before styling with a variety of products to maintain the blowout hairstyle.
First of all, wash your hair and towel dry it. Then, use a comb or a blow dryer to blow out your hair. Leave top hair longer and taper both sides of your hair, starting from the temples down to the neckline. Style your haircut using hair clay, pomade, or other styling products to maintain your blowout hairstyle. Also, use hair spray and texturizing products to enhance the texture of top hair. Finish with a line-up at the front hairline.
No, a blowout is not a fade. However, the blowout hairstyle can be paired with several fade variations to create flattering hairlines and to highlight hair length and volume.
Absolutely! The blowout hairstyle thrives on versatility and creativity, and it can be styled in various ways, hence its popularity. It is also a great style for people looking for low-maintenance hairstyles or wanting to show off the volume of their hair.

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